At The Abs Company our Company Culture is one of the most important aspects of our business. We have a set of Core Values that we live by everyday that are non-negotiable!  You can take a look at them here  This post is from our newest Team Member, Alexia – Operations Coordinator.  In this post Alexia recounts her first 90 days here at The Abs Company and how our Core Values impacted her start with us. Spoiler alert – we LOVE Alexia and we hope she continues to feel valued and important here, because she certainly is!


Week 1

On my first day I walked in to a “Welcome to the Team” box full of notebooks and pens (purple, of course), a ninja minifigure and a tee shirt. Already off to a great start. There’s a folder with my first week laid out for me and my 30-60-90 day path. I’m floored by how organized my onboarding process is!

I’m learning tons and just got my “dream project” homework. Employees are given the opportunity to set a personal goal, and during weekly one-on-one meetings, work towards that goal with Support.

I have never worked at a company that’s so invested in their team members’ growth both in their role and outside of work.


Week 2

“We Lead With Gratitude”

I got to the office and found a sticky note on my monitor from the CEO. I was surprised and grateful to have found a place at a company where the CEO would take time to do something like this. This is a kind of leadership I haven’t encountered before in any workplace. “You’re a great addition to our team – thanks for sharing your gifts with TAC.” Everyone here really does Lead with Gratitude.


Week 3

My main job is processing parts orders so they get out the door correctly and as quickly as possible. I’m also working on our internal SOPs, adding products to the web, and assisting with some accounting stuff. Lots to keep me occupied and that’s the way I like it. Small companies are a great place if you like variety. There’s always something new to learn and do. 

I also got to experience our first team building event where we worked out at a local gym that had our equipment and I got to use all of it. Loved being able to see the machines up close and work with them first hand.


Week 4

“We Believe in Constant Improvement, both Business and Personal”

There’s a Book Club!?! The Ops team gets together every other week for team training and we all read a book to discuss during part of the meeting. Not that I need an excuse to read, but this is great! Definitely not paying lip service to “we believe in constant improvement, both business and personal.”


30 Day Review 

I gotta tell you, this was my best review in my career so far. I credit the amazing environment created by everyone here that allows me to contribute my skills and do some really awesome work. My team leaders and co-workers are so supportive and encouraging, and their love for their work is contagious. 


Month 2

“We believe that hard work pays off and produces results that matter” 

November was a blur. So many orders, so much activity, but we made it to Thanksgiving meeting a HUGE goal. I felt like my contribution made a definite impact. It wasn’t just the sales team bringing in the sales, but everyone worked together to earn that Friday off after Thanksgiving. 

“We Lead with Gratitude.”

Thanksgiving apparently is the CEO, Sean’s favorite holiday. With the amount of genuine gratitude I encounter here on a daily basis, it’s no wonder. I came to the office and at my desk were two Thanksgiving cards (and a cookie) from 2 of my team leaders expressing their gratitude for having me on their team. Who gives cards at Thanksgiving? Well, these guys do. I also left with another card from Sean with a surprise bonus for the hard work we put in that month.  

“We value all humanity and believe that we should always give back.”

In addition to donating to a charity every month, this month we adopted a couple of families and purchased gifts from their wish lists. We had a wrapping party and got into the holiday spirit! There’s corporate giving, and there’s this – it’s personal and hands-on and makes you a part of the giving.


Month 3

“We believe that to be a great company we must have great relationships.”

“We never give up because we believe that nothing is impossible.” 

This month I had my first taste of how we do things when someone on our team is out – from both sides. I covered for our Director of Customer Experience, DJ, for a few days while he was at our warehouse. It was definitely a stretch since I had to answer calls from customers who needed replacement parts and help diagnosing issues. But with the training we’ve been doing together every Thursday, I felt more or less equipped to handle the calls in his absence. Even if I didn’t know how to handle all the issues, I knew I had help from my team in the office and we managed.

Now on the flip side, I got the flu on Christmas and was out of work for 2 days afterwards. I was assured that everything was OK and I just needed to focus on resting. When I got back, all I had to do was pick up from the weekend’s orders. My work was handled by both my team leaders, and there was no scrambling to get everything done before the New Year break!

“We believe team is Family.

The holiday party was held at a cozy little Italian place. The food was amazing, and the company was equal parts fun and embarrassing, just like family. We had a Secret Santa gift exchange and everyone’s gifts were thoughtful and personal. It’s so nice to be a part of a team where everyone genuinely enjoys being together!

Wrapping up my 90 Days

The last of these 3 reviews is coming up, and I’m confident it’s going to be as good as the other 2. I am pinching myself because I never imagined that working somewhere could be this engaging, challenging, and comfortable. I’m free to be myself, supported and able to bring all of my skills and  talents to the table. I feel valued and know without a doubt that my contributions matter. 

“We believe in taking risks to Innovate because we are not afraid to fail”

What’s next? My role is already shifting a bit. My skills in web site management and development are being drawn out to help with our site overhaul. I’m doing less billing & A/R work, and as a result, we’re re-working my “Big 3” responsibilities. Being such a small company, there’s lots of ways I can grow my position, and I am confident that leadership here sees me, my abilities, and is actively working with me to help me develop and take risks with my own work. In turn, my work will help the company grow. 

I think I’ll stick around a while…