Innovation. Uniqueness. Changing Lives From The Core.

That is what The Abs Company is all about. We believe in taking risks to innovate because we are not afraid to fail. We believe in our products and the benefits they provide to our customers. That’s why we are excited to bring a few surprises to IHRSA - the biggest show in the fitness industry - this March.

Not only have we come out with new, innovative products, but we are always coming up with new ways to improve our products that have been around since the beginning. Our equipment is for anyone, at any stage of their fitness journey. Whether you are a beginner or have been doing this for a while, it is easy to increase the intensity on any of our pieces by adding weight, creating resistance, or by following one of our programs from our TAC Master Trainer.

Here at TAC, we recently gave our products a hot new twist by making them in matte black. This color has caught the attention of many, with its sleek look and feel. Same fun, effective products, in a new color; but boy, does it make a difference! This matte black looks sharp and creates a completely different atmosphere that matches with our HIIT zone.

We have increased the intensity, now it’s your turn! We have given the abs and functional training space a new meaning - stay tuned for our new products, being revealed at IHRSA in March.

We hope you are just as excited as we are!