What is the universal action when someone says I have to get in better shape….? Of course, they pat their stomach and say “got to work on this right here.” It’s just like when someone talks about gaining more muscle – they immediately go right to the biceps and make a muscle, right? 

As we pretty much know, getting a flatter stomach and even seeing those “six pack” abs again, is the combination of a few factors. The great news is this.. It’s really not that complicated! As I get ready to turn 50 this November I want to share my tips on flattening up the midsection and even getting those six-pack abs – no matter what age you are! 

Here are some tips that I found useful: 

1. Get Started!
Seems pretty straightforward, yet this is always the first step to reaching any goal, right? Just get to the gym or carve out that time in your day to exercise at least 30 mins.

Pushin 50 Bonus Tip - I recommend training in the AM before work. This way, nothing will get in your way, last-minute meeting, family obligations, etc. Also, I find that if I do not workout in the morning, my workout “hangs” in my head all day. Just wake-up and go after it! 

2. Make sure you train the abs as part of your “in-workout” training in every workout.
Meaning, you don’t have to wait till the end of your workout and isolate abs for like 20 mins before you call it a day. I have found that waiting until the end of your workout is like waiting to train until after work.  Things can get in your way - you run out of time, someone is on your favorite ab machine, etc. Incorporate you ab workout into your circuit and you will never leave the gym or finish a workout without trainng abs. This is GOLD! 

3. Train in circuits or supersets.
Combine 3 or 4 exercises for one circuit. I love to do 3 full rounds (completing one circuit is one round) with minimal rest in-between exercises. Pick 2 full circuits for your workout (6 rounds total).  

Sample Workout:
Circuit 1- Bench Press, Sled Push, Ab Coaster, bench dips. 

Circuit 2 – Pull up or LatPull-downs,  sprints (30 -45 seconds) Vertical Crunch abs machine (hit the front or obliques for 10 reps each – 30 total), standing dumbbell shoulder press. 

4. Use Ab machines for amazing results!
When you are training and you are a bit fatigued, Ab machines are not only the most effective, but the safest way to train your abs. These machines allow you to really focus on the abs and not have to worry about hurting your back or  having sloppy form due to fatigue. 

5. Keep it simple to Win!
Don’t be fooled or confused by some trainers or other non-experts on IG that you have to do some silly looking and dangerous ab exercise on the floor or hanging from a beam, bar, etc.  Our Purpose at The Abs Company is “We Change Lives from the Core.” We have invented or developed ab machines that give you everything you need to train your abs safely and effectively.. I think it’s terrible when I hear from people that are intimidated to train their abs because they don’t know what to do. Our Ab machines are designed to take the guesswork out for you. That’s exactly what we have done with our Core Zone. In each workout, include one or two Ab machines (as noted above) in your circuit. Change up the machines in each workout for variety so you don’t become bored and you keep getting fantastic results!