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My members really like the Ab Coaster and the Ab Solo in the club. They have bee a big hit. Thank you!

Bob RawlingsOwnerManassasGolds Gym

My members love the Ab Solo. In fact it is one of the most popular pieces of equipment in my gym. We look forward to adding the Ab Solo to our other locations as well.

Dusty MasonOwnerAlbemarle, NCGolds Gym

My members really love the Ab Coaster – The testimonials from owners really persuaded me. I bought 4 units and should have bought more!
Gordon Johnson
Golds Gym , Douglassville and Austell GA

I wanted to tell you that we received our Ab Coaster at the gym and it’s been a big hit. The members and the staff are enjoying it and it was a great addition to our ab area. As a member of the board of the GGFA, I really appreciate how nice it’s been to work with you on this and want to thank you for your help with everything. 
Mike Epstein, Owner
Gold’s Gym
Paramus, NJ

We were among the first Gold’s Gyms that bought an Ab Coaster under the GGFA group purchase last winter. Our members LOVE IT! Unlike other ab machines that fade in popularity, members continue to choose Ab Coaster first for their ab workouts. We are big fans!
Joyce Freeman
Gold’s Gym Camp Hill PA

The AbCoaster is a truly unique fitness machine that works effectively. It provides a fun factor that is rewarding to members and it has a commercial grade manufacturing quality that can’t be overlooked by club owners and operators – kudos to manufacturers and designers of AbCoaster.
Drew Chesler
Gold’s Gym South Beach

When we purchased the abcoaster it was to add something new to each facility. The response from the members was unexpected. There is one located close to my office and I always see members using it. I believe it is one of the best pieces of equipment for the money you can add to your club.Mark Montgomery
Gold’s Gym
Kennesaw GA

I am happy to see that we now have the Ab Coaster in Gold’s Gym, Sugar Hill where the GGFA office is located. My abs hurt because of you today and I used our Ab Coaster two days ago!
Ginger Collins
Executive Director
Gold’s Gym Franchisee Association

I’ve been using the Ab Coaster for a week now and I love it! This equipment finds and works muscles I didn’t know I had! Your equipment is now part of my regular workout, and I see them in constant use!
Deborah Collins
Assistant Director
Gold’s Gym Franchisee Association

The Ab Coaster is Great! – We plan to get more of them.
Amy Bueme
Gold’s Gym
Buffalo, NY

It’s Fantastic. People are lining up to use the Ab Coaster.
Laura, Manager
Gold’s Gym
Vacaville, CA

Our members love the Ab Coaster! 
Blair McHaney, Owner
Golds Gym
Wenatchee WA, President of the GGFA

The Ab Coaster is going great in our club. 
Jack Pozo- Olano, Owner
Golds Gym of Warrenton

We are VERY pleased with the Ab Coaster – It is even better in person than in the pictures! 
Kirk Galliani, Owner
Golds Gym
Falls Church, VA

The new Ab Coasters are a big hit out here in Clermont, the members as well as the staff love them.
Bill Smith, General Manager
Gold’s Gym
Clermont FL

The members like it a lot and so does the staff. They think it’s an AWESOME product.
Kevin Olson, Manager
Gold’s Gym
St. Cloud, FL

Everyone Loves the Ab Coaster. It sits right outside my door and I see members using it all the time!
Ellen Ferry, Operations Manager
GG Management (9 Gold’s Gym Locations in MD, PA, VA)

The Ab Coaster is going great!
Chris Rodgers, Manager
Golds Gym
Mount Dora, FL


So far members are enjoying both Ab Coaster machines and I’m happy because I see both getting a good amount of use which means my investment was on target.

The CTL is great and I personally use it every time I do my abs, I especially like that the seat twists so you can do both sides of your oblique’s as well. I’ve helped many members get comfortable with its use and a short explanation is all they need to understand that you shouldn’t swing, but hold at the top of the movement to maximize the benefit.

Thanks for checking in and stop in if you are ever in Westchester.


