What is the purpose of a business? To make money? To get your ideas into the marketplace? No. Those are outcomes. The purpose of a business is to SOLVE PROBLEMS. In order to do that you need 2 basic things. The first is a solution that is better than what is currently available (if one is available at all). The second is a way to SELL the solution. 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re sharing a product, service, or idea because the main goal is always to sell the solution. Why? Simple – no sales = no money  = equals no business. Even a charity is ultimately selling a solution. 

Here at the Abs company, we specialize in commercial ab equipment and we know how sales tactics play a key role in a business’s success. In our weekly podcast, our CEO Sean had a great discussion with our sales VP Michael on the importance of sales. You might think that selling the best ab training equipment is easy but make no mistake – it takes skill.

So let’s see how you can have SALES SUCCESS  by following their advice.

Learning the Fundamentals

According to Mike, to be a successful sales person  you have to learn the sales fundamentals including being certain, having a multidisciplinary approach, being a good listener, training daily, and being professional. In addition to selling the best ab training equipment, The Abs Company also has a number of functional training solutions and to sell all of this successfully takes a discipline to learn and practice the fundamentals. 

Be Certain

A lot of the time, people don’t make sales calls because they believe the client or customer will not be interested. But that’s the biggest mistake you can make.If you’re not sold on what you’re selling, then you certainly won’t be able to convince anyone to buy from you. In Mike’s case he has to truly believe that he is providing a solution that includes the best ab training equipment and the best core training equipment. 

Mike believes that in order to sell, you must be absolutely certain. You must be 100% sure that what you’re selling is really worth selling and really worth the customer buying. You must be more certain than they are. The most certain person wins! So make all the phone calls, put in as much work as needed to ensure that providing the best solution to you customer’s problem.

Having a Multidisciplinary Approach

To successfully sell Ab Machines like the Ab Coaster® and Functional Training machines like the TireFlip 180® takes a variety of  sales skills.  It is typically said that the average customer needs to hear your message 8-10 times before making a purchasing decision. Being just good at one particular method of reaching them isn’t enough anymore. Years ago sales people would go door to door. Then came pounding the phones. Next was email and now it’s social media  as tools to get your message across.  You have to be good at all of these disciplines because you need to meet your customer where they are and in the most efficient manner possible. The world is changing fast, getting noisier by the day. If you want to get your message across and ultimately solve people’s problems through sales, then you need to hone your skills in all of the available methods!

Be a Good Listener

According to Michael,  one of the best tools at your disposal is LISTENING. This goes hand in hand with asking great questions and then follow-up questions. Listening is a skill and just like any other skill you must train to get better. Don’t concentrate on what you want to say next but really listen to your customer and respond thoughtfully. When Michael is on a call explaining the benefits of our commercial Ab equipment he has to first understand the customer’s pain points and what exactly they are trying to accomplish with the purchase. Are they looking to

  • Create excitement in the facility
  • Grow personal training
  • Retain members by providing new offerings

All of these are valid reasons for new Ab machine purchases but without knowing exactly the problems, it’s difficult to show how The Abs Company ab equipment is the solution. Asking good questions and really listening to the reply will give you the information you need to craft a solution with your products. 

Train Daily

If you have ever played a sport or prepared for any type of event you know that the practice time far exceeds the actual time in the event. For example, football teams practice all week for one game on Sunday. If you want to run a marathon you don’t just show up on race day. Many runners are training for 10-12 weeks at minimum. If you don’t put in the training time, you won’t be successful at the actual event. 

When Michael is preparing his team for calls, emails for meetings to sell The Abs Company commercial ab equipment and function training equipment, he mandates that they train every single day. The team can not just expect to pick up the phone or show up at an event and have the skills at their fingertips to have success. However, with daily training they sharpen their skills in the multi-disciplinary approach described above, they are ready for anything that a customer may throw their way. 

In sports game day is always the most exciting. Having sales call or trade show is no different. People often don’t want to put in the time to train because it’s hard work. However this is what being a professional is all about. Doing all of the foundational work will increase the chances of success when you actually ‘get in the game’. 

Like with most things winning is in the details and the fundamentals. The Abs Company commercial ab products and functional training equipment can be found in tens of thousands of fitness facilities and millions of homes in over 40+ countries. This is because they solve problems that the users want to solve. It’s also because the team puts in the work to master the fundamentals so that they can have SALES SUCCESS.