Lifecycle of a Member - Part 3


This is the third and final blog post in our series about the “Life Cycle of a Member.” As we know, our clients and customers do not join the gym or the studio at the same fitness level as everyone else. It is important to appeal to members who are at the beginning of their “life cycle” in fitness - with equipment they can master and succeed with, such as selectorized machines, treadmills, and Ab equipment. After they achieve some level of success from the beginner level, you can take them through the “life cycle” to more advanced training.

Certainly the holy grail in fitness today is non-dues revenue. With the proliferation of low priced high volume clubs, owners need to find ways to generate additional and ongoing revenue to achieve profitability. But how do you induce the member who joined your club for $10-20 to now spend $50, $75, $100 or more per month? Take your offerings up a notch! Gone are the days where a person will shell out $50+ per hour to have a trainer stand next to them while walking on the treadmill or count to 10 as they exercise. Trainers and training programs need to provide a “wow” experience to justify the investment. Most importantly they need to deliver RESULTS. This is where cross training, high intensity and functional training become critical. At some point, even the beginner, who starts at the lowest level in the life cycle of training, will be interested in pursuing these more intense programs.

Along this same line of thought, there are other ways to keep members interested and engaged at your facility. It is important that facilities offer unique equipment and expertise that is special and unique, and not easily accessible to members on their own. Many such products exist today including the TireFlip 180, Battle Rope ST, Woodway Curve and Vicore TerraCore. These items deliver that WOW factor and truly stand out in the facility. Getting a good workout on products like these are things members talk about, things that keep them coming back for more. Just type one of them into your social media platform to see what I mean! How cool is it to see your member posting about the awesome workout they had on the latest piece of equipment YOU offered them? That is the best kind of “advertising” -- it’s real and you don’t need to pay for it!

If we are to reach our goal of operating profitable facilities while helping as many people as possible to achieve their fitness goals, then we need to think about ALL our members and prospects when designing our clubs and ordering equipment. Let’s not rush to eliminate this thing or that just because it’s hot and exciting right now - just because it’s what WE would use or the trainer said so. Think like your customer -- whether the beginner, the moderate exerciser, or the elite -- Let’s keep the entire “lifecycle” of the member in mind -- and make sure we accommodate them all.

Health truly is our greatest asset. As fitness professionals, facility owners, and equipment manufacturers we can work together and make a difference in people’s lives!

Life Cycle of a Member - Part 2


This is the second blog post in our series about the “Life Cycle of a Member.” As we know, our clients and customers do not join the gym or the studio at the same fitness level as everyone else. There are a myriad of levels, and our job is to help clients succeed at every level.

Most fitness professionals get into the business because of a desire to help others. We want to help others succeed, to feel better about themselves, and to help them improve their most valuable possession - their health. However, if we truly want to accomplish this goal, we must think not only about the fitness enthusiasts but also beginners. For example, beginners are typically intimidated by the latest and greatest high intensity program. Beginners will hopefully grow to appreciate these programs later in their “life cycle” as a member, but that appreciation typically occurs much later in the process.

Unfortunately for beginners, the growing trend in gyms today is LESS equipment and more open floor space for functional movement. There is no denying this type of space is important but it’s also fair to say it doesn’t serve everyone at every stage of their cycle as a member.

Think again about the beginner. Many are not confident when they join a gym or studio. They overcome fears and insecurities and muster up the courage just to step into your facility. Their feeling of intimidation is real. You try to make them feel at ease, ask them a bit about their goals and most likely you hear the common answers. They want more energy. They want to feel better. They want to look better. They want to do something about ‘this area’ (patting their belly!).

At this point the enthusiastic trainer or salesperson tells them about all of the great offerings in the club from nutrition, to functional and cardio and cross training programs. They take the prospect over to the ‘turf’ area and see the “expert” members jumping around, hoisting kettle bells and launching medicine balls. Whoa! How does a beginner feel when they see these sophisticated movements? Do they feel like they could do that too? Perhaps. But most likely this beginner sees something they don’t feel they could be successful doing, and their feelings of fear and insecurity come rushing in. Have we increased the likeliness that they will join our club or studio? Quite the opposite. The beginner can feel intimidated and overwhelmed by the prospect of doing all these types of activities that they feel are “beyond them.”

What if instead this same member was taken to an area where there were selectorized machines. Just select a comfortable weight, sit down and push. Or walk on a common treadmill and push START. Or visit the ABS area where they could try a user friendly machine that helps them work ‘this area’ (see above). How are they feeling now? Encouraged. Empowered. Like they could be successful and fit in here. Have we increased the chances of them joining? You tell me.

Now we have a member who can WIN in our facility. We have areas where they can come to the club and be successful. When we have a member who is successful and fits in, guess what else we have? A member who keeps coming back! A member who truly becomes part of our ‘club’. After a member truly feels he or she belongs, then we can introduce them to all the other incredible things inside the facility. Offer them other services, ranging from classes, to group and personal training. Some people may be ready for this from day one but clearly not the majority as evidenced by the fact that PT penetration rates in clubs struggle to top 12%.

We will finish up our discussion about the “Life Cycle of a member” in our next blog post, so stay tuned!

What About Me?

Imagine that you’ve decided that this is going to be your time to finally take charge of your health. You’re going to drop those pounds and get your energy back. You’re going to trade in your old habits for healthy ones. This is going to be your year!

You’re not sure where to begin so you decide to check out your local health club. Surely they will have what you need and you’ll be on your way. You muster up the courage and head down to the club to start your new life! When you walk in the door you’re nervous as you’re really not sure what to expect but you are hoping the club staff will show you the way!

After a short discussion about your goals the well intentioned staff member takes you over to the turfed are and you see things going on that you’ve only ever seen on TV! High energy, fit bodies are jumping, sprinting, hoisting weights and launching medicine balls. This, they tell you, is the path to fitness. Its called Small Group Training. As fun as it looks and as fit as the participants are, you cant help but ask yourself…. Can I do that? Am I ready for this? What about me??

This is the exact experience many of health club members face when they first decide to join a club. Sure the training methods of today will get you fit – perhaps more fit than you’ve ever been. However you have to stay in the game long enough to realize those results! The problem – as the industry data confirms – is the the High Intensity Training methods that are so popular today, often turn people off from exercise after they have tried it. The reason is obvious. Most people don’t want to work that hard and most people do not want to experience the discomfort that this type of training subjects them to.

In business its important to meet people where they are and then show them the path to where they want to be! If you jump right to the end, the majority of people just wont be ready. And even if you convince them to start, most wont finish. It’s no surprise that still today 50% of new members will quit within 6 months of starting a fitness program!

At The Abs Company we believe in the Lifecyle of a Member! This simple concept has guided our innovations for the past 10 years. We have equipment that will appeal to the beginner as well as the advanced exerciser. The facts are indisputable that the majority of people don’t exercise – period. The true path to success in the fitness industry is going after this group – not the hard core dedicated exercisers that will show up no matter what. If you can convert the non-exerciser to a lifelong fitness enthusiast not only do you help them change their life, but your business thrives as well! A win win. Lets get together and talk about how we can help you Change Lives from the Core!

The Abs Company Top Ten Nutrition Tips

Have you heard the saying that Abs are made in the kitchen not the gym? Here at The Abs Company we certainly believe there is truth in this statement. Of course we always stress the importance of training variety for maximum results. This is the reason we offer many types of Ab and Core training solutions – to keep those muscles guessing and improving.  You can check some of those out here!

We believe in getting as much out of our nutrition as possible from whole foods. Fresh fruits and vegetables should be the staple of any healthy diet and are key to staying lean so you can have that flat, strong and sexy waistline you desire.



Research shows they do not raise cholesterol and are the bodies most absorbable form of protein. Strive for 7 per week.