Michael GennusaownerSomers NY 10589

My members absolutely Love the Abs Bench. I wanted my members to be comfortable using the bench so I showed my members how to use it and now they all LOVE the Abs Bench!

Cheryl MooreOwnerFlint, MI

My members love the new Abs Bench. It has been a hit in my club.

Thomas HuggieOwnerChubbuck, IDAnytime Fitness

Our members love the AbCoaster! It is one of our most popular and most used pieces of equipment. It is a wonderful machine to have in the gym because most really want to target, tighten, and tone their abdominal muscles, and the AbCoaster does just that! I always highlight it on my tours with guests that tell me they want to work on their abs. A very cool feature is the swivel seat that allows you to work those hard to reach obliques and love handles. Weights can also be added for extra resistance; our members like that, as well. It’s been great for us, so I highly recommend it for other Anytime Fitnesses! 
Hellen Rhodes, Manager
AnyTime Fitness
Longview TX

Our Ab Coasters are great. They get lots of use and members love them. I love them because they are trouble free! You are one of a few suppliers I work with that provide a great product AND great service and support. It is always a pleasure to work with you and your team.
Ric Bischoff
AnyTime Fitness
Omaha NE

The Ab Coaster is a HUGE hit here at Anytime Fitness, SLC. We love it and our members are loving it! Thank you so much.
Krista Myers, Owner
Anytime Fitness,
Salt Lake City, UT

Our members asked for an additional ab machine and I found the Ab Coaster to be an affordable solution. My members love the machine and after 9 months of use the machine shows almost no wear! And I know I’ve received at least 5 phone calls from the friendly Customer Service at Ab Coaster just making sure that I was satisfied with the purchase. Thank you Ab Coaster.
Paul Ing
Anytime Fitness
Mount Washington, KY

For most of our members, the AbCoaster is a staple in their ab routine. I can’t imagine not having the AbCoaster in our club. Our members love it!
Jill Fellows, Owner/Operator
Anytime Fitness
Charlestown, IN

Everyone at our club loves the AbCoaster! Even the heavy weight lifters tell me how challenging it is. It’s a love/hate relationship because they can do 300 sit-ups on the bench, but only 30 – 40 reps on the AbCoaster. They have taken it on as a challenge and it is GREAT to offer my members the best equipment possible!
Judy Schmoeger
Anytime Fitness
Lee’s Summit, MO

People are really impressed with the Ab Coaster. Great job!
Marc McMorris
Anytime Fitness
Prairieville, LA

OMG!!! My Members LOVE the Ab Coaster!
Angie Carter, Owner
Anytime Fitness
Paris TX

We love the Ab Coaster! We are opening a new club and will buy another Ab Coaster for there!
Josephine Hougelman
AnyTime Fitness
Hermitage PA

Our members really like the Ab Coaster.
Jason Thorn
AnyTIme Fitness
Marietta OH

The members LOVE the Ab Coaster! We want Ab Coaster to become a preferred vendor for AnyTime Fitness!
Robert McBride
AnyTime Fitness
Culpepper VA

We have received only good feedback on the Ab Coaster! The members love it! Some members do not care for ab machines bute they were surprised and pleased at how GREAT the Ab Coaster works!
Allen Eason
AnyTime Fitness
Yulee, FL

We tried the Ab Coaster for the 30 day Trial. We liked it so much that we bought it right away!
Guy Montesano
AnyTime Fitness
Mountain Home ID

All of our members love the Ab Coaster. I personally have a prosthetic hip and I use the Ab Coaster all the time as it is one ab piece that does not hurt my hip. Great Job.
Anytime Fitness,
Vero Beach, FL

The Ab Coaster has been a big hit with our members. They love the fact that the Ab Coaster also targets the obliques. It get’s a lot of use. Great Ab machine!
Don & Sara
Anytime Fitness,
Shelby Township, MI


I have the Core Zone at my Snap clubs in El Centro CA, Brawley CA and Yuma AZ My members love the Ab Coaster, Abs Bench and Ab solo so much that I am in the process of adding the Core Zone to my new Snap Club in Calexico CA and Boulder City NV.

