The AbsBench™ X3 Silver
The AbsBench™ X3 Silver
The AbsBench™ X3 Silver
The AbsBench™ X3 Silver
The AbsBench™ X3 Silver
The AbsBench™ X3 Silver
The AbsBench™ X3 Silver

The AbsBench™ X3


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  • Variable resistance with Upper & Lower weight horns
  • Add up to four 5lb or 10lb plates per post
  • Training range is 12-52 lbs top, 13-52 lbs bottom
  • 40 lb. Olympic Weight Plate capacity top & bottom
  • New linkage system for easier installation & greater durability
  • Overhead handles for increased intensity
  • Independent Forward Reverse Crunch Design
Dimensions: 82″ (208 cm) L x 36″ (91 cm) W x 41″ (104 cm) H – Weight: 175 lb (80 kg)
The All New AbsBench™ X3 is the most effective and versatile AbsBench ever made. Its dual pivot design makes for 3 benches in one! The all-new construction allows for easier assembly, lower starting weight, and a sturdier bench!

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AbsBench™ X3

The AbsBench™ X3 is the only commercial-quality abdominal bench that works both the upper and lower abs at the same time. Integrated weight horns on the upper and lower parts of the machine allow users to add and vary the resistance level for the forward- and reverse-crunch movements for a more challenging workout. All New linkage system allows for easier installation and greater lifetime durability.


Progressive Training

The plate loaded AbsBench™ X3 allows for progressive exercise and increased intensity with a training range of 12-52 lbs top and 13-53 lbs bottom.

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Innovative Design

The innovative dual pivot design allows for increased training variety and a one of a kind fitness experience.


User Friendly

No adjustments, simple movements and intuitive design make the AbsBench™ X3 user-friendly and non-intimidating.


Exceptional Quality

Top of the line materials and quality construction make the AbsBench™ X3 a durable and low-maintenance piece of equipment.

Dual Pivot Design

Lift only the top portion of the AbsBench™ X3 to isolate the upper abdominals.

Complete Ab Workout

Contract only the bottom portion of the AbsBench™ X3 to target the hard-to-reach lower Abs!

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The AbsBench™ X3