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Ab Coaster PS500

I LOVE THIS ABCOASTER! This is a great AB machine! If you want to strengthen your core this is a great machine. I used this (industrial gym version) machine when working out at my gym and I really missed using this machine. It is very nice having one at home.

TireFlip 180®
Tim Bugno
TireFlip 180

So far the feedback has been great. Our trainers are starting to incorporate the unit into their programs. Members are enjoying the ability to get a full body workout in such a short period of time with the Tire Flip, and the group exercise atmosphere the unit brings to our clubs.

TireFlip 180®
Leigh Ostiguy
TireFlip 180

The members love the Tire Flip, it's one of the favorite new “toys”.

Ab Coaster PS500

Working on abs is not easy, with this machine it's easier and fun I love it and highly recommend it.

Ab Coaster PS500

It was very easy to assemble. It was same wheels to move it easily. and it works just like it should. The only hard part is like with any exercise equipment is to use it. I have bad kneels so I can't use a lot of equipment, but this one is good.

Ab Coaster PS500

This product is simply awesome. My wife and I love it. Its so easy to use and to put together. The workout is hard at first. But once your abs get stronger, its easy to maintain and complete a workout. It completed our home gym.

Ab Coaster PS500

Excellent quality, sturdy equipment. Excellent quality. Sturdy, heavy, counter works without any glitches. Simple easy set up. Very smooth when using

Ab Coaster PS500

Easy to use, highly effective excellent value proposition. Great exercise with well designed ergonomics. An absolute must for those with flabby abs aspiring to taking years and inches off their corpulent present self. Don't even think twice- buy it and use it. One minor but important weakness- The repetition counter could be upscaled a little to facilitate visibility. Its all about reps is it not. Surely this should be a standout component !!!

Ab Coaster PS500

Fast delivery came right on time. Was so easy to put together. I was so excited buy buy buy u want regret it everything came in the box like it should. Directions was easy to read but I kinda was over excited that I had put the bottom pieces on wrong 😂 lol but totally worth the money

TireFlip 180®
James Curd
TireFlip 180

Our Tire Flip was delivered last week and my members Love it! Most of my members have not seen anything like this before. Some say it is harder than it looks, but everyone who has tried it say they love it and its a great and fun work out! Thank you Abs Company!

Ab Coaster PS500

Amazing!!!It was delivered on time-the picture on the box is exactly what you will get...love love love my new coaster

Not useful without instructions

Replacement pads

Turned my old ab coaster to like new again

I didn't and couldn't see any gains until I bought this machine! So much strengthening in such a short time! It kicks my gut! Ended up being a fave and I have a pretty nice collection! Yes, I recommend this machine especially for us mommies who sacrificed our bodies to have children. It will work the lower and upper belly but if you have no core stren....it will be a little difficult!! Just follow the posture instructions and you won't be injured or sorry!

AB Coaster PS500

You literally work up a sweat!!!

Love it !

Makes workouts fun again … def a great work out I’m sure my abs will
Get more refined with this machine

Foot Foam - Medium (pair) (ABS-B)

Ab Coaster® PS500
Randy Phipps

I’m sorry but this Abb ps500 didn’t seem to do me any good . I wasted my money . It may work for others but not me.

Ab Coaster® CS1500
Preston Handler
Love my Ab Coaster

One of my favorite machines at my gym is the Ab Coaster. Since it’s so often being used, I decided to get one for my own. I was a bit hesitant to get the more affordable CS1500, as my gym has the CS3000, but the 1500 works every bit as well! Now I use it every day, and sometimes twice a day. If you’re like me, and not a fan of crunches and leg lifts, this is an easier and more fun way to work your core. Great purchase!

Ab Coaster® PS500
Hiedi Clark
Short people problems…

My elbows won’t sit in the machine right with my lower body positioned correctly. It would be nice if there were adjustments to make! My husband who is taller loves it!

Ab Coaster Rollers

Just what I ordered. Smooth and quiet…. Just like brand new

Ab Coaster® CS3000
Shone Sadler
Nice Addition to the Garage Gym

Easy to setup, well designed, well built, and a rocking abs workout. We love it!!


I'm 68 years old and just bought this machine. My husband thought I was nuts, but he uses it also. I love this machine and it makes a huge difference, especially at my age and after having 3 children.

Killer Abs

Use Ab Coster 5 Days A Week Have It In A Senior Private Gym Was Surprised That Many Use It After Replacing Rollers Made It Smoother Quieter n Loved

Ab Coaster® PS500
robert Vogel
AB Coaster

Just recently upgraded to the AB coaster from a lower end piece of equipment it is worth every penny, you feel it from the first rep to the last just love it