Four Dynamic Uses of the Ab Coaster®

For the last 15 years, the Ab Coaster® has been the most popular ab product in the fitness industry. Virtually any regular gym goer over the last decade has experienced a workout on the Ab Coaster® if they’re trying to improve their abs. Most users do the standard crunch variation of the Ab Coaster®, which is more than effective, but did you know that there are even more ways to use the Ab Coaster® machine? Here are some ways to spice up your Ab Coaster® workout. 

Pause at Top

When doing your reps, stopping at the top of the motion is a fantastic way to increase the difficulty of the rep. To do this, just use your core strength to hold your knees at the top of the Ab Coaster® rails for a few seconds before bringing them back down to the resting position. This will stop the momentum of the Ab Coaster® repetition, causing users to rely solely on their abdominal muscles.

Swivel Reps

Most Ab Coaster® users are aware of the machine's free swivel seat, which allows for focus on the obliques. To further mix up the variety of the Ab Coaster®, try swivel reps. To do this, do one repetition hitting the left oblique, and then once the knees are back to the bottom of the rail, quickly swivel to the right, and then bring the knees back up. This will increase hip flexibility, while adding variety to your Ab Coaster® workout.


For expert Ab Coaster® users, 21s are the perfect way to flex different aspects of the abdominal muscles. To perform 21s, do the first seven Ab Coaster® repetitions only bringing your knees half way up the rails. Then, do your next seven repetitions bringing your knees up starting from half way up the Ab Coaster® rails to the top, and only back down to the halfway point. Finally for your last seven reps, do the complete crunch from the bottom of the rails, up to the top, and back down again. This will hit the entire core, and is the perfect way to truly challenge an experienced Ab Coaster® user.

Veteran gym goers are always looking for new ways to add variety to their workouts, and the Ab Coaster® has plenty of ways to do that. By following these three Ab Coaster® variations, you’ll be able to switch up your routine, while maintaining a steady increase in core strength!