25 Days of Abs

Want abs? You have came to the right place! Need more ab workouts? You have come to an even BETTER place!

So many people get bored with workouts and routines- especially ab workouts. Aren’t you just sick and tired of doing the same ole’ stuff? Doing a million crunches until you can’t laugh is probably effective- however, you need variety! You need to hit all parts of your abdominals. Your “core” is more than a few sets of crunches. It takes stability, cardio and effective ab workouts to really develop that hard core you’ve always dreamed of. Trust me, we have all been there. It’s always “I’ll just do a few crunches” or “that should be enough” or “I’ll just do some ab exercises later at home” *that you never actually do because you’re tired and bored of laying on the ground*.

If you feel this way, like I do sometimes, you are in luck! The Abs Company is presenting you all with  “25 Days of Abs” that will take place December 1st until December 25th on our social platforms Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Please visit and be on the lookout for some of our favorite ab workouts!

We are VERY excited to share this with you all. Enjoy!