Foods like blueberries and eggplant contain anthocyanins. These are antioxidants that battle inflammation.


It contains oleocanthal which fights everything from Alzheimer’s to certain cancers. Olive oil has also been shown to fight the risk of heart disease.


People who eat 2/3 of a cup per day can lower their LDL (bad) cholesterol by 5 percent. Peas, beans, and lentils are great sources.


They are loaded with omega 3 fatty acids. Eat 2/3 of a cup per day.


Try for 30 grams of protein and 8 grams of fiber at each meal.


A cup of green tea at breakfast will help you avoid an energy crash later.


If you’re looking to build muscle, lean cuts of beef, white meat chicken and eggs are great choices.


They are your best guard against heart disease and hypertension. Foods like whole grains, pistachios and beets make the grade.


Due to their high flavonoid content they burn more fat, reduce fat absorption and boost energy.

For more tips like this, or information on core and functional training solutions

Do Supplements Matter?

We’ve all heard the adage that Abs are made in the kitchen not the gym. Here at The Abs Company we certainly believe there is truth in this statement though we also strongly believe in training variety for maximum results. This is the reason we offer many types of Ab and Core training machines – to keep those muscles guessing and improving. More on this in future posts.

When it comes the the nutrition side of things one of the hottest topics is, by far, supplementation. People ask me all the time – should I be taking supplements and if so what should I be taking?

I am a firm believer in getting as much of our nutrition as possible from whole foods. Fresh fruits and vegetables should be the staple of any healthy diet and are key to staying lean so you can have that flat, strong and sexy waistline you desire. However, it’s also no secret that our foods today don’t contain the nutrients they once did so I also believe there is a place for supplements in the typical western diet.

When people ask me what they should be taking, I keep the list very short. I know there are tons of choices on the market but I think



A daily multi will fill many of the holes left by the typical diet. Especially important are adequate levels of Vitamin D. This is perhaps the area most people are most deficient and it can lead to many of the ailments we commonly see including osteoporosis, high blood pressure and certain cancers. New research is even showing promise in aiding in weight loss for those that are Vitamin D deficient. The common recommendation is 400IU per day though most research today shows that intake of up to 1000IU can be especially beneficial.


Throughout time there have been many recommendations as to how much protein we need. They have varied from .5 grams per pound of body weight all the way up to 1.5 grams per pound. For the average person I like to recommend 1 gram per pound of body weight. This level of protein intake will ensure adequate amounts to maintain and increase lean muscle which is the key to fat loss. Muscle is more metabolically active than fat so the more muscle you have, the higher your natural metabolism will be. However, taking in this amount of protein without supplementation can often be difficult especially for those leading very busy lifestyles. I find that adding one shake per day containing 25-35 Grams of Protein (I prefer Whey) will dramatically help most people reach the desired levels.


Creatine is an organic acid that occurs naturally in the body.It is our body’s main source for explosive energy – up to about 10 seconds of work. Moreover it has a vasodilatory affect on the blood vessels – helping them to dilate and increase blood flow to working muscles. Sure the body will naturally replenish the stores of creatine but this takes time and thats where supplementation can assist. By saturating the muscles with ‘extra’ creatine, the stores will stay high allowing you to work harder longer. For anyone that trains, and that should be everyone looking to achieve that lean waistline – this is a huge benefit. There are several types of creatine on the market but most of the positive research has been done using creatine monohydrate. Typically a dose of 5 grams per day is sufficient for most people and the loading phase is not necessary, especially for people looking to use the supplement long term. There has not been research showing that cycling your use of creatine (starting and stopping intake) is more beneficial than regular supplementation.

There you have it – 3 supplements to aid in your quest for a strong, flat and defined midsection, and more importantly your long term health!

The Abs Company Joins Association of Fitness Studios


The Abs Company – Latest Industry Leader to Join AFS

(OAKLAND, CA, CHESTER, NJ, February 17, 2017) – The Association of Fitness Studios (AFS) today proudly announced and welcomed the addition of The Abs Company to its membership and sponsorship ranks.

One of the fitness industry’s most identifiable brands, The Abs Company makes high quality, innovative commercial abdominal and functional training exercise equipment focused on the development of core strength. Abs Company products include brands such as Ab Coaster, TireFlip 180, Ab Solo, X3S Bench, and the Abs Bench and are used in over 10,000 commercial fitness centers and in millions of homes in 40+ countries worldwide.

“We at AFS couldn’t be happier to welcome The Abs Company into our Community,” said Josh Leve, AFS founder and CEO. “Any time an industry leader like The Abs Company sees value in what we’re doing, it’s both humbling and energizing. We look forward to working hard to earn and reward their support.”

The Abs Company is committed to making exciting, unique equipment for all levels of fitness training, from beginner to elite, to keep members and clients excited and coming back for more. The Abs Company also assists studios and health clubs in the design and layout of space dedicated exclusively to core training, one of the primary reasons why people join a fitness facility. This is especially important in the studio space where revenue per square foot is a high priority.

“We fully understand the studio space and we’re impressed with AFS and the benefits they provide to the industry,” said Sean Gagnon, President of The Abs Company. “We look forward to working with Josh and his team to enhance the profitability of studio owners throughout the world.”

Industry research has shown that innovative Ab and functional core training equipment is a powerful marketing tool for studios and health clubs, helping facilities attract and retain clients. Core training is important at every level of fitness, and The Abs Company makes a range of products to keep members engaged as they move from beginner to advanced, a concept they call The Lifecycle of a Member.

Gagnon went on to say, “Studios and clubs are focused on adding equipment that people want to use. It’s not about having space, but about having space for the right things. Ab machines are a key part of that attraction. Our Core Based Functional products complete the story.”

More information on The Abs Company can be found at

About AFS

The Association of Fitness Studios (AFS) is the only membership community dedicated solely to the business of fitness studios. AFS provides studio owners and developers a wide array of business-specific products, services, and benefits that enable them to more effectively manage and grow their businesses, building on the passion, compassion and courage they’ve already shown.

What Super Bowl 51 Can Teach You About Your Fitness Routine

This past Sunday we witnessed what will perhaps go down as the greatest Super Bowl of all time! Going into the game the stakes couldn’t have been higher. Not only was the world championship on the line but a win for the favored Patriots would make Coach Belichick and QB Tom Brady the winningest tandem of all time!

It wasn’t going to be easy though. The Atlanta Falcons were coming off a 11-5 season and their QB Matt Ryan was the NFL MVP! They were coming to play!! Right from the opening drive they showed that and by halftime they were leading 21-3. With 8 minutes remaining in the 3rd Quarter they extended their lead to 25 – 28-3! Most thought the game was over and New England had no chance for victory. In fact, no team had ever overcome more than a 10 point deficit in the SuperBowl.

So what does all of this have to do with fitness? After the game there were countless interviews of all of the players and coaches who all recounted the night’s events. When you boil all the comments down, 3 themes emerged and it is these themes that you can apply to your fitness goals to get the results you are after.

1. Evaluate and Adjust:

When the Patriots found themselves down by 25 they had to change their approach or they were going to lose! They changed their play selection, protections, coverages etc. When you are pursuing a fitness goal you must do the same. Look at what you are doing and objectively evaluate whether or not it’s working. If you aren’t getting the results you are after, make some adjustments. If you always do steady state cardio, try intervals. If you always lift free weights, try machines or body weight. If you always eat 5 meals a day, try intermittent fasting. Just like with the Patriots, small adjustments can make a BIG difference.

2. Focus on the Details:

Anyone successful will tell you that one of the biggest keys is to consistently do the little things well. It’s not about the big moves and there is no secret recipe. It’s the consistent execution of the small details that will lead to success. At the end of the game they asked Coach Belichick how they did it and he said “We just kept grinding it out!” The same is true of your fitness routine. There is no secret. Stay consistent. If you plan to work out 3x per week then do it. If you need to stretch daily to improve your flexibility – do it! If you commit to not eating past 7pm – do it. Whatever your commitments are to your fitness goals, consistently honor them and you will see results – period!

