Three Dynamic Ways To Use The AbsBench™ X3

On top of being the fourth station in the Six Minute Ab Zone, the AbsBench™ X3 is the most effective and efficient abs bench on the market. The bench has hinges on both the top and bottom to allow users to work both the upper and lower abs. The machine also features two weight plates so you can fluently increase and decrease resistance based on your ability. Consistent use of the AbsBench™ X3 will have that six-pack coming on in no time, and here are some fun ways to use the product.

1. Static Upper Holds With Lower Crunch

The lower abs can be the most challenging region of the midsection to exercise, but luckily the AbsBench™ X3 is tailor-made to get them burning. The motion of pulling the knees inward towards the stomach is an extremely effective way to exercise those muscles, and the AbsBench™ X3 makes it easy. To really isolate the lower abs, hold your upper body in the upper crunch position while doing repetitions of the lower crunch (bring knees to chest). The repetitions of the lower crunch will isolate the lower abs, while the static hold of the upper crunch will keep the upper abs engaged for an ultimate core workout.

2. Static Lower Holds With Upper Crunch

This one is essentially the exact opposite of the exercise listed above. Instead of focusing on the lower abs, we’re switching our focus to the upper abs. For this workout, hold your legs in the lower crunch position while you perform repetitions of the upper crunch. Essentially, keep the knees pulled into the stomach while you bring your arms and chest repeatedly towards and away from the statically held knees. This exercise is going to blast the upper abs while ensuring that the lower midsection remains engaged and working. 

3. 21s

You may have heard of 21s in the context of a bicep or tricep workout, but wait until you try the ab version, which is only accessible on the AbsBench™ X3! Just like bicep 21s target the lower biceps, upper biceps, then the entire muscle, AbsBench™ X3 21s target the lower abs, upper abs, then the entire core. This sequence incorporates both exercises listed above, then a full crunch.

For the first set of seven reps, perform the aforementioned static upper holds with lower crunch, meaning you hold the upper crunch position while bringing your knees towards your chest. Then for reps 8-14, hold the lower crunch position, while bringing your chest towards your knees.

At this point, users will have performed isolation exercises on the lower and upper abs, and now it's time to bring it all together. For the last seven reps perform a complete crunch, bringing the chest and knees towards each other for seven consecutive repetitions. This will combine both sections of the abdominal, and complete the set of 21s.

Clearly, the AbsBench™ X3 is the most versatile and effective core bench on the market. It gives users the ability to target whatever abdominal region they choose and mix and match various points of core isolation. Also, keep in mind that the AbsBench has a weight post for both the upper and lower crunch areas to further add to the customization of your core workout.