My members really like the X3S machine, We like that fact that it does not take a lot of space and it works your entire body. We use it as sit up machine, often times we add weight plates to the sit up routine
Roy Frank
New York

We recently received our X3S Bench. We put it on the fitness floor in our functional training room. We love it so far!
Mike Sosniak
Asst. Director of Fitness and Wellness,
Robert E Loup Jewish Community Center
Denver, CO

My members seem to like the X3S Bench, It’s a good addition to the equipment we already have at our gym. Now I have something “new” yet affordable to provide for my hard core members!
Doug Mahlum
Montana Athletic Club
Bigfork, MT

We have your Ab Coaster, Abs Bench X2, Lumbar X and we just purchased your new = X3S Machine. My members LOVE the X3S, it is Awesome!!!!
Michael Thomas Lorenz, General Manager
Ultra Body Fitness
Los Angeles, CA


Our members really like the X3S Bench. We use it as part of our small group training and also as part of our personal training.
Wahbed, Member service rep
Team LP Studio Fitness Playground
Santa Rosa, CA

Since we got the X3S unit in our showroom it has flown off the shelf. Clubs and homeowners alike are going crazy over this ab unit. Small but very functional. AMAZING!!
Joe Gulino
Fitness Brokers USA

This is a great Core & Leg exercise promoter. I use it all the time myself!
Walter Rush

It’s a great innovative device for your quads and core!
Jack Ferreri
Exercise Equipment Consultant
Frontline Fitness

We recently received our Tire Flip 180 here at Anytime Fitness Waynesville MO. The members love it. I use it as part of the small group training, and I also use if as part of my personal training I do here at Anytime fitness.
Gabby, Personal Trainer
Anytime Fitness
Waynesville MO

We have been a customer with the Abs Company for years now. We have most of your ab stuff, and we recently purchased the Tire Flip 180 XL and the X3S Bench. The Tire Flip 180 XL is awesome, my members absolutely love it!!
Dave DeYoung, Owner
Quads gym
Chicago, IL

We recently received our Tire Flip 180 and 180 XL here at Brigham young university. We just put both tire flip units out on the floor. The students are so excited and anxious to use it.
Nathan Call
Brigham Young university
Rexburg, ID

Our Tire Flip was delivered last week and my members Love it! Most of my members have not seen anything like this before. Some say it is harder than it looks, but everyone who has tried it say they love it and it’s a great and fun work out! Thank you
Abs Company!
James Curd, Owner
Anytime Fitness
Staunton VA

We recently purchased the Tire Flip 180 XL, my members absolutely love it. Every member at my gym is raving about it and it is the only thing they talk about! It is so popular, I am considering ordering another one!
Mike Cipriani

Cokiseum Gym
Middle Village

I tell everyone about the space savings with the TF180 and the increased functionality of using it to train multiple people at once!
Jose Tallieo
VP Business Development
The Gym Store

I really like this! Quality is top notch on the TireFlip 180 and this is definitely going to get used. A perfect solution for gyms with space constraints.
Magic Kayhan
Total Fitness Outlet

The TireFlip 180 is really cool! We have one on our floor and have already sent one over to demo at the University in town!
Bob Lachniet
Fitness 4 Home Superstore

Everyone who comes in the showroom loves the TireFlip 180 and can’t wait to try it!
Ken Coats
KRT Fitness Concepts

Plenty of weight for my location. A worthy purchase.
Kane Kelly
Huron Sports & Fitness

This is perfect! Schools, police and fire are going to love this!
Dave Ramsey
Commercial Sales Manager
Precision Fitness Equipment Inc.

The Ab Coaster is the single most effective core exercise piece I stock!
John Greene
Fitness Equipment Etc.

The Vertical Crunch is probably the most popular piece we’ve sold to Miami University!
Michael Scichilone

It [the X3S] is going well, a little learning curve but so far so good. The TireFlip 180XL is a big hit out of the box. Our customers love it! Big hit.
Mike Jellison
Advanced Pro Fitness Repair

My wife wanted to buy a sit up style assistive device for ab training….I said, 'Let's just get an Ab Coaster for a few bucks more.' We did and couldn't be happier. So easy to assemble. So easy to use, and it makes isolating ab and oblique muscle groups foolproof for novice and experienced trainers alike.
Mel Wright