The prevalence of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) today is rapidly growing and the results are undeniable. A dedicated functional training area is a feature that will attract new members, engage existing members and promote both group and personal training. Often times this area can be intimidating and lack of space can be an issue. The Abs Company HIIT ZONE solves these issues. Our innovative core based functional training machines are inviting to all and are designed for the Lifecycle of the Member. They are progressive, safe, fun and effective!

Whether you are upgrading an existing area or creating one from scratch The Abs Company HIIT Zone gives you a complete functional training area in less than 150 sf (46sm).


We just got this TireFlip 180 here at the club with the battle ropes and the X3S Bench. It’s great! It adds a lot of variety to my client’s workouts. They can come in and try new things. I know they look forward to doing something new. It has a lot of potential to do a lot of great workouts with it.
– Chauncey, trainer, Gold’s Gym Ballston


  • Space Required: 150 sq ft
  • TireFlip 180®
  • X3S Pro
  • BattleRope ST®
  • 5 lb. Weight - Set Of Four
  • 10 lb. Weight - Set Of Four


  • Space Required: 150 sq ft
  • TireFlip 180® XL
  • X3S Pro
  • BattleRope ST®
  • (2) 10 lb. Weight - Set Of Four

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