3. Never Give Up:

When you are starting out on your fitness journey the end result can seem so far away! You may be doing well for a while and then you hit a setback, you get injured, or you just plain fall off the wagon. It happens. You will also hit plateaus and feel like you will never get there. Good news – You will if you just keep going! One thing is for certain, if you give up, you’ll never reach your goals!

As the game got more and more out of hand many people stopped paying attention or flat turned it off. However, those that stuck it out were treated to one of the most improbable comebacks they will ever see. It was indeed the greatest comeback of all time. However, when you break it down, the recipe for success really wasn’t that difficult! Adjust, Focus on the Details, and Never Give Up! Apply these same principles to your fitness goals and you too will come away with the victory!

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Get To Know MMA Champion Claudia Gadelha

1. What motivated you to get started in mixed martial arts?
I came from humble beginnings – I was very poor with few opportunities in Brazil, and no future. I discovered BJJ, and saw that if I dedicated myself to BJJ training and the philosophy of BJJ as well, that it could totally change my life for the better…and it did.

2. What are your interests outside of fighting and the martial arts?
Other than fighting, I enjoy planning and talking business for my career, and MMA Gym ventures. I like going to the beach and skateboarding. I like to always keep my body and my mind in motion.

3. What is your normal workout routine and your routine before a fight?
I train 6 days per week, with 2-3 sessions per day. The training intensity goes up a lot in Fight Camp, with 3 hard sessions per day.

4. What is it your favorite way to train?
My favorite thing to do to train is Jiu Jitsu. I love it.

5. How much cardio versus weight lifting?
I tend to do 75 percent cardio, and 25 percent strength training.

6. What is your eating regimen normally and before a fight?
I eat every 3 hours all year round. I try to eat clean, but definitely indulge in some chocolate…in moderation of course. However when fight camp starts I eat totally clean and healthy with no “junk” at all.

7. What’s your favorite exercise or routine?
My favorite non-fight training exercise is running – outside for sure!

8. What keeps you motivated to workout?
I love to workout! It makes me feel so good during and after. I really feel satisfied after a good workout..and have that great feeling of accomplishment when I’m done.

9. What are the best exercises to tone your abs? What type of equipment do you like to use?
I like to use the X3S to work my abs. I only do X3S type of movements for my ab training.

10. What is the best piece of advice you can give to a person trying to get in shape?
Start small but START. Do a little more today than you did yesterday. Be consistent and Stay Motivated. Believe in yourself and stay very committed! Follow your dreams..and you will make it there!

Detox to Lose Body Fat

The tummy area is always a tough spot when it comes to weight loss and it sometimes needs a little help to give it the kick it needs to become tight and toned. There are many methods out there that are natural boosters to losing the belly fat. Using detox methods flushes the body of what it doesn’t need and more times than not, helps to improve the body’s normal functions to make a job like digesting food “supersized”. Here are 5 detox ideas that can help to burn belly fat.

1. Detox Water – This water goes by many names, from detox water to weight loss water as well as fruit infused water. The ingredients can be changed to focus on other areas of health that you would desire, but for belly fat, the best formula to use is cucumber, lemon, and mint. Combining these ingredients in water pulls the antioxidant from the fruits and herbs into the water for faster absorption into the body. The fruits boost the metabolism and flush the body of toxins; and water is a gut buster, as well as the most important fluid you will ever need for detoxing the body. The detox water is not limited to just cucumber and lemon, but this is the one that is popular for belly fat.

There is also the orange, strawberry and mint mixture. To make the water just add a few mint leaves, a handful of fruit slices like strawberry or a medium cucumber and lemon or orange slices, making sure to use the whole fruit. Add all these ingredients to a pitcher of water and let it sit for about 12 hours or overnight before drinking. Keep this in the refrigerator for the best results.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar – This method has been hailed from the east to western hemisphere as the ultimate fat burner and it gets this attention because it actually does work. With the combination of lemon juice and cayenne pepper, it aids in better digestion and cuts fat – especially stubborn belly fat. The mixture of the lemon juice and cayenne is optional though, and if you prefer just the apple cider vinegar it works well by itself. The vinegar has an acid called acetic acid that can supress the appetite and also aids in digestion, cuts water retention and burns belly fat.

3. Green Tea – This tea can be used to incorporate into smoothies or just to drink by itself, whether hot or cold. Green tea is packed with many vitamins minerals and antioxidants as well as polyphenols that give the body nutrients, flush the digestive tract, and boost the metabolism and immune system to fight infection. There are many recipes that incorporate green tea, but it can be had by itself as just tea. For better results, it is best not to add any artificial sweeteners as this reduces the effects the tea will have.

4. Ginger – This is a root that many use to enhance food flavors, but it can be used as a detox to flush the body of toxins, cut sugar cravings, and burn body fat. Ginger can be enjoyed as tea or infused in water with other fruit and herbs, like cinnamon, to pull its properties into the water.

5. Plain Water – All the previously mentioned methods are great and do work, but many overlook the benefits of drinking just plain water. Having a glass of water half hour before eating, when waking up and before going to bed has shown a drastic improvement in weight loss particularly in the belly region.

It goes without saying that exercise is very important to help these methods work even better. Although they are great stand-alone methods, exercise is a great way to naturally burn the body fat and propel the fat-burning process. What detoxing will help to do is prepare the body for shedding of fats. Combine that with exercise to help the pounds roll off.

The Abs Company core and functional training equipment can help with that! We’d love to help you design the perfect core and functional training space for your home gym or fitness facility. It’s what we do!

TIREd of your training routine?

We all have, at some time or another, decided to make our way down the path of exercising but seem to hit a block when it comes to really targeting the tummy area. At times it seems like all the cardio and ab exercising just doesn’t seem to be working and you are at a loss as to why you are not getting the desired effect. One important thing to remember is that the body – especially the tummy – is built in the kitchen too, not solely in the gym. The right diet is imperative, in addition to exercise, to really getting the flat tummy you always wanted. Here are some simple diet tips that will be extremely helpful to help burn belly fat.

Eat all natural foods – the body does give out what you put in it and eating highly processed foods can slow the body down. Processed foods give the organs a more difficult job because the body has to work twice as hard to break down the compounds in these foods. In general stick to foods that are as close to their original source as possible.
Eating More Protein – Protein is one of the most important foods needed to help in losing weight. In addition to helping to replace damaged cells in the body, protein is also responsible for cutting down your appetite as well as boosting metabolism. The other great benefit of eating protein for weight loss and especially stomach fat is that proteins like fish are filled with omega three fatty acids which boost metabolism. Studies have shown that for the average person 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight is sufficient. This equates to roughly 30% of your daily caloric intake.
Cutting out sugars – Sugars in the diet are very unhealthy for the body and hinder the burning of belly fat. Sugary drinks like sodas and artificially sweet drinks have glucose and fructose components to them and this actually slows down the body’s metabolism. In essence, adding sugar to the diet actually helps to increase belly fat! The liver is also susceptible to damage from the overworkit gets from breaking down sugars for the body’s use.
Cutting out Carbs – Similar to sugars, carbohydrates break down to a sugar and as mentioned earlier added sugar may cause belly fat. Reducing Carb intake will cause the body to more efficiently learn to rely on fat as a fuel source. In general keeping your carbs to around 35-40% of your daily intake is a good recommendation. This may vary depending on activity levels.
Eat fiber rich foods – Foods rich in fiber help you feel fuller longer. The “soluble” type of fiber, which absorbs water, forms a kind of gel inside your stomach, slowing the absorption of sugars into your bloodstream. Lower blood sugar levels mean lower insulin levels — and that means your body is less likely to store fat.
Belly fat is very stubborn, but it is not impossible to burn, making simple changes to your diet. What we eat is very important to how the body reacts. The Abs Company has you covered when it comes to Core training. We have all the products you need to tone and strengthen your core in a safe and effective way. But also try making a change to the way you eat and see if this doesn’t make a drastic difference in how you look and feel. Let us help you find the right combination to get the abs you deserve!

