Medicine Balls for Sale

Are you looking for medicine balls for sale? They offer more than just a basic, old-fashioned workout and target your core for a power-packed exercise while offering versatility in the gym. Before you buy, learn which exercises maximize your training to get the results you want.

How Do Medicine Balls Work?

You can find documentation about medicine balls dating back to nearly 3,000 years ago when ancient Persians trained with animal bladders stuffed with sand. Hippocrates was also among the first humans to use a medicine ball as a form of therapy and strengthening tool for his patients.

Medicine balls are used to build core strength while targeting your abdomen and back. Over time, the right medicine ball exercises can help with balance and posture while increasing your endurance level. 

Medicine balls for sale are popular for home and elite gyms. They're relatively low risk and easy for entry-level training while scaling along with you. The more momentum and intensity you put into a medicine ball workout, the better the results.

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What Kind of Medicine Ball Exercises Work Best?

There's no singular way to maximize your medicine ball workout. Instead, focus on medicine balls for sale to enhance traditional exercises and give them a fresh update. Here are a few to help you get started. 

Medicine Ball Exchange

Budding fitness enthusiasts will love warming up with a simple medicine ball exchange. The exercise involves standing with your spine upright and engaging your core. It warms up your shoulders and arms while increasing your heart rate.

Take the medicine ball with your right hand and bring it to your side, then raise it over your head and take it with your left hand. Bring the ball down to your left side, pause and repeat. The end result is a circling motion that alternates hands and keeps the momentum going strong.

The medicine ball exchange is perfect to use with our medicine balls for sale. It's simple to do and the perfect warm-up that gets results. 

Knee Lifts

Give your knee lifts a new challenge with a medicine ball. It helps increase your heart rate and get your muscles pumping. Choose a weighted ball and hold it overhead with both hands. Take your knee up to waist level and bring your arms down to touch the medicine ball to the knee. 

Squat and Swing

Get in a full-body exercise that strengthens the upper and lower body. Stand about hips-width apart, squat, raise a medicine ball over your head, and squat again. Keep your back as neutral as possible while planting your feet. 

Triceps Extension

When you find the perfect medicine balls for sale, try them with a tricep extension. Sit in a chair with your back straight, hold the medicine ball over your head with both hands, and extend your arms backward before squeezing your triceps to straighten your arms.

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Can I Use Medicine Balls for Rehabilitation?

Yes, you can find medicine balls for sale that are appropriate for both workouts and rehabilitation efforts. Physical therapists often use medicine balls between your feet and instruct you to practice gripping the ball and lifting it to help build strength. Always speak to your therapist or medical professional before starting a new routine for rehabilitation.

Beyond rehabilitation, medicine balls are also ideal for stretching. You can push yourself harder and feel the effects of holding a medicine ball while stretching farther than before. Over time, you'll see more fluidity in your movement and joints. 

Where Can I Find Medicine Balls for Sale?

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