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So many people before you have done a million crunches, hurt their back and still couldn’t fit into their favorite jeans. It doesn’t have to be this way. Here is the most revolutionary ab machine that fits in your home. Now, workout whenever it is convenient for you without ever laying on the floor.

For over 10 years, the AbCoaster has been used in millions of homes around the world helping busy people get the abs and the health they have been craving.

The AbCoaster is the most efficient and safe
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and flat, toned abs.

  • Get healthier so you can drastically improve your quality of life and do more of what you love.
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  • Being upright means no more back and neck pain even while getting toned abs.
  • Families love how easy it is to get better health and flatter abs.

Have you caught yourself thinking “Nothing works” because finding time or energy can be so hard?

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One that focuses on abs but never hurts your back or your neck?
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People are saying that I look great. I lost inches off of my midsection. I owe it all to the AbCoaster

Melissa, AbCoaster Buyer

The AbCoaster is different.

Our products have been changing lives for 20 years. We help people say:

  • “I can finally wear that bathing suit and feel good in it”
  • “I have enough energy to play with my kids”
  • “I don’t need to find time to go to the gym, I can exercise at home, Quickly!”
  • “My belly doesn’t hang over my pants anymore”

Change your health for the better. Stay in control of how you feel and how you look. No longer do you need to change your schedule to make time for an ab workout. You can get toned, flat abs while watching TV at home, in a ten-minute burst before work or the minute you walk in the door - leaving you plenty of time to spend with your family.

High Quality and Durability
found only in the best products

All Steel Construction

Unlike knockoff brands, the AbCoaster is built to last as a permanent fixture in your health and fitness.

Ultra Glide Nylon Rollers

For a smooth ride without the stops and starts found with gimmick machines.

Weight Storage Post

Easily access your favorite weights for a boost of intensity.

2-inch Stainless Steel Rails

You will be completely supported throughout any workout.

Urethane Molded Foam Pads

Special efforts have been made to ensure your comfort.

400 lb Weight Capacity

Perfect for you at any stage of fitness.

The most efficient
ab workout exercises.

The AbCoaster is the original revolutionary exercise device that will take your abdominal training in a whole new (and better) direction.

Unlike traditional crunches, which work your abs from the ‘top
down,’ the AbCoaster works your abs from the ‘bottom up’ while limiting stress to your neck, back and shoulders. The AbCoaster will provide you with the most efficient ab workout exercises. The AbCoaster's patented design, combined with its plate-loading resistance system, allows anyone to achieve great abs in the most effective way possible.

For that six pack workout that will give you a flat stomach you
always wanted - the AbCoaster is the solution.

This thing is awesome. NO neck or back pain.
Less time and better results

Chickie, Online Buyer

Look good. Feel good. Get flat abs.
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