Two Great Training Methods, One Awesome System!


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Need something that challenges you into reaching your fitness goals?

To bring your fitness to the next level, you need the next level workout. The Battle Rope ST® is the ultimate tool that saves you space while sculpting your complete, fully-toned body.

Jose Matos'
Battle Rope ST® Workout

As a two-time cancer survivor, Jose Matos knows a thing or two about determination and inner strength. After beating Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and Stage III Thyroid Cancer, Jose knew that his positive mindset along with his passion for healthy lifestyle and fitness could help change the world for the better.

As a NASM certified personal trainer, Jose saw the simplicity and effectiveness of both the battle rope AND suspension training and the idea for the Battle Rope ST® was born. What started as a simple idea has developed though Jose’s blood, sweat, and tears into an officially patented exercise system used in over 21 counties to help thousands of people to improve their health and fitness.

In addition to his work as a personal trainer and a fitness inventor, Jose is a champion bodybuilder. His mission is to share his story and to help others to understand the importance of mindset, character, and habits in achieving success and personal growth.

Weighted Handles

Space Saving

Cardio Training

Strength Training

The Battle Rope ST® System combines Body Weight Strength Training with Battle Rope Training into one engaging, effective, and powerful workout. With the Battle Rope ST® 6 lb. handles, you’ll be utilizing less than HALF the space needed for a traditional battle rope. The Battle Rope ST® is easy to mount in any studio or fitness facility, allowing you to perform slams, oscillations, lunges, squats, rows, and more!

The first time I picked up the ropes for a set of oscillations, I knew this was going to be the real deal. I love that every workout is a new challenge, and also appreciate that the workouts are high intensity but low-impact, which is great for my troublesome knees. I always look forward to the next Battle Rope ST class, I feel so strong and tough after each one!
– Kelli Bird

Half The Length Of A Traditional Battle Rope

Are you tired of the same old workout routine and the same old results? Is it time to up your fitness game?

With the Battle Rope ST®, your workouts will never be the same. As a combination of both traditional battle rope training and suspension training systems, the Battle Rope ST® can help you to achieve unprecedented results while using less space and time. Install is easy, the workouts are fun, and we’ll even provide you with sample workouts to get your Battle Rope ST® journey started!

What I like about Battle Rope ST® is that it works out your entire body and incorporates so many health benefits such as balance and coordination, core strength, cardio and strength training. Also, I love how there are so many different ways to utilize the ropes —Jose is always changing up the routines so it's never boring and always a challenge. This is definitely one of my favorite workouts! - June

The Battle Rope ST® is different than other at-home products. Designed especially for use in a smaller area -- whether you have a full room dedicated to fitness or a small space on one wall.

Easily installed and stored, the Battle Rope ST® allows you to have a speedy and efficient workout that uses your body weight to strengthen your entire body AND deliver an intense cardio workout!

When you need a full-body workout
that delivers both cardio and strength training.

The Battle Rope ST® works your entire body in one short, effective workout.

Easily Mounts To Any Wall

Use The Battle Rope ST® Bracket System to easily mount to any wall in your home, studio or fitness facility. Or, if you’re using it in a health club, the Dual Function Upper Mount easily attaches to your Impact Cage for a new dimension in Small Group Training. Because the Battle Rope ST® handles are 6lbs each, we were able to cut the length of the rope in HALF! You only need 10′ from the attachment point allowing you to train more people in less space.

Cardio AND Strength Training

Currently the Battle Rope ST® is in over 21 countries and is helping thousands of people improve their health, fitness & quality of life. Jose credits his success of learning from other successful entrepreneurs along with the importance of developing the right mindset, character and habits.

Discover what it's like to have toned abs, a powerful core and optimal body strength...

…while also looking good in your clothes, having more energy and feeling healthy!

Get stronger, leaner and meet your fitness goals.

Discover the Battle Rope ST®.
Bring your workout to the Next Level.