Amanda Webster

Mind-Body-Wellness Writer & Vegan Fitness Model
Amanda is an Arizona based writer and vegan fitness model who overcame clinical depression on her own terms with fitness, nutrition and lifestyle changes. She has been published as a writer and model internationally both in health and fitness magazines and professional blogs.

She is also a certified DDP Yoga instructor and went to school at the award winning Southwest Institute of Healing Arts where she majored as a Mind-Body-Wellness practitioner with a specialty in holistic nutrition. When she isn’t shooting or writing, she is usually geocaching with her son, traveling or championing for one of her humanitarian causes.

IG: @amandawebsterhealth

Articles by Amanda Webster

For this week’s Core Concept blog post, we’re proud to share this terrific article on exercise and mental health that you can share with your gym members! Six Ways Your Mental Health Benefits From Exercise By Amanda Webster Let’s all take a field trip back to...

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Breaking The Habit: Amanda’s Story

Transformation pictures are all the rage on social media with people losing hundreds of pounds and turning their beer bellies into six packs. It seems like everyone is streaming their core workouts or finding unique places to show off their Yoga skills. My choice to...

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Ab Workout

  I stared at the three heart-shaped sticky notes on my bathroom mirror and groaned. Maybe taking three 30 day challenges (yoga, abs and clean eating) at the same time right after a mental breakdown wasn’t the most thought through plan.  “What does one even do...

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