Offering a dedicated training area with isolated core exercise machines allows your members to safely strengthen the core muscles in an effective and efficient way. This area gives new exercisers an area where they can immediately feel comfortable and be successful! This gives them a sense of belonging that keeps them coming back. Your more advanced users will benefit from the variety that The Abs Company Ab Zone provides.

A dedicated core training area also helps the sales process as it’s a showcase stop on the facility tour. Whether you are upgrading an existing area or creating one from scratch we have the solutions to fit any space or budget.


Easy & FastFinancing Options

Interested in financing your equipment purchase? The Abs Company has partnered with the leading finance companies in the marketplace to provide competitive rates across a large spectrum of financial needs. Here you can get an instant equipment lease quote, compare monthly payment plans, and apply for an equipment lease or loan all in less then 2 minutes.


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