Glute Coaster™
Glute Coaster™
Glute Coaster™
Glute Coaster™
Glute Coaster™
Glute Coaster™

Glute Coaster™


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  • No Adjustments
  • Proper Biomechanics
  • Designed for User Comfort
  • Combined down and back motion
  • Total Lower Body Workout
  • Isolates the Glute
Dimensions: 69″ (175 cm) L x 34″ (86 cm) W x 67″ (170 cm) H;  500lbs/226kg.
The curved rails of the Glute Coaster™ provide the perfect motion to isolate the glute muscles and sculpt a rounded, toned posterior. Glute training is one of the hottest trends in fitness today. The Glute Coaster™ will help you leverage this in a safe and effective way!  

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Glute Coaster™

Many machines on the market allow for one movement. The Glute Coaster™ combines two motions in one! With a combined down and back motion, the modest movement of the Glute Coaster™ isolates the glutes and provides a total lower body exercise. Plus, the sleek, slim design takes up little room on your gym floor!


Progressive Training

The plate loaded Glute Coaster™ allows for progressive exercise and increased intensity up to 170lb (77kg).

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Innovative Design

The innovative Design of the Glute Coaster™ allows for training variety and a one of a kind fitness experience.

User Friendly

No adjustments, simple movements and intuitive design make the Glute Coaster™ user friendly and non-intimidating.

Exceptional Quality

Top of the line materials and quality construction make the Glute Coaster™ a durable and low maintenance piece equipment

See the Glute Coaster™ in Action!

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Glute Coaster™