Joshua SchaubackownerEl Centro,CA

We received the new Ab Solo today and it is already put together and members are using it already. Very cool ab piece!

David RomineOwnerWashington, MO 63090

My members Love the Ab Coaster. I have the Ab Coaster CS-3000 in all 3 of my Snap clubs. The Ab Coaster is one of the most popular and one of the most used pieces of equipment in my gym. The Ab Coaster really works and its great because it does not take up a lot of space. I might have to add a few more units.

Mike MetteeOwnerLower Burrell, PA

We have the Ab Coaster CS-3000 at Snap Fitness Oatway NC and Snap Fitness Newport NC My members Love the Ab Coaster, they are even wearing the Ab Coaster shirts you gave us. Thank you!

Ken HammerownerBeauford, NC 28516

We recently purchased 2 Ab Coaster CS3000 for our Snap Fitness Clubs. We put them right by the front desk so that any member or prospect walking in gets to try it. Our members LOVE the Ab Coaster!

Kim DillowOwnerCrosby and Corpus Christi TXSnap Fitness

The Ab Coaster is one of our most popular pieces of equipment. It is so different from any crunch machine or Ab machine, It is totally unique and it stands out in out club. I personally use the Ab Coaster and I also highlight the Ab Coaster on our club tour. 
Ryan Besch, Member Service Coordinator
Snap Fitness
Glenwood GA

Our PT clients and members love the Ab Coaster. I have seen people waiting to use it! I wish I would have added the AB Coaster earlier.
Kelly Miller, Owner
Snap Fitness
LeClaire IA

The Ab Coaster is a really neat piece of equipment. My members really enjoy the Ab Coaster. We have the Augie’s Quest at both Snap clubs and we are happy to be a part of the Coast for the Quest to help raise money for ALS.
Rich and Sandy Owens. Owners of
Snap Fitness Etna, PA
Snap Fitness Pittsburgh, PA

Got the AbCoaster and 10 people were on it within the first 30 minutes after
we assembled it. I think it will be a great addition to our club.
Mark Beach, Owner
Snap Fitness – Oregon Ohio

The Ab Coaster is the most used piece of equipment in my gym. It gets used pretty much 24 hours per day and I ALWAYS highlight it on my club tours. The Ab Coaster is very durable and easy to maintain. My members absolutely love the Ab Coaster. Thank you for convincing me to put the Ab Coaster in my club.
Ty Blocker – Owner
Snap Fitness Coatesville PA

I was so pleased to see Ab Coaster at the First Annual Snap Fitness Convention. I own three Snap clubs in Missouri, just outside of St. Louis. We bought our first Ab Coaster for the Pacific Snap in 2008 and it was immediately met with a very enthusiastic response from our members. They wanted a great ab workout, and the Ab Coaster fit the bill!

In January of this year, we purchased new Ab Coasters for our Washington and Wright City Snap Fitness clubs. Again, the response has been exciting at all clubs! We show the Ab Coaster to every club tour and it has found it’s way into nearly all circuits, workout routines and personal training. This piece of equipment has been a Game Changer for us, a Member Retention Machine!

Finally, the Ab Coaster is VERY reasonably priced. As a club owner, I could not afford to be without Ab Coasters in any of my Snap Fitness 24/7 gyms!!
David Romine, Owner
Snap Fitness (3 Missouri locations)

We are the owners of 2 Snapfitess gyms in Stockbridge and Hampton, GA. We have both abcoasters-CS3000 and CTL-in each of our gyms. These 2 pieces of equipment are used by our members every day. It is very popular and shows well when we tour new members.