Healthy Tips to Burn Belly Fat

We all have, at some time or another, decided to make our way down the path of exercising but seem to hit a block when it comes to really targeting the tummy area. At times it seems like all the cardio and ab exercising just doesn’t seem to be working and you are at a loss as to why you are not getting the desired effect. One important thing to remember is that the body – especially the tummy – is built in the kitchen too, not solely in the gym. The right diet is imperative, in addition to exercise, to really getting the flat tummy you always wanted. Here are some simple diet tips that will be extremely helpful to help burn belly fat.

Eat all natural foods – the body does give out what you put in it and eating highly processed foods can slow the body down. Processed foods give the organs a more difficult job because the body has to work twice as hard to break down the compounds in these foods. In general stick to foods that are as close to their original source as possible.
Eating More Protein – Protein is one of the most important foods needed to help in losing weight. In addition to helping to replace damaged cells in the body, protein is also responsible for cutting down your appetite as well as boosting metabolism. The other great benefit of eating protein for weight loss and especially stomach fat is that proteins like fish are filled with omega three fatty acids which boost metabolism. Studies have shown that for the average person 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight is sufficient. This equates to roughly 30% of your daily caloric intake.
Cutting out sugars – Sugars in the diet are very unhealthy for the body and hinder the burning of belly fat. Sugary drinks like sodas and artificially sweet drinks have glucose and fructose components to them and this actually slows down the body’s metabolism. In essence, adding sugar to the diet actually helps to increase belly fat! The liver is also susceptible to damage from the overworkit gets from breaking down sugars for the body’s use.
Cutting out Carbs – Similar to sugars, carbohydrates break down to a sugar and as mentioned earlier added sugar may cause belly fat. Reducing Carb intake will cause the body to more efficiently learn to rely on fat as a fuel source. In general keeping your carbs to around 35-40% of your daily intake is a good recommendation. This may vary depending on activity levels.
Eat fiber rich foods – Foods rich in fiber help you feel fuller longer. The “soluble” type of fiber, which absorbs water, forms a kind of gel inside your stomach, slowing the absorption of sugars into your bloodstream. Lower blood sugar levels mean lower insulin levels — and that means your body is less likely to store fat.
Belly fat is very stubborn, but it is not impossible to burn, making simple changes to your diet. What we eat is very important to how the body reacts. The Abs Company has you covered when it comes to Core training. We have all the products you need to tone and strengthen your core in a safe and effective way. But also try making a change to the way you eat and see if this doesn’t make a drastic difference in how you look and feel. Let us help you find the right combination to get the abs you deserve!

As Fitness Gets Smarter, People are Getting Fatter. Why?

The fitness industry has been exploding with innovation in recent years. Advances in the areas of Wearables, Artificial Intelligence Training programs, Smart Devices, Fitness Apps and  a range of new training methods such as Cross Fit, HIIT, and functional exercise have taken the industry by storm!

With all these advances, you would think Americans must be losing weight and obesity rates are going down.

Sadly, the reverse is true.  Recent studies show that American obesity trends are holding steady for men, while obesity trends are actually growing for women.

The million or billion dollar question obviously is WHY? How can there be so many advances in fitness and fitness technology yet the collective results are worse?

As with most research you have to look at it with a critical eye. The major issue – as always – is that most people are simply still sedentary. They aren’t using the advances and therefore are not getting the results.

So much of the fitness industry is dedicated to chasing the minority percentage of people that actually enjoy exercise, enjoy sweating and really are motivated to obtain results. These people are the ones drawn to the HIIT Training, fitness wearables and the latest forms of group training.

What about the beginners, those that feel uncomfortable or self conscious in an exercise setting? What is being done to help these people. Far too often fitness facilities don’t treat them any differently than the seasoned exerciser. They show them the same equipment, or worse yet , the same classes and training routines.  Research from the ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) clearly shows that when beginners are exposed to HIIT type training, the majority quit within 3 months. Why? Quite simply it wasn’t enjoyable and in most cases it was just too difficult.

Another solution that is popular today is the growing trend of Small Group Training. This is evident in the explosive growth of the fitness studio market. Whether it be strength training, group cycling, or yoga, you can find a new studio on virtually every street corner. Many health clubs are also starting to put separate studios within their facilities. There is strong evidence that the group dynamics can lead to increased adherence but there is no getting around the fact that if a person doesn’t feel comfortable within the group, they won’t stay.

At the end of the day fitness professionals need to decide what business they want to be in. Are they in it to help all people change lives through fitness? Or do they want to specialize in the ultra fit and highly motivated? There is nothing wrong with either approach but the evidence is clear that trying to live in both worlds with no distinction is failing!

At The Abs Company our purpose is to Change Lives From the Core and we firmly believe that Fitness Changes Lives. In order to accomplish this we offer solutions that are appealing to the beginner and advanced exerciser alike. It is important to give all exercisers the chance to ‘win’ and be successful regardless of fitness level and allow them to progress along the lifelong journey to fitness. By doing this we hope to play our small part in reversing the obesity trend. We’d love to show you how our solutions can help your facility or you personally. Reach out and we’d be happy to discuss your needs!

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Understanding the importance of what members really want, Snap Fitness Wyoming created this Core Strength Zone in their club. A dedicated area where members can go to do their entire core workout. Hear what trainers and members are saying about The Core Strength Zone in this interview with trainer Russell Fox:

Interview with Snap Fitness Trainer, Russell Fox


TAC: What do your personal trainers think of the Core Strength Zone?

Fox: My trainers love it, its been a huge hit with both my members and my trainers. I really like the Ab Solo because it takes the boredom out of doing crunches. I also really like the Ab Coaster CS3000 because it really targets the lower and middle abs and the obliques. It is a great piece of equipment in my opinion. My members like the fact that they can do all their core work in one designated ab area.

TAC: How did you implement the new Core strength Zone into you club?

Fox: Instead of putting the equipment all over the floor, I put them in one dedicated area of my club. My members love it! We use it as an ab circuit, and I also use the Core Strength Zone as part of my club tour for prospects.

TAC: Anything else you would like to share with other club owners about the benefit of a Core Strength Zone?

Fox: Now our new members know exactly where to go to work their abs. The Core Strength Zone is easy and fun to use, especially the Ab Solo. It’s like a game for your abs and it never gets old!!
Let us help you design a solution for your core training area and take take your gym to the next level!  

Core Essentials

Foundation Building for a Stronger, Happier You

Your core muscles form the flexible, sturdy connection between your upper and lower body. Weak or inflexible core muscles can impair how well your arms and legs function, and will result in a lack of strength when it comes to moving, lifting, pushing or pulling. A strong core enhances balance and stability, increases strength, and reduces the chance of injury or falls. Nearly every typical daily motion moves through the core, even if you don’t realize it.

In the Home

Getting out of bed, taking a shower, putting on your clothes, and bending down to tie your shoes all involve movements that travel through your core. So does loading the dishwasher, mopping the floor, or taking care of children.

At Work

Physical jobs that involve bending, reaching, lifting and pushing obviously use your core muscles. However even desk jobs involve your core; muscles in your entire body are engaged even while sitting, answering phones, typing, or filing.

At Play

A game of Frisbee can engage your core; so can a romp with the family dog. Playing with the Wii can use all kinds of muscles, and so can simply spending time in the garden, weeding or fertilizing.


