Great post by our Operation Coordinator, Cathy Peterson. Cathy is one of the pillars of our organization. Without her work, and that of her team, our equipment would not get in the hands of our customers!  Here’s some great insights from Cathy about being in an “admin” role and our TAC Continuum at work. 

Working for cause, not for applause. The other side of the Continuum – Operations and Logistics

For some, the thought of being on the Admin side of any organization can sometimes seem well, underwhelming.  We’re typically hunkered over our desks in the office working out the details of our daily tasks, researching more efficient ways of getting things done, or trouble shooting the most recent issue that’s been placed in our lap.  

To find success in a service role you have to truly enjoy being a supportive player.   Finding a solution, meeting a need, and sometimes diving into what can feel like muddy waters to get there.  In many ways, we are structural components of the company.  Our support is crucial to success just the same as those at the forefront.  Before the Sales have even been made we are part of the process. Moving inventory from the supplier to the warehouse, quoting transportation, forecasting, reporting, all of it is imperative behind the scenes work. 

The most important skills I believe you need to master in a supportive role are:

  • Patience
  • Attentiveness
  • Communication
  • Knowledge
  • Continued Training
  • Time Management

But above all you have to love it!  At The Abs Company, our continuum proves that each member, department, and position, all play an integral part. Without our Sales Team there would be no cash flow, without our Marketing Team no exposure.  Being a part of the Team is what it’s all about, and realizing you are part of both the defense and offense will keep you winning!