Booty Coaster

The curved rails of the BootyCoaster™ provide the perfect motion to isolate the glute muscles and sculpt a rounded, toned posterior. Many machines on the market allow for one movement. The BootyCoaster™ combines two motions in one! With a combined down and back motion, the BootyCoaster™ isolates the glutes and provides a total lower body exercise. Plus, the sleek, slim design takes up little room on your gym floor! Glute training is one of the hottest trends in fitness today. The BootyCoasterTM will help you leverage this in a safe and effective way!



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The New Booty Coaster


  • Up to 4 – 5lb or 10lb plates per weight post
  • Training range is 100-180 lbs
  • 6 Floor Mounting Points
  • Plate loading ability up to 80 additional pounds
  • Starting resistance of 100 lbs
  • 2 Battle Rope Anchor Points
  • 4 Sound Reducing Bumpers
  • Mobility wheels for easy movement
  • Open Frame Design
  • Extended Warranty


Dimensions: 4′ x 5′
Unit Weight: 293 lbs
Warranty: Extended

The TireFlip 180 – See It In Action!

At 100 lbs it’s perfect for beginners and also allows you to add up to 40 pounds of resistance so users of all abilities are sure to get a great workout.

Do all of the things you would do with a
traditional tire in one compact space
saving piece of equipment.

Get the BattleRopeST for
Small Group Training

Its’ dual battle rope anchor
points turns this into a perfect group training device as well.