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The Abs Company Market Solutions

The Abs Company provides state-of-the art abdominal machines combined with expert consultation to help create core fitness solution that’s a perfect fit for our customers:

Giving Your Members What They Want.

The Abs Company is dedicated to providing your health club with the best ab machines on the market. We know your members want lean abs and by offering them the products to achieve those results will get them into your club and keep them there. Our products have the innovation, personalization and durability to take your facility to the next level.

Faster. Stronger. Better.

Achieving strength on the field means building strength off of it. You provide the talent — we support you with state-of-the-art abdominal equipment that works your abs hard as you do. The Abs Company ab machines provide extreme durability, core innovation and, most importantly, results. Whether it’s two-a-days or game day, we’re with you each step of the way.

Our Partner Program.

The Abs Company is an industry leader in commercial abdominal equipment. To maintain our position, we’re constantly striving to expand our distribution channels with distributors who exemplify the The Abs Company standards: a high level of market knowledge and a commitment to the growing commercial fitness industry.

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Hard Work.Real Results.

Universities with competitive sports programs and dynamic fitness centers recruit more students, increase wellness, and create social exercise environments. You’ll find that owning the best abdominal equipment in the world helps you build the best student body.

Training to the Core.

Training with The Abs Company equipment, military men and women can be sure they’re prepared to meet the physical demands of duty under the most demanding conditions. Durable, heavy duty and challenging, The Abs Company equipment also brings fitness to personnel at non-military government installations across the globe.

Functional Training. The Road to Recovery

You know it takes a strong core to help patients maximize their workout sessions and reach their conditioning goals. The Abs Company has the best abdominal machines and accessories to provide versatile solutions for rehabilitative, medical, and sports conditioning therapy. A strong core promotes a strong recovery!

Healthier & Happier Employees

Healthy employees are a win-win for employers: They’re more productive, and their health care costs are lower. The Abs Company can help workplaces create health club-quality exercise spaces that workers want to use. Start creating your corporate gym today. Our layout tools help your facility manager create a fitness center with the right mix of abdominal equipment.

Hard Abs Made Easy – in the comfort of your own home

The Abs Company offers a variety of personal series ab machines that will help you reach your fitness goals. Whether your just starting a workout routine or looking for a new challenge, anyone can benefit from using The Abs Company equipment.