Obviously those who are athletically inclined depend on a strong core to help them excel. Running, swimming, cycling, rowing, hiking, tennis, golf, baseball, basketball, football and bowling all require the use of muscle groups that are connected through your core. (insert following image)

Drawbacks of an Underdeveloped Core

Lack of core conditioning can lead to muscle soreness, strains, back pain, and more. It can also slow your response in times of emergency, keep you from doing the things you want to do, and cause you to become tired too easily when you are having fun.

How can core training equipment like the X3S Bench Help?

Dedicated core training equipment can be instrumental in developing a strong core, especially a multi-functional unit like the X3S Bench. The X3S is designed to give a complete, no-impact core workout that also involves your abs and legs. No matter what your current lifestyle is, you can enhance your strength and flexibility, reduce the chance of falls or injuries, and improve your health and fitness level simply by using the X3S Bench to work on your core.

Functional Training and Your Core

One of the hottest topics in fitness today is Functional Training. Proponents will tell you that isolated movement is out and functional is in. Let’s take a closer look!

Functional training provides the strength, stability, power, mobility, endurance and flexibility you need for everyday activities in your life. We all use basic functional movement patterns everyday, such as pushing, pulling, squatting, rotating, carrying and gait patterns (walking and running). At the center of all these movements is your CORE.

Lots of people use this term but what does it really mean? Some think the core is a sleek six pack, when in fact the abdominals are only a fraction of your core. There are 29 muscles that have attachments within the core area, which is essentially the entire center of your body. Basically, think of your core from your torso down to your hips. These muscles allow functional movement in any direction. Core muscles create a solid base for your body, allowing you to stay upright and stand strong on your two feet.
One of the primary goals in training should be to strengthen the core. Functional vs Isolated movements are simply the vehicle to get the the end result. The benefits of a strong core are many and include:

1. Reduced Pain and Prevention: A strong core stabilizes you and works like a natural brace for your joints.
2. Makes You Look Taller and Thinner. When you strengthen your upper back and shoulders, the muscles are pulled back and down, removing any trace of a hunch.
3. Delays the Aging Process A strong core keeps your body aligned, so that you can function properly.
5. Improved Performance. Stabilizing your core hones your fine motor skills, so you can react quickly and stay balanced on unstable surfaces.

Functional vs Isolated Core Training
The case can be made that you work more muscles with functional core training than isolated core training such as crunches, and that you work in a larger range of motion utilizing more muscles. Proponents will also tell you that functional training is more beneficial because you are mimicking the activities of daily living. There is certainly some truth to this and any exercise that allows you to work multiple muscles at once is certainly efficient! With people being as busy as they are efficiency in training is certainly attractive. The Abs Company recognizes these benefits and we are proud to have offerings in this space such as the all new X3S Bench and TIREFLIP 180.

It is important to note that before someone embarks on a program designed to incorporate Functional Core Training, it is important that they have a certain level of core strength to begin with. This is where Isolated movements come into play. Exercises like planks, The Vertical Crunch, and The Abs Bench certainly can assist here. These are extremely user friendly and can build some of the foundational strength necessary to succeed in more complex functional movements.

At the end of the day, we believe that there is now and will always be a place for both functional and isolated movement. Strengthening the core is essential to lifetime health and fitness so this end result is really the key that matters. Continuously challenging the body through a variety of exercise types is what keeps you moving forward and keeps you improving. There isn’t a need to chose one over the other. Instead incorporate lots of variety in your training you will build the core strength that will allow you to reach all of your health and fitness goals!

Enjoy the Burn or They May Not Return

When introducing a new client or member to your club it is critical to balance the future of their success with the joy of working out. The idea of NO PAIN NO GAIN is well known but it does have a dark side, especially with the older population. There is also the “feeling stupid factor”, when a new member attempts a new group class or tries to use a new machine that is too advanced for their fitness level. They fear looking stupid or, worse, may get hurt, and never come back again.

A recent study shows that, regardless of the effectiveness of a training program or regimen, if your customer is not finding enjoyment in exercise, they will likely not continue. So how do you balance the idea of effective training (no pain no gain) against the idea of making exercise enjoyable so that your members do return?

Studies show that the number one area most people want to improve is their waistline/belly/abdominal area. If you want to create more enjoyment and motivate your members to return, you should start right there. You can begin by having them perform an isolated ab crunch on a product such as the Abs Bench, or by having them perform a seated crunch on a machine such as the Vertical Crunch. These fixed movement isolated machines are easy for beginners to perform (and therefore overcome the “feeling stupid factor”) and deliver a burning sensation that will sent a positive message that exercise is truly effective and that these machines really are working their abs.

One thing you should NOT do…..never have a new client or member take a cross conditioning class prior to establishing a basic level of core stability first. Everyone new to exercise should focus first on core stability and total body isolated strength training to build a strong foundation. The key to balancing the burn with enjoyment is to build the core first to limit the risk of muscle strains, extreme pain and injury.

The Abs Company has helped over 10,000 clubs around the globe design and implement designated core training areas that lets club owners give members what they want! We’d love to do the same for you.

The Abs Company Acquires Impact Fitness

The Abs Company started the new year with a bang with the acquisition of Impact Fitness.  Since then we’ve been working hard preparing to roll out our all new line of functional training equipment.  The introduction of the X3S Bench and the innovative Tire Flip 180 have already been a huge hit!  We wanted to make sure we share the news with our loyal customers – so we’re including our Press Release below.  Stay tuned for more exciting new functional training products that will complement our already proven core training products that The Abs Company is known for!

FLANDERS, NJ., Jan. 20, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Abs Company announced today that it has acquired Impact Fitness LLC, a functional fitness equipment supplier. Impact will join The Abs Company portfolio of leading commercial brands such as Ab Coaster, Ab Solo and Abs Bench.

Founded in 2013, Impact Fitness offers a growing line of functional training equipment largely serving the commercial fitness market and the growing category of functional fitness and Cross Training. Its product portfolio includes Impact Cages, cage accessories, Functional hand held equipment, Boxing and The Tire Flip 180, a unique training device that puts a new lift on an old exercise.

“With the addition of Impact, we will expand our stable of brands serving the commercial fitness market, including health clubs, hospitality, education and military, as well as consumers, with a wide array of core and functional fitness training equipment, while continuing with The Abs Company’s outstanding customer service and support,” explained Abs Company President, Sean Gagnon. “We believe the combination of these brands will position our company for the explosive growth in the functional, Cross Training  and boxing categories. The Abs Company / Impact Fitness combination enables us to approach the market with a broader and deeper product portfolio, and improve our ability to address the faster growing segments of the fitness market,” Gagnon added. “With the addition of Impact’s functional training footprint, we can meet current and future demand to further improve our competitiveness and leadership position within the fitness industry.”

The Abs Company is the leading supplier of innovative consumer and commercial abdominal exercise equipment and assists Health Clubs in the design and layout of space dedicated to core training.  The Abs Company products include brands such as Ab Coaster, Ab Solo, and Abs Bench, which are used in over 10,000 commercial fitness facilities in over 40 countries around the world.

Core training remains one of the primary reasons why people join health clubs.  The desire to have a flat firm, well defined midsection is still top of mind for anyone wishing to improve their overall health and fitness.  Having a dedicated Core Training Area excites and catches the attention of members. To fill this need, The Abs Company has developed a diverse line of abdominal products.   Whether a Club needs to upgrade an existing ab/stretching area or create a new area from scratch, a Core Training Area can be customized to meet any Club’s specific needs, space and budget.  

With the acquisition of the Impact Fitness line of products, the Abs Company can now meet the ever growing trend toward functional training. The Impact Fitness brand adds innovative core and full body functional training products creating a unique combination of isolated core training products and total body functional training equipment providing our customers with a single source for the latest fitness trends.


