How To Pick Your Resolutions

2019 is only a few days away! WHAT? It’s hard to believe 2018 is coming to a close. Hopefully, everyone crushed their goals and is starting to think about the goals they would like to accomplish for 2019. Although I truly believe in having goals, I believe in having SMART goals: Specific Measurable Attainable Relevant Timely. Whether it be getting a 6 pack of abs, increasing your mile time, eating healthier or even learning a new language, you must set yourself up for success with realistic stepping stones to get there. So, how do you go about coming up with a realistic goal that you can feel good about?

  1. First, pick something you would like to accomplish in the short term (within 6 months) and in the long term (12 months). Let’s say you would like to lose at least 15 pounds in 6 months and maybe see some abs by the time 12 months rolls around.
  2. Once you have decided on your goals, write down WHY you want to accomplish these. How will it make you feel if you accomplish these goals? Why are they important to you? What has stopped you in the past from accomplishing these goals?
  3. Next, you need to determine the TOOLS you need. What do you need in order to accomplish these goals? Do you need more time? Motivation? A workout routine? A diet change?

If you need time, layout your day to day routine. Figure out the best time to do whatever you need to do - whether it be to workout, meal prep or listen to that audio Spanish lesson - figure out your “magic window” of time.

If it is motivation, use your WHY! Your “why” is a great resource for motivation. There are also PLENTY of resources on the internet for motivation such as GaryVee, for business and personal motivation, but please explore and find one that fits your needs!

I’d encourage you to visit and use our blog  and our social media platforms for motivation and ideas like "Do You Have a Plan: or "Best Ab Workout"! If it is your diet you need help with, I recommend talking to your doctor. Everyone is different. You want to put yourself on the best path right off the bat, so you can get a positive start on your journey to crushing your goals.

4. Now that you have established the stepping stones that will lead you to reaching your goal, it is time to take ACTION.

There is no better time to start on your goals than NOW. Do not procrastinate. You will feel so much better if you start on your journey and see small improvements. As you start to see changes, your motivation will grow!  The time is NOW.

Gym Safety

Every gym facility wants to be different. They want the all the latest pieces that everyone wants to increase the fitness experience they provide. Every member is looking for that “wow” factor - the thing that motivates them and gets them excited to train. One piece of “equipment” that has been around for a while, but has recently made its footprint in mostly the functional training space, is the TIRE. All different sized tires for flipping, pounding with a mallet, jumping on etc.. Sounds like a perfect thing to incorporate in your gym to set you apart. This concept is valid and the training is legit! The tire can be used for all different types of training including individual, partner and group! Tire Training provides a total body workout and a unique experience that members are sure to speak about.

However, there is something to be said about SAFETY. Are your members going to be putting themselves at risk? What about your other members? Flipping an unpredictable object that weighs 100 lbs or more through the facility is not without issues. It could fall on someone who be be stretching in the path. The Tire could roll away and injure someone. The user could injure themselves if they lose control of it.

A recent incident, reported by the New York Post, describes a lady whose ankle was crushed by a 400 pound tire during a group fitness class. Two other members were using the tire and she was sitting on the ground to stretch after her workout. The Tire fell on top of her and caused a devastating injury. This is an awful situation. However, it highlights how important gym safety is, especially when training a group with people of all shapes and sizes. Group training instructors need to be paying attention to their class props to ensure that everyone is able to safely use them. It is not only the major injuries that they should be concerned about, but smaller injuries as well. We hope this incident, as incredibly unfortunate as it is, turns on the lights in fitness clubs to choose safer options.

Aside from the tire, it is important for ALL of your equipment to be safe for your users. Our CEO, Sean Gagnon, shares his thoughts and tips to making sure club members/ equipment users aren’t putting themselves in danger:

“This unfortunate incident is a reminder of the risk fitness facility owners face when it comes to equipment and their members. The Abs Company has over 20 years of experience in commercial fitness. That being said, I would like to share a few tips to help mitigate your equipment risk:

  1. Routine Maintenance- All equipment comes with a recommended maintenance schedule- Follow it!
  2. Routine Inspection- Operators should have a checklist of regular wear points on the equipment. They should then regularly review and document inspections. Replace the worn parts as needed.
  3. Training and Education- Make sure that the facility staff is highly trained in the use of all equipment and that they take the time to share this information with the members."

