Darcy Defrees

Darcy has proudly partnered with The Abs Company to help bring our followers and customers a safe and effective way to join us as “We Change Lives From The Core”. Both the meal plans and the exercises are a key component to Darcy’s continued success as a fitness professional.

“It’s an honor to be associated with an integrity-backed company like The Abs Company!! Thank you for all you do to strengthen people from the CORE!- Spirit, Mind, andBODY!” ~Darcy

Articles by Darcy Defrees

3 Tips on Core-Glute Connection

Everyone wants a nice washboard stomach and high and tight glutes, but the reality is when it comes to health, safety and powerful performance - that pelvic structure and the way it moves and operates is one of the most critical things for us to nail down. It is...

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BattleRope ST® Workout

During the holiday season (and the rest of the year for that matter) effective workout solutions can be hard to come by. Whether time and space are a challenge for you or not, we can help! The BattleRope ST® offers endless possibilities for total body training...

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