Biggest Problems With Floor Ab Workouts

When many gym novices want to strengthen their core or flatten their stomachs, their minds immediately revert to the antiquated floor exercises that gym teachers made us do as children. I’m talking about your standard sit-ups, crunches, leg raises, etc. These exercises aren’t completely ineffective, but in 2023 there is absolutely no reason for gym members to be forced to get down on the floor to do their ab work, as there are many issues associated with doing core exercises on the floor. Here are some of the biggest issues.

Lower Back Pain

Many traditional ab workouts have a high correlation to lower back pain. Specifically, standard sit ups and crunches have shown to be especially harmful to the lower back. Chiropractic experts say the repetitive flexion on the lower back causes an excessive amount of stress on the spinal discs, endangering the lower back. The excessive compression on the lower back caused by sit-ups repeated over and over again throughout workouts is a complete recipe for long term back pain.

Floors are Dirty!

Picture this: you wear your very best workout clothes to the gym, go through a fantastic workout, get on the floor to do your ab work, and completely ruin your clothes! You stand up after your set to find your favorite outfit stained in sweat, dirt, and whatever else might be lingering on your gym’s floor. Total disaster! Now, I’d certainly hope that most gyms are cleaned to the point where one set of abs won’t completely ruin an outfit, but the point remains the same. Floors are gross. At the end of the day, you are in a gym, and no matter how hard your gym tries to sanitize their floors, by getting down there you're still putting yourself at risk of dirtiness of a gym floor.

If you’re one who is concerned about the cleanliness of the gym floor, and your lower back heath when it comes to ab workouts, fear not. There’s an abundance of ab equipment that allows users to get a world class ab workout off the floor. The Six Minute Ab Zone takes traditional floor workouts and lifts them off the ground, in an efficient, luxurious manner. The system utilizes six machines to give you an ultimate ab burn, with your hygiene and health as the top priority. Tired of lying on the ground to do sit ups? Use the AbCoaster®! Don’t have a partner to throw a med ball too? The AbSolo® is your new best friend. And the best part? It only takes six minutes!