The Perfect Match

If you were to go up to most gym members and ask them - would you like great abs or a nice backside? Most would emphatically say BOTH! Think about it, these are probably the 2 areas people are most self aware of when they pick clothes for the evening or decide on a new bathing suit for that long awaited beach vacation!

Health club owners today are recognizing more and more that their offerings must be the sorts of things that not only excite their training staffs but the things that will entice new members into the facility. Not only are they competing with other clubs but countless on-line offerings and social media inspired workouts. Agree or disagree but the trends are undeniable and if one facility doesn’t offer them, another will!

ABS-olutetly Necessary!

When we started creating Ab Specific products nearly 25 years ago, we heard many of the same things we hear today. People don’t want Ab Products. Trainers have much better solutions. Abs are made in the Kitchen….On and on!

The reality tells a different story. Did you know that “How to Get Great Abs” is one of the most highly searched phrases on Google and social Media? It’s true that many trainers come up with very creative and effective ab exercises and nutrition certainly matters. However most people are lost when it comes to diet and they don’t have a trainer. If that is the criteria to get fit at your facility, most unfortunately will not succeed. The reason our AB Products have sold around the world for over a quarter century is the fact that they provide a simple and intuitive workout for everyone! If a member can feel successful in your facility they will stay! When they stay you have an even better chance of converting them to a personal training client!

The latest innovation in our line of patented Ab Products is called the Standing AB Twist. Rotational movement is something we do every single day. Whether we are playing a sport like golf or pickle ball or we are twisting to pick up our child, we move with rotation all the time! However most training is linear. Front to back, side to side. Not anymore. The Patent pending Standing AB Twist is taking Ab Training in a new direction. Fun, simple, practical and effective!

GLUTE Magic!

Another red hot trend in fitness today is GLUTES! You cannot scroll through a feed or look at a fitness magazine cover and not see some form of post or headline about training your backside! It’s no secret that the majority of the hype is a vanity play, but there are also some real performance benefits to strong glutes. The trend is real, it’s here and it’s not going away anytime soon! The more the popular and social medias glorify the trend, the more your members will demand that you meet it! In fact, if you don’t, you will see members making up ways to use what you have to get that they want. Not only is this potentially unsafe, but it’s not going to deliver the results you want your facility to be known for.

Four years ago we entered the glute space with our patented innovation - The Glute Coaster™. This product was an instant hit as it was once again a simple and effective way to train an area that members wanted to train. The magic was in the combined down and back motion that not only mimicked human movement but efficiently trained the glutes with two exercises in one!

The Glute Coaster quickly became a hit worldwide and inspired us to continue developing products in this space. This year we have already launched three new glute products, The Total Glute™ , Glute Lift Pro™ and Glute Lift Elite™. Together these products have become our patented Glute Zone™.

Just like the Ab Zone™ members now have a dedicated area where they can intuitively and effectively train. The zone can be instructor led or member directed. Either way, it will help your facility remain super relevant and stand apart from the competition!


Deciding on which upgrades to make to a facility or which equipment to purchase is a major decision. Today more than ever customers are looking for an experience when they come to your business. That experience is different for everyone but in the age of social media and on-line reviews it’s imperative to remember that everyone now has a voice! Some members want a high energy class, others don’t want to wait for a machine. Some people just want a clean place to come and workout. Whatever the experience is that they are looking for, if they find it you can rest assured that they will tell their friends. Happy members will become your best evangelists!

Providing the most in demand equipment provides you with a double impact. Not only are you attracting new members and keeping the current ones happy, you are giving them a reason to talk about your facility to their network. When they do this you get the best marketing of all - free, authentic word of mouth.

Combining innovative and effective AB and GLUTE Zones in your facility gives members exactly what they want and your business will flourish too. It’s not by accident that The Abs Company works with every major brand in 68 countries around the globe. Our world class patented solutions deliver for your members AND your business!