I would recommend that all gyms have the Ab Coasters for their members due to the results acheived.
Rose & Jeff
Snap Fitness 24/7
Stockbridge & Hampton, GA

The abcoaster has been a “big hit” at our gym. Our members love it! Thanks to you and your team for recommending this to us!
Amy Bloom, Owner
Snap Fitness – Madison WI

We love the Ab Coaster! Now that’s an ab workout. It goes right after the
mid section and we are already seeing results! Thank you!
Randy Hatcher, Manager
Casper Snap Fitness

The purchase of the Ab Coaster CS3000 has been the best investment we have
made since purchasing the Snap Fitness in Aberdeen, NJ. Not only do we love
using it, our members love the addition to the club. We have made it part of
our tour and it has helped us secure new members. What more can a club owner
want from any piece of equipment.

Thank you for introducing us to the CS3000
Artie & Brian, Owners
Snap Fitness
Aberdeen, NJ 

The AbCoaster is a hit! We have had it just over a week and held several
clinics with one of our personal trainers on the machine. It is very popular.
Tripp Drawdy, Owner
Snap Fitness
Waxhaw NC

We use the Ab Coaster in our gym and everyone loves it! 
Barbara Arntson, Owner
Snap Fitness,
Crookston MN

My members love the Ab Coaster! This is one machine that is being
used all the time. Not only does it target your upper and lower abs, it also
targets your side obliques. It is so easy to use and very effective. Thank
you Ab Coaster!

Curtis Fish,
Snap Fitness,
Perkasie PA

The Ab Coaster is the BEST machine and our members love it. The Ab Coaster was a great investment and money well spent!
Brian Barthal, Manager
Snap Fitness,
St Paul MN

Losing weight and toning the muscles in the abdomen are by far the two things that are most important to the members of my gym. As a result, we continually look for different ways to offer variety and accelerated results in those areas. When I ordered the Ab Coaster I was a bit skeptical, but the price was right and I talked to other gym owners who swore by the product. Within two days of receiving the Coaster, it was the buzz of the gym and quickly became the most popular piece of equipment we have. The value (cost vs benefit) of this piece of equipment can’t be matched. I highly recommend the Ab Coaster…..
Neal Janke, Owner
Snap Fitness,
Lockhart, Texas

This Coaster Rocks!
WOW!” ” I totally feel the burn….amazing!

Snap Fitness Members
Mequon, WI

I LOVE this machine….can’t get enough of it!
It is like an amazing little ride that rocks my abs!
It’s so simple, 1-2-3 to rock’n sexy abs!
I saw results within the first couple of weeks, it is amazing, I feel and look great!

Snap Fitness Members
West Milwaukee, WI

It was a pleasure meeting you at the Fitness Expo at the Jacob Javits Center. We appreciated all your help in purchasing the AbCoaster at the show. Our members are loving the additional ab workout they get by using the machine. Thanks again for all your assistance. We have become true believers in the AbCoaster!
Artie & Brian
Snap Fitness
Aberdeen, NJ

We could not be happier with the Ab Coaster.  Our members and the staff Love the Ab Coaster and we are very happy to be part of Coast for the Quest to raise money for ALS.  
Dale Athanas, Owner
Snap Fitness Clinton, CT

Our members really like the Ab Coaster. We are putting together a Facebook promotion to increase awareness about the Ab Coaster due to the positive feed back from our members. We are so happy to be a part of the Coast for the Quest to help raise money for ALS.
Enrique and Maritza Lopez, Owners
Snap Fitness, North Chili NY

The Ab Coaster has been a big hit with my members.  I am going to add the Augie’s Quest Ab Coaster to my other Snap location as well. We are very happy to be a part of Coast for Quest.  
Steve Brannock, Owner
Snap Fitness Paris, KY

Members are loving the Ab Coaster… We are very happy with the purchase.  
Mark and Jennifer Jellison, Owners
Snap Fitness South Portland ME

The Ab Coaster is the most popular machine at my Snap fitness clubs.  The Ab Coaster is a great Ab machine for both men and women.  
Victor Lockwood, Owner
Snap Fitness Galvez, LA
Snap Fitness Plaquemine, LA



I recently purchased the Ab Coaster CTL for my gym. It has been a great addition to my gym and my members absolutely LOVE it. I am thinking of adding another unit in the near future!

