Gotta Have a Core Area! - Don Murphy

Here at The Abs Company, we believe that to be a great company we must have great RELATIONSHIPS. We are grateful to partner with so many dedicated and inspiring people that believe Fitness Change Lives. Together – We Change Lives from the Core.  Here’s a great interview our VP of Sales, Michael Ritter, had with Don Murphy from Gold’s Gym Middletown, NY last month.   Don shares the importance of having a Core Zone in every club and what he’s doing to not only raise the bar “but BECOME the bar”.

“Core Area! Gotta Have a Core Area with The Abs Company!” Says Don.

Mike: Don, tell us a little bit about your club and the experience you’re going to provide to your members here at Middletown NY

Don: We are literally creating something that has never been seen before – that we believe in the world of health clubs—with your stuff and what we are building out, this is going to be a huge Core Zone because core, obviously, is something that is important to a lot of people; and we think that this in it’s own stand alone space—is going to be a really attractive part of what we are offering for our members.

Mike: Our purpose at The Abs Company is We Change Lives From The Core.  After taking a tour around this amazing facility, that is what you are going to do here right? Change lives, no matter where they are at on the fitness spectrum. Like you said, they will have this specific Core Zone, for all ability levels.

Don: Yes. So, it is multifaceted, catering to all demographics, all ages, all levels of fitness and providing people with the environment and fitness experiences that they’re going to enjoy- rather than ‘oh, I HAVE to go to the gym today”. We are creating a place where people will say ‘I don’t want to leave here’. ’I just love the community based energy- I love the vibe that I get in this space’. That vibe is different from one area to the next- all being in a wide open space.

“We didn’t want to raise the bar, but BECOME the bar.”

Mike: Why is it important for you to have a dedicated a Core Zone or Abs specific area in your club?

Don: Obviously, there are a number ways to train your core. For a lot of people, theres a mindset of ‘I gotta take care of my stomach, I want the abs, I want to get rid of my gut’ – so if they know there is a Core Zone, that in itself, is a feature that people will say ‘SIGN ME UP!’

It’s that component of dedicated space, for the core, and equipment, for the core, that people go ‘sign me up, I’m in’—then we get them in there and can gravitate them to the other things that are going to really bring them to where they want to be—combined with core, classes and all of the training and programs that we offer. They feel like they are being successful.

Check our Core Zone packages available here, or customize your own Core Zone. To get more information about a Core Zone contact us.