I wanted to check in and see how your New Year is going so far.  Considering “Getting in shape” “Getting healthy” and “Losing weight” are the top resolutions for 2020, it’s normal to see a rise in gym memberships this time of year. But how do you keep those “New Year” members coming back? By providing the best member experience possible!  

That sounds great, but what does that mean? There are several ways to provide a stellar member experience, here are 3 that are proven to be critical for member retention:


1. Create a Comfortable Environment

Make their experience non intimidating and user-friendly! Many gym goers have little to no idea what to do once they get to the gym – especially the “New Year’s” member that may be new to fitness. They might not know what to do in that big empty space you provide. Nor do they want to feel “silly” laying on the floor or trying to balance on a ball! Giving them a series of machines, like an Ab Circuit or Ab Zone, that makes it easy for them to jump right in and intuitively know what to do.

When you do provide workout machines, make them easy to use! Machines with few adjustments, are just as effective as more complex workout equipment, yet accessible and appealing to more of your members. (Plus, they usually have the added benefit of less repairs!)


2. Give Them Something to Get Excited About

The best marketing of your gym is when one of your members tells one of their friends about the “cool stuff” their gym has. Even better, when they share it on social media!  We see it every day with our equipment. We see hundreds of posts on social media of people using our gym equipment – like the TireFlip 180®, the Ab Coaster and SledMill. And really, all you have to do is ask them to. They LOVE sharing their workouts. They’re using it at somebody’s gym – why not make it yours? Here’s a fun example of that on the TireFlip 180®. 

Innovative, Unique and Fun gym equipment gets people talking, and sharing. When it stands out from the competition – you win! That’s GOLD for member retention.


3. Provide a Clean, Safe, Updated gym floor

Of course it goes without saying that you need to have a clean and safe workout environment. Make sure all of your gym equipment is clean and in good working order.  Ensure your members are always safe – in your classes, on workout machines and on the gym floor. Lessons can be learned from this article about the gym that was sued because someone got “run over” by a big tire being flipped across the gym floor. This is why equipment like the TireFlip 180® and SledMill are so popular in gyms. All the benefits of Sled Pushing and Tire Flipping in a compact, safe space. Take a look at them here

The Abs Company has been working with gyms, studios and various workout facilities for 20 years, we have heard and seen it all! We’ve taken those learnings and applied them to everything we do here. We understand your pain points. We know what members want, and we also know the potential obstacles of providing that to them. That’s why we created SOLUTIONS. Let us use our years of experience and research to help you provide the absolute BEST MEMBER EXPERIENCE possible. 

Contact us and let’s talk about how we can help you!