Running a fitness facility comes with risk. However, simple planning can help mitigate this. Thoughtful equipment selection is a part of this. We believe in KEEPING IT REAL; and the real truth is that safety can NOT be overlooked. We want everyone to feel confident and safe while pursuing their fitness goals and we know this will keep them coming back again and again.

Can You Spot Train?

“I want to tone just my arms” “I want to just lose weight in my mid section” “I want my waist to be smaller” “I want to lose fat and still put on muscle” IS THIS REALISTIC? We all want to know.

Everyone wants to spot train when it comes to fat loss. Everyone wants abs, sometimes while keeping or gaining size elsewhere - or just lose fat in their legs etc. I am going to go right ahead and tell you now that you CANNOT spot train - you must workout your entire body to get the best results. However, to get the best results and set realistic goals for yourself, you must understand the relationship between fat and muscle and how they work to grasp the sad and inevitable fact that spot training is impossible.

Fat is the material that forms the layer between your muscle and skin. When you workout, your body uses carbs, fat and sometimes protein as fuel and energy. However, when your body uses fat for fuel, it does not care which part of the body it takes fat from; and your muscles use more than just the fat around them. Aside from that, fat loss and muscle growth depends on your metabolism and your diet. Unfortunately, although there are ways to improve the way your body uses different foods and how fast they burn, that generally depends on your genetics.

Now, I am not saying you will not hit your fitness goals if your genetics are different from someone else’s. This just means you have to do things differently. Maybe you have to switch up your diet to reveal your six pack abs or switch up your workout routine  to favor your upper or lower body.

Let me KEEP IT REAL with you - muscle splits to work on growing different muscle groups WILL work when it comes to growth and burning fat. That’s why we LOVE the Core Zone for toning your core. Every piece works your abdominals in a different way and integrates muscle endurance with muscle strength. However, you will see fat loss in other parts of your body due to the fact that when one muscle is contracting, other muscles are also working (i.e. when you do a bicep curl, your bicep contracts while your tricep is relaxed. When the bicep lengthens, your tricep contracts; all while your rotator cuff is stabilizing the movement!) When you build muscle, your body will automatically increase your metabolism in order to not only fuel your body to complete the workout, but to also help you recover.

Although there are no reliable studies to back up the spot training myth, there was a study conducted by researchers at the University of Massachusetts in the 1980s. The study consisted of 13 males who did 5000 sit-ups over the course of 27 days. When comparing before and after fat biopsies, taken at the subjects’ abs, buttocks and upper backs, the results showed that the subjects lost fat from all 3 areas. This shows that although their ab muscles may have grown, their bodies burned fat from areas other than just their midsection.

There are a lot of ways you can achieve your fat loss and overall fitness goals. Make sure you talk to your doctor or dietician before trying a workout plan or diet. Your body can do incredible things, but only if you are treating it right inside and out. Check out our social platforms and keep up with our “25 Days of Abs”! We will help get you out of your ab workout slump. Enjoy!


25 Days of Abs

Want abs? You have came to the right place! Need more ab workouts? You have come to an even BETTER place!

So many people get bored with workouts and routines- especially ab workouts. Aren’t you just sick and tired of doing the same ole’ stuff? Doing a million crunches until you can’t laugh is probably effective- however, you need variety! You need to hit all parts of your abdominals. Your “core” is more than a few sets of crunches. It takes stability, cardio and effective ab workouts to really develop that hard core you’ve always dreamed of. Trust me, we have all been there. It’s always “I’ll just do a few crunches” or “that should be enough” or “I’ll just do some ab exercises later at home” *that you never actually do because you’re tired and bored of laying on the ground*.

If you feel this way, like I do sometimes, you are in luck! The Abs Company is presenting you all with  “25 Days of Abs” that will take place December 1st until December 25th on our social platforms Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Please visit and be on the lookout for some of our favorite ab workouts!

We are VERY excited to share this with you all. Enjoy!