Introducing the X3S

Ever wondered what would happen if you could combine functional core training and isolation training in one simple, space saving workout machine? Surprise – such a thing not only exists, but exceeds all expectations. It’s called the X3S, and it’s the missing link when it comes to ab, leg, and core conditioning.

The X3S is the carefully designed chair-bench combination machine you’ve been looking for. Based on rigorous cross conditioning, MMA fighter and Pro Boxer training requirements, the X3S design provides a simple, effective routine that includes a complete and challenging abs, legs, and core workout.

Basic crunches on the floor, full sit ups, and full standups will push users to new goals regardless of fitness level. Your clients can use it solo or with a trainer, and incorporate dumbbells or Medicine balls to increase intensity and expand training benefits to their entire body.

All steel construction ensures durability, and EZ Adjust leg pads make this machine fit any height. Foam covers keep every workout comfortable, and clean-up is fast and easy. Minimal assembly means users can be working out in minutes, and the compact, portable design lets the X3S store easily to save even more space.

Looking for maximum results in minimal space? You don’t have to expand square footage to accommodate this machine. The X3S weighs only 56 lbs. and has a compact space saving 40” by 29” footprint.
The X3S is the perfect addition to women’s, men’s, or mixed training gyms and workout facilities. It focuses on the all-important muscle groups, with the ability to switch seamlessly between ab, leg, and core workouts.

The combination of exercises tones and tightens bodies, improves strength, posture and flexibility, and is popular with those training to box or fight MMA style, as well as providing a solid workout routine for those who simply want to stay fit and look fantastic.

Bridge the gap between abs workouts and full body functional training with the X3S – it’s the link that’s been missing in your core training area. Add one or more machines to your facility and find out why it’s an instant favorite!

Core Stability

Abs Workouts

Core Stability:  core sta·bil·i·ty


  • the capacity of the muscles of the torso to assist in the maintenance of good posture, balance, etc., especially during movement.


In other words, Core Stability is the single most important factor when it comes to physical performance and good health. Without it, you are more prone to injury.  Lack of core stability leads to poor posture and lack of balance, which leads to even bigger problems such as back and joint pain.  Core Stability is key for every sport and athlete.  It’s what allows a kickboxer to move quickly from kick to punch, it’s what allows a gymnast to balance on a beam and every person who practices yoga is well aware of the importance of core stability.

So how do we increase our core stability?  Use a combination of abdominal exercises, both isolation-type core exercises using machines like the Ab Coaster or Abs Bench, and functional core exercises such as Russian twists with a medicine ball or using a machine like the X3S Bench.   

In addition to using isolated and functional core training exercises, you must also promote core stability with lower back strength training.  The lower back is a key part of developing core stability.  Target these muscles using a back extension machine such as LumbarX or by performing isolation back extensions during a yoga session.


The All New X3S Functional Core Trainer


When it comes to core training the debate rages on as to whether isolation orfunctional training is better. There are certainly merits to both sides of the discussion but what if you could have BOTH in one simple, effective and space saving machine? Now you can with the all new X3S Bench from The Abs Company.

Check out the X3S
The X3S Bench combines three movements, lower body, upper body and isolated core training into one motion while eliminating the rest period in between exercises. Not only can you train your complete core but the X3S also allows you to train your quads, glutes and hamstrings with one simple compound movement. It is total bodyfunctional training in a compact space in the gym. The X3S Bench can also challenge any fitness level with the use of dumbbells or weighted balls for a total body workout.

Core Resolutions

In a recent study, people from around the world were asked the following question:

If you could change one body part, what would it be?

The results were astonishing… but not really. Intuitively you know the answer but do you think it would be the same for both men and women?

Havas Worldwide, a global marketing and communications firm, conducted a worldwide study asking over 10,000 people from 28 countries this very basic question.
As you can see from the image above, both men and women listed their TUMMY as the number one body part they would change. It wasn’t even close.  Tummy won in a landslide.  For men, changing their tummy is 6 times more important than the next body part, and for women tummy is 3 times more important.

This study is groundbreaking for anyone in the fitness business because it shares valuable insights into the mind of your customers.  Knowing exactly what area of the body men and women want to change is like getting inside information on what programs they are looking for.  Rather than “selling” to your customers, you will be giving them what they already want. Remember this survey was done with a random group of people which explains why some said they would not want to change any body part.  But if you were to repeat this study with your members (people who are motivated to change their bodies) you could bet that the number one response would be TUMMY, and the percentage would likely be even higher.

The study confirms the importance of Ab Focused marketing.  Think about it, every NEW YEAR the number one Resolution is WEIGHT LOSS. This study confirms the area of the body they want to improve by losing weight, the tummy.  Both men and women want to improve the same part of their body..their bellies.

The Abs Company has helped over 10,000 clubs around the globe design and implement designated core training areas that lets club owners give members what they want! We’d love to do the same for you.

Happy New Year!

Introducing all new Accessories to the Abs Company line-up!

The Abs Company has been creating innovative core training equipment for 20 years. Being in over 10,000 clubs worldwide, we've learned a thing or two about what our clients want. They want more! More easy to use, effective ways to work their core.

We are excited to now offer a selection of core accessories to enhance the overall core training experience without the need for a huge budget or a ton of space. Providing everything from Medicine Balls to the new X3S Bench!

Click here to check out the new Accessory line up!

The Most Effective Way to Use an Abs Bench X2

Many people today continue to erroneously believe that proper ab training requires a high number of repetitions to be effective. But there’s a better way, a simpler way, and here it is:
Train the upper abs separately from the lower abs, and train the upper abs first. Work the upper abs like you would other upper body groups with similar number of reps for the upper body. And once the upper abs are exhausted, and cannot be used to synergistically assist the lower abs, turn your attention to training the lower abs separate from the upper abs. Phil’s routine has been modified below to make it more user friendly for the average member. The premise is the same however – Tire out the upper abs then burn out the lower. Give it a shot!

Here is the workout:

  1. Upper abs 4 sets 20 reps.
  2. Lower abs 2 sets 20 reps. That’s it.

This workout takes so little time that you could even work this muscle group 3 or 4 times a week. The best way to perform this workout is to find an abs machine where you can do only an upper-body quarter crunch, without engaging your lower abs at the same time. A machine that uses upper and lower abs in the same exercise will not work and defeats the purpose. The exercises must be separate.

That’s why the Abs Bench X2 is the perfect abdominal machine for this routine. It allows the user to perform forward crunches (upper abs), as well as reverse crunches (lower abs), separately (or together) on the same machine.

For the uppers abs we want you to perform ‘half reps’ for a total of 20. What we mean is come only half way up, return and repeat. This will keep your abs under constant tension while only engaging the upper abs! Recover for one minute and repeat for 4 x 20 reps. As you get stronger decrease the amount of rest between sets or increase the resistance by adding 5 pounds to the upper bar on the Abs Bench X2

Remember the body responds to progressive exercise. Now that upper abs are exhausted your upper abs cannot synergistically kick-in to assist lower abs with the reverse crunch exercise on the Abs Bench X2.  When you try to train your lower abs before the upper abs are exhausted, the upper abs and hip flexors will compensate and “help” perform the exercise, causing the lower abs not to work hard enough. Once the upper abs are exhausted, when you lift your legs during your reverse crunch exercise on the Abs Bench X2, you should feel little or no assistance from the upper abs. You will instantly feel your lower abs working.

Perform 2 sets of 20 FULL Repetitions on the lower crunch. Rest 1 minute between sets. We recommend having some resistance for the lower crunch right from the outset. Again, as you get stronger reduce the rest between sets or add more resistance. Remember – progression is the key!