Scott SweatownerWaycross, GA

ABC’S of selling, get your prospect on a piece of equipment. Let them feel, touch and get emotionally involved with the Gym. I believe the Ab Coaster is a Hot Button piece of equipment. It is non condition friendly and perfect piece of equipment for you to put a prospect and let them feel what they need. This emotional feeling will remind the customer why they came and join. I highly recommend every Powerhouse Gym has one. 
Jim Pullman
Director of Licensing Powerhouse Gyms International

We have had our AbCoaster at the club for aboout 18 months. We just added another recently and the members love it. Lots of great feedback. You can’t go wrong with this unique piece. Just a few minutes several times a week is all it takes. We have a vast arrary of ab machines and this seems to be everyone’s favorite. Very easy to maintain; can’t go wrong with this piece! Thumbs up!
Andy Nix
Director of Operations
Powerhouse Gyms
Greer, SC

Our members love it. They are lining up to use the Ab Coaster and are sore as hell after they do!
Todd Mapes
Power House Gym
Lancaster CA

The AB Coaster is great! It really works!! It makes doing ABS easy and you can actually feel it working. The Ab Coaster is also very easy to include in your workouts. The AB Coaster is

John Lepak
Director Of Marketing, Powerhouse Gyms International

My members Love, Love, Love! the Ab Solo, Abs Bench and Ab Coaster CS 3000.

Laura StankiewickzownerPueblo, COLady of America

“What a great addition the AbSolo machine has been for our gym.
Young and old alike enjoy working out on the machine.
Competition is a great motivator and the AbSolo provides just that”.

Ron Wallace
Wellness Director
Eastern Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma

Ron WallaceWellness DirectorWyandott, OKEastern Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma

We Absolutely LOVE the Ab Solo. It is amazing the number of people that use it! We may have to get another Ab Solo if membership continues to grow as it is this year!

Kelly CoughlinDirector of FitnessSkowhegan, ME 04976Somerset Sport & Fitness Inc

“I have been in the fitness business for 24 years and have never seen a better piece of Ab Equipment than the Ab Coaster. It works your upper, lower, middle and obliques! The Ab Coaster has helped me sell 100’s of gym memberships when potential members take my gym tour. Any new Ab Equipment that the Abs Company manufactures is a welcomed at my club”.

Grant PierceOwnerHolt, MINew Life Fitness

Using it everyday. It’s a lot harder than I thought but a killer workout!!!!!!

Bill GerardiStamford, CTfor home use

“The members love throwing that medicine ball at the target. It definitely gets a lot of use!”

Mark MessinaOwnerTonawanda, New YorkWorld Gym, Tonawanda

The Ab Coaster CS-3000 is very popular amongst my members. They love it and so do i!

Don MathisCollegedale,TN 37315Southern Adventist University

We love the Ab Solo. We use it on a regular basis in our circuit routines. It is also a very big drew for new members. Thanks you Abs Company for all your help!

Joe LadnierOwnerMoss Point, MSLegendary Athletic Development

In business you cannot always have perfection, although we always strive for that. The true test is how you handle those little imperfections that pop up from time to time. I have to tell you that your company is stellar! Your timely response and efficient handling of the problem demonstrates the quality product and exceptional customer service your company provides. Thank You!

Tamara LopezOwnerReno, NV 89502American Iron Gyms

“The Core Zone at World Gym in Lewisville, Texas is a hot item. We’ve included an Ab Solo, two Ab Coasters, and of course the all-important Ab Bench. Our members gravitate to this area when working their core and we get lots of positive feedback on all the Ab equipment. The Ab Bench is especially popular as it allows you to work upper or lower abs both individually or simultaneously. You can also add customer resistance levels to each. This equipment has been one of our most important purchases we have made and I would highly recommend adding a Core Zone area to any fitness center.”

Bill WindscheifOwnerDallas, TXWorld Gym


With the opening of the new world-class Recreation Center at Drexel University, the Ab Coaster has provided our campus with a dynamic piece of equipment that is extremely popular among are users!

