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5 Exercises on the TireFlip 180

The Patented TireFlip 180® is one of the most innovative, effective, and versatile products in the entire fitness industry. It allows users to get all the benefits of tire flipping in just a 4x5 footprint. But, not only do you get the benefits of tire flipping itself,...

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The Six Minute Ab Zone: A Breakdown

Recently, The Abs Company moved nearly twenty of their products to a new showroom at XL Fitness in Mount Laurel, New Jersey. The facility is a fully-functioning gym, open to the public, and proudly displays each and every one of The Abs Company’s products. Last month,...

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How to Build Your Summer Six Pack

March is here! For east coasters like me, that means the weather’s getting warmer, the days are getting longer, and most importantly, beach season is right around the corner. With only about two months left until pool parties and road trips to the shore, we all want...

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Home Gyms: The Ultimate Guide

Going to the gym can be a great way to maintain your health and meet your fitness goals. Getting the chance to socialize, use heavy-duty equipment, and take advantage of the facilities makes leaving the comfort of your home worthwhile. However, it’s not always an...

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Best Snacks to Tone Your Abs

As a company that’s been at the forefront of core and ab health for the last 15 years, we certainly understand the importance of a healthy diet when it comes to sculpting abs. While six packs are most definitely built in the gym (and on the AbCoaster®), they’re also...

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Best Weight Loss Workouts for 2022

The New Year is coming, and with that comes plenty of New Years Resolutions in regards to health and fitness. As the new year hits, gyms will be packed with those looking to hit their workout goals, and fulfill their New Year's resolutions. If you’re someone who is...

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