Pam Sherman

Trainer, Instructor, Author, & Motivational Speaker. Pam is a 52 year old soccer mom, life long runner and health & wellness enthusiast. Pam is thrilled to be working with the ABS Company to promote Fitness at ANY age.

Articles by Pam Sherman

Starting 2021 Off The Right Way

As a coach, I’ve seen many people fail to make progress with their health goals in the beginning of the year (or throughout the year). It’s frustrating for them to not make progress and they often give up completely. Let me share with you the top 5 things you CAN do...

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Making Time For Workouts This Holiday Season

For years I’ve heard people say they don’t have time for workouts. Throw in the holidays and exercise just falls to the bottom of the priority list. You CAN fit exercise into your day every day(even during the holiday season)! Here are my top 10 ways to make it...

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Add Some Fun To Your Next Core Workout!

Most people think only of crunches when they think of ab workouts. But there are loads of other ways to work your abs that will keep your workouts fresh, fun, and challenging! Before we discuss ab exercises, let’s review where our core is on our bodies. Most think of...

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10 Tips To Feel Better Every Day

You can’t make it more than five minutes through your day without being bombarded with advice, solicitations, and recommendations on how to live the perfect, healthy life. With so much information coming in at once (and sometimes from questionable sources), we’d like...

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Top 5 Nutrition Tips

Nutrition has been made so complicated lately! Should you count macros? What about the latest diet? Can you eat fruit? What about fat? It can make a person so frustrated trying to figure out what’s the best way to fuel their body, lose belly fat, or get flat abs! Here...

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Getting In Shape At Home

Oftentimes people think they need to go to the gym to get in shape. That is just not the case! There are things in your home that are available to you right now that you can use for a great workout at home! You need look no further than your kitchen for an effective...

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