Four Great Ways To Use A Battle Rope

The Battle Rope is one of the most versatile and effective pieces of HIIT exercise equipment on the market. The Battle Rope ST® from The Abs Company adds to that versatility by allowing users to use the rope for strength training as well. In a matter of seconds, you can transition from slamming the battle rope, to using it for pull-ups by simply mounting it on the included attachment. Here are five great ways to use a Battle Rope. 

Slam Squats

Slam squats are the ultimate full body workout when it comes to using battle ropes. To do these, start in a squat position, stand up, and as you return to the squat position, slam the battle rope to the floor. This will engage the entire body, while simultaneously elevating the heart rate and giving you the satisfaction of slamming a battle rope!

Person in black shorts and a tank top in a room with gray walls using a Battle Rope System to perform Slam Squats


If you’re using the battle rope to pump up your arms, oscillations are the exercise for you. To do these, lift the battle rope with both hands, and then alternate which hand you are slamming the battle rope down with. This will put all your power into one arm at a time, and really give those arms a great burn.

Person in black shorts and tank top using a Battle Rope ST System to perfom oscillations


How do you do pull ups with a battle rope? You can’t! That’s why you need the Battle Rope ST® from The Abs Company. With the strength training feature on the product, you can easily suspend the battle rope from a wall mount, and use the handles on the battle rope for pull ups. Then, when you want to go back to slamming the battle rope, just dismount it and instantly begin your slams. 

Russian Twists

Russian twists are the perfect exercise to combine battle ropes with ab exercises for a complete, full body workout. To do these, sit on the floor with the battle rope in your hands, lift your feet slightly above the ground, and slam the battle rope on the sides of your body while rotating your torso. This will give you the satisfaction and benefits of using a battle rope, while allowing you to work on that six-pack with an awesome ab workout.

Both a standard battle rope, and the Battle Rope ST® from The Abs Company allows for all types of exercises for all types of people. Whether you’re a world class athlete, or it's your first day in the gym, you can use a battle rope to engage any muscle in the body, and most of the time multiple at once!