Daniel E. Simmons, Associate Athletic Director – Recreation
Drexel University Athletics


We’re thrilled to death with the Ab Coaster®.
Charles Box
Frank Phillips Memorial YMCA
Columbus, MS

Our members love the Ab Coaster. It isolates your core in a way the traditional supine exercises just won’t be able to do. The oblique workout is the greatest.Robyn Pearce
Waukesha YMCA
Waukesha, WI


We use the Ab Coaster as part of our conditioning program and our players love the way it provides a complete abdominal workout quickly and effectively.
Garrett Giemont
Conditioning Coordinator
Pittsburgh Steelers


The Ab Coaster® is a COMPLETE FANTASTIC HIT AT MY GYM. It’s very popular and very effective…. I have a lady I train who is 76 years old and she has a plate in her head, and hip and ankle replacements—and she uses the Ab Coaster®! It’s the best thing she can do for her abs. I couldn’t find anything else for her…. The Ab Coaster® is so easy to use—it’s incredible. Great job!
Erik Flowers, Owner
Body Builders Gym
Los Angeles, CA
(Voted #1 Gym in LA by Los Angeles Magazine)


I’ve been training for years and I have yet to encounter a machine as efficient and effective as AbCoaster. This revolutionary machine has the undeniable potential to turn soft midsections into lean slabs of striated granite! No flatground ab exercise even comes close to the mind-blowing, stomach-shredding effects of AbCoaster. Every single gym should own the AbCoaster.
Rob Fusco
IronWorks Gyms,
Philadelphia, PA


Everyone LOVES the Ab Coaster!
Amy Di Pasquale
Director of Operations
Fitness First Health Clubs


We’re getting great feedback with the AbCoaster…it’s been a hit!
Steve Capezzone, Owner
Health Trax Fitness and Wellness


Our members LOVE the Ab Coaster. It is a wonderful variation for abs and obliques that you just can’t get doing crunches! Adding weight gives the extra resistance when you pick on your own.
Jackie Lawson
World Gym
Dallas, OR

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for helping World Gym Fitness Center and CrossFit Muscle Beach in realizing its dream of moving to a brand new facility come March 5th 2012. The Ab Coaster will be a great addition to our facility.
Tertius Broderick, Owner
World Gym Cayman Islands

The Ab Coasters that our recreation center purchased from the Ab Coaster Company have been very popular among our university population. The Ab Coaster Company staff has assisted in providing reliable and capable fitness equipment for our students and I am looking forward to continuing our valued relationship. We are happy to be a part of Augie’s Quest to help fight ALS.
Donald E. Brookshire
Kennesaw State University
Associate Director, Department of Sports & Recreation

The Ab Coaster is great! The members think it is a great workout and I absolutely love it, personally! I have extremely strong abs from 21 years of martial arts, and this machine works them in a totally different way, so I love it. 
April Taylor, Fitness Coach
Nifty after Fifty
West Phoenix

Our members really LOVE the Ab Coaster.  I use the Ab Coaster myself and it is a real Workout.  This is my favorite Ab machine!
Jordan, General Manager
BullHead Health Club
Las Vegas, NV

I just wanted to let you know that I received my Ab Coaster this morning and my clients are already raving about the product. What an unbelievable purchase.
Brad Thorpe RTSm, MATCS
Founder and President
Striation 6 Global Limited

I Just wanted to thank you for the Ab Coaster. It is the most used ab machine in my club. My members can’t get enough of the Ab Coaster. It works your whole ab region with constant contraction for an ultimate abdominal workout. We can’t wait to get another one for my club. Thanks again.
Kenny Lommori, Owner
World Gym
Minden, NV


The response we are getting from the clubs is very positive. People love the Ab Coaster.
Diane Wolfgram
California Family Fitness

Our ab coaster has been a HUGE hit at our JCC here in Columbia. It offers a great core work out for all fitness levels of our membership! 

