Just Move

Here at The Abs Company, we believe that to be a great company we must have great RELATIONSHIPS. We have had the opportunity and honor to work with so many incredible people since we started this business in 2007. As we continue to grow, we can’t help but to be extremely grateful for the people we have met and who have helped us change lives from the core all over the world.

Last month, our VP of Sales, Michael Ritter, visited Just Move Athletic Club in Winter Haven, FL, and met with club owner, Dave Gurnsey.  Dave has been a fan of TAC for years and continues to believe that a Core Zone is a must-have in every club.

“We feel that the mark that everyone feels when they think about being fit, is that flat stomach, the ripped abs - a great way for us to introduce people into fitness is to get them into an area that targets the abs - that is mentally where they are. It is a designed area that is focused around that for ease of entry - they love it - and then from there we can build their fitness program out.”

Just Move Fitness is a place for everyone. They share the belief in our products and the benefits they provide to their members. We design products for the life cycle of the member, “whether you are just getting started in fitness or have been doing this for years, everybody loves to work that area, so by making it a separate area where they could  focus on taking care of that part of their body, we [Just Move Fitness, finds they] get a lot more usage of the gym itself - it really ramps [their] usage up.”

I remember just getting started in fitness. Going to the gym can be very intimidating, especially if you have no idea what to do or how to use the machines. Dave Gurnsey sees all different types of members come in and out of his club. He sees the value in having equipment that is easily approachable without crazy adjustments.

“The equipment is intimidating right? -- the beauty of this stuff is people can sit down on it, there’s not a bunch of adjustments they have to make and they can just go. They do feel more comfortable getting started here.”

When potential members arrive at Just Move Fitness for a club tour, they always stop at the Core Zone last. Why? Dave explained that they “have large cardio decks, functional training and machines all over the place - but, when [they] finish [at the Core Zone], there’s kind of a comfort, just being like ‘okay, that’s the last thing I remember seeing and that’s where I’m going to go back and get started’.”

We feel that the member-tour experience is key in forming a relationship with the member right off the bat. Clubs want their members to feel comfortable in their space and excited to come back and achieve their fitness goals. We are humbled to be a part of Just Move Fitness’s member experience, as well as many other clubs around the world.

Have a gym you’d like us to feature? Let us know! We love seeing how gyms around the world are changing lives from the core! Email me at emily@theabcompany.com.