Why Gym Members Want More HIIT Options

The days of only running (or walking) in place on the treadmill or throwing around dumbbells are over.  

Why, you might ask? Because your average American gym member wants more from their membership. They know that they deserve workout options that are time effective, efficient, and fun.  Most importantly, they want a fitness routine that actually works.

From sled pushing to tire flipping, battle ropes to kettlebells, gym members are flocking to fitness centers with exciting options that fall outside the old fashioned offerings of yesterday’s clubs.

Your typical gym member is also smarter: as fitness research and content becomes more and more available, exercisers are moving towards High Intensity Interval Training for it’s scientifically proven benefits.  Here are 5 of them, according to Men’s Journal:

  1. HIIT training continues to burn calories for up to 2 hours after a workout
  2. Enjoying workouts leads to a higher likelihood that members will stick with it (and stick with their memberships!)
  3. HIIT workouts boost endurance
  4. HIIT is more time efficient
  5. HIIT is great for your heart


HUNDREDS OF GYMS believed they didn’t have the space to offer HIIT, until they discovered that WE HAD THE SOLUTIONS TO HELP THEM.  With innovative and space-saving equipment like the TireFlip® 180, The SledMill™, and the BattleRope ST®, we’ve helped gyms around the world to offer effective HIIT training and to bring in new members.

Let’s make 2021 the year of HIIT!  Contact me today for a FREE consultation and we’ll work together to enter the next evolution of your gym.