Trying to work all of the ab muscles at the same time is less efficient and can take a long time. It also results in needless extra stress on the spine. Using the protocol described above allows you to train your abs more efficiently and more frequently. And the Abs Bench X2 makes it easy to perform this workout all on one machine. Variety Abounds You’ve heard it said that variety is the spice of life. They same is true of your training. By constantly challenging your body with new stimuli you force it to continue to adapt and improve.

What a Difference a Tour Makes

Why don’t they join?

It’s no secret that in order to run a successful health club business you need to continually gain new members. Attrition rates have stayed steady for many years and we know that over half of members are gone within 6 months of joining your club. Therefore it is critical to constantly have new members joining the club. The key to gaining new members is understanding why they do and do not join. Do you know the number one reason that a member will not join your club? If you guessed price or location you would be mistaken! The number one reason prospects leave your club without joining is that they don’t think they will feel comfortable there – that they won’t be successful. Research tells us that one of the top things prospects want is a flat stomach. You don’t even need the research because the prospects themselves will tell you this in their interview. If you overwhelm them with all of the things they need to do to achieve this, how do you think they will feel? Perhaps like they won’t fit in there? That they won’t be successful?

A New Perspective

If a prospect walked into your club, told you exactly what they wanted and you showed them you have it, would they join? Of course they would! Let’s go back to our prospect who told you they wanted to flatten their stomach – they wanted to strengthen their core. Instead of talking to them about the diet and cardio, what if you said “That’s great. We have a dedicated area in the club just for this – it’s called the Core Strength Zone. Let me show you!” And then you take them over to a few fun and effective ab machines such as the Ab Coaster or Ab Solo, and show them how it’s done. Don’t you think this will take the tour in a whole new direction? Now the prospect says to themselves – she listened to me, they have what I want here, I bet there are a lot of other great things this club has to offer! The prospect will now feel more comfortable and open to seeing what else your club has to offer. This approach doesn’t just go for people who talk about getting a flat belly. It’s what you could be doing for every prospect that comes through the door. Instead of a standard tour showing the things that you feel are important, customize the tour and gear it to what THEY want to see (based on their initial interview) and watch your closing ratios climb!

Profiting From Your Existing Members

Many club owners I speak with focus their non dues revenue around personal training and the ever growing Small Group Training. The member who uses a personal trainer is typically their most valuable member to the club, so naturally owners want to provide offerings that cater to this profitable group. This includes equipment selection and programming options. Though a sound plan on the surface, it has an inherent flaw. What percentage of your members participate in training? If you are a non studio facility the national average is around 10%.

That means 90% of the membership is not using these services yet the club is not being designed for them! It is this 90% that will typically spend less and be most likely to quit. If the equipment and program offerings at your club are being dictated by the needs of the personal training community you are risking the other 90% of your membership. That’s a horrible risk.

It is imperative that club owners listen to the needs and wants of this segment of the membership and make sure that they too feel comfortable and successful in the club. A great way to accomplish this is to create dedicated spaces in the club that the average member wants to use and can do so successfully. One example is the selectorized strength circuit. Though not overly popular with the training population, the general membership still flocks here because they know they can get an effective workout and be successful doing it. Another great option is having a Core Strength Zone – a dedicated area in the club for your members to train their abs and strengthen their core. Such an area can include 3-4 popular Ab Machines and some open floor space as well for non equipment based exercises. We have installed such areas in clubs world wide and members love it. The idea is to create a space where members can focus on a body part that is important to them and allows them to train in a comfortable, non intimidating environment.

It’s clear that providing your members and prospects with areas of the club where they can feel comfortable and successful will help you to grow and retain membership. It’s also clear that non-dues revenue is critical for the long term success of most fitness centers. Let’s bring it all together to create a well oiled, profitable operation. We know that some members will be coming in for the latest fitness activities such as small group training and high intensity interval training. We know others will want to work one to one with a personal trainer. Having these offerings inside the club walls is critical or they will seek them out elsewhere as the industry has seen. The question remains how do you increase the usage of these services to the 90% of members that are not currently participating? The answer lies in providing yourself with ample opportunity to offer training services to that other 90% of the membership. You can do this if they are coming to the club and are being exposed to it. They will only keep coming to your club if they are feeling comfortable and successful. Areas such as your strength circuit and Core Strength Zone do just that which is why we call them The Gateway. They bring the members in, keep them coming, and give you the opportunity to engage them in all the other great fitness options your club has to offer! Don’t ignore this very important aspect of club/member dynamic and you will stay on the road to success.

How the Ab Solo was born...and how it can help YOU

When Sean Gagnon, VP of the Abs Company, first saw the Ab Solo at a trade show, he knew it was another hit ab product like the Ab Coaster.  He saw an effective ab machine that was intuitive to use and turned the boring ab crunch into a fun and exciting exercise.  Understanding the growing trend to offer more innovative Ab Machines for members at health clubs, Mr. Gagnon pushed his company to acquire the rights to the Ab Solo when he heard that the owners wanted to shut down their business.  Gagnon began discussions and a deal was made for The Abs Company to acquire the rights to the Ab Solo brand in 2013.

Out with the Old, In with the New Ab Solo

The Abs Company spent several months researching and implementing a new Ab Solo design, making the product more compact, sleeker, quieter and with fewer moving parts.  The new design features and air filled lumbar support pad that is comfortable for the user and also provides a pre-stretch to maximize full range abdominal contraction.  Three mulit-color “touch targets” were added to promote oblique training and to provide an opportunity for personal trainers to interact with clients while exercising on the Ab Solo, for example calling out a sequence such as “black, red, throw, red, yellow, etc.”  The redesigned unit also includes a counter/timer which gives instant feedback for counting reps or timing intervals.  

The new Ab Solo was launched in the 4th quarter of 2013 and many clubs have installed the unit and are raving about the new design.  Not only do members love using the product, but with a smaller footprint and fewer moving parts, the new Ab Solo also takes up less space and requires less maintenance – two huge benefits for health club owners.  

For health clubs that own the original Ab Solo, The Abs Company offers a special promotion of a trade-in credit for upgrading to the all new Ab Solo.  Many clubs have already taken advantage of the deal and are reaping the benefits of the new design.  Just one more way The Abs Company is leading the way in innovative core training.

All New Vertical Crunch Machine

We couldn’t wait to show you the all new Vertical Crunch machine.  The space saving Vertical Crunch provides a complete abdominal workout — upper, lower and obliques in one machine. The linkage system allows beginners to easily sit and perform an effective crunch motion.  Plate loading allows for increased intensity for advanced users and the built in weight storage keeps your fitness floor neat and orderly. Its free swivel seat allows the user to seamlessly change from rectus abdominus to obliques without pausing the workout.

Check it out!

Our Latest Innovation - The Abs Coaster FT!

Check out the latest innovation in the Ab Coaster line up.  The Ab Coaster FT.   FT stands for Functional training and that’s exactly what this machine delivers. Your body moves independently and the FT allows you to strengthen and tone your core in the way the body was designed to move. Guaranteed to give you a burn like you’ve never felt before!

Check it out!

What Fitness Pros Think of Target Abs

The all new Target Abs Bench from The Abs Company provides a great total core workout in a space saving design. The interactive targets show you exactly how far to reach so you know you are performing the perfect rep every time! Not only effective, but FUN!  You won’t even know you’re working your abs.  Touch them with your hand, or advanced users can add resistance with a medicine ball. The reverse grip handle adds a whole new dimension allowing you to train the lower abs in a fun and effective way. The Target abs bench has no adjustments – just get on and start training those abs!

10 Reasons You Need a Dedicated Ab Training Area

Every person – members and future members – want to improve their midsection, and they all desire a lean, defined waistline. So it only makes sense to provide a separate area of your club that is focused on the core. Several successful Club chains have already figured this out and are now dedicating space specifically for core training. It is proving to be smart business because members love to work their abs. Still not convinced?

