Finding the Time

It is always nice to have the luxury of walking into a gym and having your pick of any workout machine you would like. However, whether it be cost of gyms near you or that you are running short on time, sometimes, the gym just isn’t going to happen. Now- you may be thinking, this is a great excuse….WRONG!  There is no excuse for not getting 20-30 minutes minimum of exercise in a day. Although you may not have access to fancy gym exercise equipment, or space for big, chunky exercise machines in your home,  there is ALWAYS a solution.

Here are a few solutions for your time sensitive schedule, your “I have no space for that” attitude and the best possible ways to maximize your workouts at home.


1. HIIT and Bodyweight Exercises

Now, I know you’ve heard it before - “HIIT training is the best” - but is it? For some, YES. It IS the best. Especially, for those time sensitive days, where all you have is 20 minutes in between work and errands and before you have to get the kids from school. HIIT can work for any body part. You can do an ab workout, such as 30 second crunches, 20 seconds rest, 30 second plank hold, 20 seconds rest, 30 second jack knife each side, 20 seconds rest and so on. If you have hand weights at home, you can also integrate weight training into your HIIT to increase intensity.


2. The Abs Company

What kind of company would we be if we didn’t provide a solution to your problem? However, this is not my time to try and sell you on every product we have ever invented. This is where I tell you that you can save space, use 1 piece of equipment for an affordable price and get in some intense workouts, even if you only have 10-20 minutes. The new X3S Elite is the Sissy Squat 2.0. We have designed this piece of equipment to not only fit anywhere, but to also give you the luxury of having a multipurpose exercise machine in your home. The Abs Company also has me, Emily Carrara, the TAC in-house trainer. I am also a resource for you in anyway that you need. Whether it be to help with machines, workouts or helping you map out your fitness goals and how to reach these goals the right way, I am here for you.


3. Using Your Own Backyard

Walk outside! Go for a walk, jog, run or do some sprints! We often forget about using nature to our advantage. If it’s cold, bundle up or shovel if there is snow. There are always ways to use your backyard and surrounding areas as a tool to help you on your fitness journey. Exercise machines help, but they are not the only way. Of course, as you progress in your fitness journey, you will have to incorporate different forms of training. However, I have been seriously training for about 4-5 years now and still go on walks around my neighborhood. If my 88 year old grandmother, who has had multiple surgeries and a busier schedule than I do, can find time and motivation to go walk outside everyday, so can you. Working out is the best way to live a long and healthy life.


4. Utilizing Social Media

Ah, a last, my favorite part about today’s day in age - social media. Social media is  growing every single day. More and more resources are available EVERY DAY for people who want motivation, different exercises, meditation, what to eat, networks and connections to get information from professionals and the list goes on. It is all at our fingertips. USE IT! I have been in a rut myself, what do I do? Throw on a podcast or a workout video for things such as: at home exercises, ab workouts, HIIT training circuits, and so on. Set it up on your phone or computer and get to work. If you are going to waste time on your phone everyday (and now, you can see how much time you actually do spend on each app courtesy of the new IOS update), use that time to do something productive with your phone - use it to exercise.  

If 20 minutes is too long, at least get 10 minutes in. It is said that 75% of the population doesn’t even get 10 minutes of exercise in per day. I firmly believe that it's due to a lack of motivation more than it is a lack of time. If you need that motivation, figure out your “why”.  THAT alone should motivate you. If you need accountability, ask a friend or a family member to remind you and cheer you on. Utilize online coaches or set an alarm on your phone everyday. Do what works best for you, but just do it.