Kaytina T. Haack, Katie and Irwin Kahn Jewish Community Center
Columbia, SC


Our members at Jewish Community Center of Greater Albuquerque love the Ab Coaster! It is one of our most popular piece of equipment and the members find it very easy to use. 

Susanna Pier, Fitness Training & Wellness Director
JCC of Greater Albuquerque


The Ab Coaster has been a welcomed addition to our fitness facility. It is
very easy to use, durable and it withstands the heavy use it receives. Our
members love the Ab Coaster and the abdominal workout it provides. Thank
you Ab Coaster!
Gene Bonetti, Fitness Director
Katz JCC
Cherry Hill, NJ

The Ab Coaster has been a very popular piece since we put it in a little over a month ago. We had it on a 30 day trial and ended up purchasing it.
Gene Bonetti, Fitness Directory
Katz JCC
Cherry Hill, NJ

I am the Fitness Director at the Kaiserman JCC and I wanted to share my positive story about the Ab Coaster. I have had great success with the Ab Coaster at this facility.
I used the free 30 day trial as a base to see if our clients would like it; turns out, it was a great marketing tool to get more personal training sessions for our trainers as well. I recommended the trainers show as many people as possible during their shift hours, and this worked as an icebreaker. The machine is worth the small price!

Melissa Johnson Fitness Director,
Kaiserman JCC

The Merage Jewish Community Center of Orange County was looking for an additional ab workout machine over a year ago and we bought an Ab Coaster. It is the most popular ab machine amongst our members.
Jason Meyers, Sports and Wellness Director
Merage JCC


The Ab Coaster has been on our floor for 3 weeks now and everyone is LOVING IT! It’s a great, great machine!
Lauren Bunny
LifeBridge Health and Fitness
Baltimore, MD


Our members are thrilled with results from the Ab Coaster! I think the movement allows for a safe and more effective workout.
Dr. Richard W. Zimmerman
Doc Z’s Fitness
Du Quoin, IL


The Ab Coaster is a great addition to our core training area at Hoover Fitness. The members love it and the trainers love using it with their clients. I personally feel that it is one of the better ab machines that I have ever used. 
Jason Cerniglia, Owner
Hoover Fitness


The Ab Coaster® is by far the most-used ab machine in our gym.
Tracy Thorbecke
Thorbecke’s Fit Life Centers
Chehalis, WA


We love it!
Yvette Touquette, Manager
360 Health Club


All the members I ask say they really like the Ab Coaster® and feel it a lot. They say it’s working their abs in a different and beneficial way.
Pat Riley
Little Rock Athletic Club
Little Rock, AR


Both Ab Coaster machines have been well received by our fitness center members. Both machines are used by a wide variety of college students, as well as many of our adult members. That is really a nice compliment to the Ab Coaster because we also have the Hammer Strength Ab Crunch, the LifeFitness Ab Crunch (horizontal) Bench, the Cybex Abdominal, the Magnum Crunch, and an old-time Universal Seated Ab Machine. Out of all of these, the Ab Coaster has become the most popular.
John Bobalik – Director
Purdue University Fitness Center


I just wanted to take a moment to let you and the AB Coaster team to know how pleased I am with your product and your excellent service and follow-up. The members here at Fitness Fusion have been using it non-stop since it’s arrival at the gym and rave about the results that they are seeing . I have purchased a lot of equipment from numerous vendors but your quality product and exceptional service CAN NOT be matched. I look forward to working with you and AB Coaster in the future.
Samuel L. Miller, Owner
Fitness Fusion
Depew, NY


We just received the second Ab Coaster yesterday and the members LOVE both of them. It’s so funny to see them choose their favorite! The Ab Coaster are always busy!!! Everyone has found success on it and notice results immediately. I even have hard core “stirrup” users (suspend from a bar) switching over to the Ab Coaster!!

Stephanie Wait
Fitness Fresno
Fresno, CA


We just put your Ab Coaster in our clubs and the members love it! Thanks for a great product.
Wendy C. Messner, President
Victory Lady, Inc.