Top 10 Reasons Why Your Club Needs a Dedicated Core Training Area:

1. Everyone Wants Great-Looking Abs
Men want to get rid of the love handles and beer belly and to develop a lean six-pack. Women want a flat tummy and a slender waistline. Installing a dedicated Core training area in your Club will instantly appeal to your members’ desire to have great-looking abs.

2. Surveys Show that Health Club Members Love Ab Machines
Recent IHRSA surveys rank Ab machines as a top activity that your members value the most in their Health Club, right up there with treadmills, elliptical machines and free weights. The American College of Sports Medicine also released its top trends for 2015, and once again Core training is on the list.

3. Abs Sell
The next time you are in the supermarket, check out the headlines on the covers of popular magazines. Many of them feature articles about getting a trimmer waistline, such as: • How to Get Flat Abs Fast • Blast Belly Fat • Two Weeks to a Tighter Tummy • Six Pack Secrets The magazines use Abs and belly headlines because they help sell Millions of copies. People want great-looking abs, so marketers use abs to sell. With a dedicated ab training area, your Club can do the same thing.

4. Dedicated Ab Training Areas are Becoming Popular at Successful Clubs
Ab training areas are becoming mainstream in several club chains across the country. Both Planet Fitness and Retro Fitness offer a special area or circuit dedicated solely to ab training, and the trend continues to grow. More clubs are jumping on board everyday because members love having a dedicated zone for core training.

5. Training Variety is Key
There are many ways to train the abs and, like any muscle group, the key to improvement is Variety in Training. Installing a dedicated ab circuit area provides your members with a place to work their abs many different ways with different types of machines.

The last 5 reasons your club needs a designated core zone! Should we do this?

6. Members Want to see Results

Before you hire another salesperson or run more generic ads with price discounts in the hope of increasing sales, you should first consider this: People care about seeing results, and they love to work on their abs. Appeal directly to the needs and desires of your members by installing a dedicated ab training area and showing how to get great-looking abs.

7. You can offer Short-term Ab-focused training programs
Increase your membership and generate more revenue from existing members by offering short-term ab-focused programs in conjunction with a dedicated core training area. This will enable you to deliver to people what they really want: great-looking abs and a slender waistline. By offering short-term ab-focused programs to prospects without the long-term membership commitment, you will attract people who probably never would have stopped by your club. These programs also work for your members who need a little challenge to get them back on track. Just make sure your member price is less than the nonmember price.

8. Ab Machines are “Silent Salesmen” that help Close Deals
A dedicated Ab training area with innovative Ab machines can become your “silent salesmen” to help new prospects get excited about joining your Club. Think about the key decision moment for new prospects – the Club Tour. People understand the Cardio area is for your heart, the Strength area is for your muscles, and there are rooms for fitness classes such as Spinning, Zumba or Yoga. Most clubs have all of these things. Now, imagine showing them an area in your Club dedicated to core training. What better way to complete your Club Tour right before you begin reviewing various membership options.

9. A Thin Waistline Means a Healthy Heart
A slim, strong waistline is not just about looking sexy. Many studies show that a healthy waistline also is an indication of heart health. In other words, where fat is located on your body matters when it comes to health risks. Researchers have found that people who have high amounts of fat in their abdomens compared to other parts of the body have higher risks of cancer and heart disease. The bottom line: You are not just selling vanity when you are selling abs—you also are selling good heart health.

10. Ab-Focused Marketing Works
When you focus your marketing message on what people want, you can dramatically increase the number of sales you make. That means, focusing your Health Club marketing on showing your members how they can achieve a lean, sexy waistline with a dedicated ab training area in your Club.

The Abs Company Story

The Abs Company was founded in 2006 by Don Brown and Sean Gagnon. Prior to The Abs Company, Mr. Brown started and owned a small chain of Health Clubs in New Jersey and Mr. Gagnon was one of his lead trainers and a partner in the chain. Sensing a need for a single source Ab equipment provider, Brown and Gagnon decided almost 10 years ago to focus on providing innovative core training products for the commercial fitnesAdd Medias market.

Don Brown has invented some of the most successful fitness products in history. In 1994, he invented the AB ROLLER® and revolutionized the way people perform crunches. According to Mr. Brown, “I was trying to help my club members perform crunches properly – to eliminate the stress and strain on the neck and back.” Twenty years later, the Ab Roller is one of the most popular exercise products in history, with sales exceeding $1 Billion worldwide.

Brown also invented the AB COASTER® and again revolutionized another exercise – the hanging leg raise. The Ab Coaster is now a key piece of core training equipment in more than 10,000 health clubs worldwide.

Ab training has grown exponentially since Brown and Gagnon started the business. IHRSA member surveys show the most popular fitness products used in health clubs today include: Cardio equipment, Free Weights, and Abdominal Machines. For decades, health clubs have dedicated space to cardio and weight training, and now more and more clubs are also dedicating space to abdominal training.

The Abs Company has assembled a complete line of innovative and effective equipment, with brands including: Ab Coaster, Ab Solo, Abs Bench, Target Abs, and more. The Abs Company also provides assistance to owners for designing an area in their club for dedicated core training.

Innovative ab equipment can be a powerful marketing tool for Health Clubs. According to Sean Gagnon, “Ab machines are popular in Health Clubs and are a main reason why people workout there. To attract new members and to keep existing members, Health Clubs are focused on adding the equipment that people want to use. Ab machines are a key part of that attraction, and The Abs Company is the one-stop shop for innovative core training products.”

The Abs Company has released several new abdominal training products for 2015, including AbCoaster FT and The Vertical Crunch.  The new products are intuitive, fun and effective machines that are perfect for a dedicated core training area in your club.  According to Brown, “Innovation is key. Health Clubs can attract and retain more members by offering innovative and effective equipment.”

Abs Company products are used in over 10,000 commercial fitness facilities in over 40 countries around the world.

Ab Seduction

The next time you are in the checkout line at your supermarket, take a look at the covers of the fitness magazines on the racks. The headlines scream out to you: “Flat Belly in 7 Days,” “Shrink Your Belly Fast” and “Secrets for a Sexy Tummy.”  Publishers use these headlines to get people to buy lots of magazines. How does this work? The answer lies in human beings’ basic desire to look their best, and flat abs area part of that package. The bottom line for marketers is this: the promise of a flat midsection is one of the most powerful motivators when it comes to health and fitness. Health clubs can use the same type of marketing strategy utilized by magazines. Several successful club chains have already followed suit.

For example, a Planet Fitness owner in New York decided to give members what they wanted — an area in the club dedicated to core training. When Planet Fitness corporate saw the results of member excitement, the company decided to recommend that all of its new clubs add this area.

Another major health club chain, Retro Fitness, has created an area in its clubs called “Retro Abs” so that its members can work on core training in a dedicated area of the fitness center. Many other independent club operators are doing the exact same — setting up a dedicated space in their club with innovative abdominal machines where members can focus on core training. If you want to use this strategy to increase your sales closing ratio, here are a few things for your club to try:

  • Start focusing on abs when marketing. Let members know that you can help them lose weight and earn flat abs.
  • Create a dedicated ab area in your club just for ab machines. The more variety, the better. When touring prospective members always finish the tour with, “And this is our ab area, where our trainers can focus on ab training and the importance of losing belly fat.”
  • Before leaving the club, get your prospect to try an innovative ab machine. Once your prospect feels their abs burning, they will be hooked.
  • Show “before” and “after” photos to prospects of some of your members who have lost weight. Then focus on the positive side effect of losing belly fat, such as a healthier heart, greater energy and more.

These successful health club chains understand that catering to their members is the key to good business. Giving your members what they want will help retain membership rates and also increase new memberships. Ab-focused marketing works.