Have an Idea?

At the Abs Company we believe in taking risks to INNOVATE because we are not afraid to fail. The Abs Company was founded on INNOVATION and it is a pillar of our company. Do you have the next big idea in fitness? We’d love to hear about it. Complete the form below and we will have our product development team review your submission and get back to you with our feedback. Through the years we have brought many products from inventors to the worldwide fitness market. Yours could be next!

A Word About NDA’s

To keep it short - we don’t sign them. That may sound strange to you but let us explain. Like you, we are inventors and have a long standing reputation in the marketplace. We are NOT in the habit of finding other people’s ideas and claiming them as our own. Not only is that simply bad business - it’s unethical. At The Abs Company we live by a set of core values and they are NON-NEGOTIABLE. You can see them HERE. One of our core values is We demand HONESTY and INTEGRITY from ourselves and others. That is really all there is to it. To work together we must trust each other. No signature on a piece of paper is going to do that.

We chose to enter into business relationships with people on a mutual trust basis and form relationships that seek mutual success. We don’t get bogged down in ‘paperwork’. Through the years we’ve licensed products from several inventors under this very premise. Together with our inventor partners we live our purpose - We Change Lives from the Core - and are proud to sell these products world wide! If we sound like the type of company you’d like to work with - a values based and purposed driven one - please continue with your submission. Congratulations on taking your idea this far and THANK YOU for considering The Abs Company with it!

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