The Ab Coaster is working Great and members are sure using it a lot! They are working the heck out of that machine!
Steve Mallard, Owner
Total Fitness Gym
Sedalia, MO


Oh wow!!!! It’s awesome!!! The feedback has been nothing but 100% positive!!! My members love it!!!
The members as well as the staff are very driven to use it. After they’ve used for the first time, they realize how effective it is as!! It’s been great! 
Thank you! Thank you!
Veronica Bianco-Sucher
NonStop Fitness, 24Hrs

We absolutely love the Ab Coaster. I knew we made the right decision the minute we got it! The Ab Coaster is money well worth spending to keep our members happy!
Mark Miller, Owner
Fitness by Mark Miller

We wanted to thank you for providing us with the effective Ab Coaster. Since the Ab Coaster was delivered we’ve had people become hooked on it! It’s an amazing piece of equipment, causing a load of positive attention at Groaners. We have also used it at a corporate health fair with wonderful feedback. Personally… my core, especially the oblique areas, has become
stronger and more defined.

Christine Knight,
Groaners Fitness, Grangeville Idaho

My Members Love the Ab Coaster. Its the BEST investment I have made in a long time.
Jerry Scafone , Owner
The Workout Warehouse , Springfield OH


I love it, my staff loves it, my members love it.
Bob Dickinson
Severna Park Raquetball and Fitness Club
Millersville, MD


The Ab Coaster® is a great machine – everyone loves it!
John McCaffrey
Devon Fitness Club
Berwyn, PA


We got the Ab Coaster® in today and we love it. It’s a great machine…. We have it out on the floor and people really love it.
Dan Schliebe
Club USA


The Ab Coaster® was the best item at the IHRSA show and our members love it. The Ab Coaster® is AWESOME!
Bobby Houser
XSport Fitness


The AbCoaster has been a great addition to our abdominal area. Clients using it are raving about the results they are getting and how they can really target there abs. It never seems to be unused. My only complaint is that one is not enough! 
Kevin Doyle,
West Park Fitness


The Ab Coaster® is effective – that’s for sure.
Jack Simpson
Body Dynamics II


The AB Coaster is undoubtedly one of the most effective ab machines ever built. Not only is it easy to use, targets the abs better, it also improves the user’s core stability all at the same time. If you are searching for THE abdominal unit, the AB Coaster is it!


My members love the Ab Coaster. We purchased 4 units 3 years ago. Not only has it been extremely popular but the durability of the units is excellent.
They have held up very well in my club. I also personally love the Ab Coaster. I am 78 years old and do 300 reps every single morning. Thank you Ab

Carl Haukroth, Owner
Baywinds Athletic Club


I’ve made a pretty solid living off the strength and appearance of my abdominal muscles from magazine covers to DVD’s teaching people how to develop this highly coveted area of the human anatomy. In my twenty plus years in this industry I’ve seen and tried nearly every ab gadget, machine and miracle product available and the Ab Coaster is by far one of the best I’ve ever tried. If your looking to develop a great set of abs then the Ab Coaster is a must.
Clark Bartram


The Ab Coaster® is a unique way to work your abs and I have to tell you my abs were so tight and sore for two days….I love that feeling!
Angela Mraz
2-Time Winner – WNBF Pro Natural Ms. Exercise World


Wow, my abs haven’t been this sore ever. The Ab Coaster® is fantastic! I think it is the best workout for abs that I have ever had and I have tried just about every exercise and gizmo that is out there. Congrats on such an awesome product.
Michael Ritter
Natural Body Building Champion


With me working all hours of the day, personal training, teaching classes, modeling, and being a wellness expert. My time is very limited, with that being said: I don’t have to worry about doing all different types of core exercises that takes at least 20 mins because my Ab Coaster targets every area the most efficient way. My Abs and obliques are in tip top shape for all my events, photoshoots, and most of all Winning Ms. Fitness America 2008. The Ab Coaster is the best core machine out there, I would recommended it for everyone!!!
Lindsay Messina
Ms Fitness America 2008