Ryan Healey

Ryan Healey is the Business Development Manager at The Abs Company and a graduate of the University of Maryland. 
When Ryan isn’t working or spending time with his family, he can usually be found on the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu mats or writing the next great American horror novel.

Articles by Ryan Healey

Why Functional Ab Training Is So Important

If you ask your average gym member what their ‘core’ is, you’d probably get a pretty simplistic response. In fact, most people might hear the word core and think only of the vaunted ‘six-pack’. But as fitness professionals know, our cores consist of a whole lot more...

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The Truth About Covid-19 & Gyms

Let me brighten your day with something you probably aren’t getting enough of; GOOD NEWS.  Covid-19 has led to a year full of challenges for the fitness industry, and a quick look at your TV, your Twitter Feed, or your preferred news source might fill you with a sense...

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The Booty Training Boom

Let’s talk about the booty.  Not since Sir Mix-A-Lot’s 1992 hit ‘Baby Got Back’ has the rear-end been in so much focus on a global scale.  And it’s not just Instagram Influencers or Kardashians who are hyper focused on sculpting toned and healthy glutes; the trend has...

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Why Gym Members Want More HIIT Options

The days of only running (or walking) in place on the treadmill or throwing around dumbbells are over.   Why, you might ask? Because your average American gym member wants more from their membership. They know that they deserve workout options that are time effective,...

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Why 2021 Will Be The Year of Ab Training

Can I come clean about something?  It’s a bit of an existential crisis but I figured I’d get it off my chest. Okay, here goes: I probably don’t work out my abs enough—especially for someone who works for the most innovative ab training equipment company in the world,...

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Gratitude In The Time Of Covid-19

I ducked in out of the rain and into the gym, adjusting my mask so that the guy at the front desk could take my temperature.  This was usually one of the best parts of my day; the pre-workout supplement kicking in, the clink and clack of weights punctuating the steady...

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