4 Ways To Take Your Garage Gym To The Next Level

In the hectic world we live in, it’s often hard to find the time to get to the gym as often as we’d like. That’s why many fitness fanatics have put the time and effort into supplementing space in their homes as a gym. There’s no better place for this than a garage, as so many of us don’t even use it to park cars anymore. Here are four ways to build the ultimate garage gym. 

Use Proper Flooring

There’s plenty of fantastic options when it comes to flooring in your garage gym. Cement floors that already exist in most garages are noisy, prone to chipping, and hard on the joints. Instead, several companies offer interlocking rubber flooring that you can use to affordably and effectively cover your gym floor. This is perfect for weight lifters, as it will protect the original flooring, increase gym sanitation, and decrease noise. For those looking to use a garage gym for more of a HIIT or movement-based program, turf flooring may be your best bet. You can find turf  at virtually every hardware store, it offers a fantastic grip for stability, and aids in balance and movement. 

Invest In Space-Saving Equipment

One of the main challenges facing garage gym owners is often lack of space. To build the ultimate home workout space, maximizing your area is the name of the game. To do this, invest in space-saving equipment. For example, the TireFlip® 180 provides all of the benefits of tire flipping in just a 4’x5’ footprint. Now, an exercise that used to take up to 40 yards of space can be done in the corner of your garage, leaving the rest of your space for other equipment and workout space. 

Invest In Versatile Equipment

Not only is maximizing the utility of garage gym space a key to the ultimate set-up, you also have to pay attention to the versatility of products in your gym.  Products that can be used for only one exercise are counterproductive. Instead, it’s best to look for equipment that can be used for multiple exercises, regardless of the body part you plan on working out. The X3S™ bench can be used for over 100 exercises, and muscle groups head to toe. Equipment like this will allow you to get the absolute most use out of your home gym, and prevent repetition and boredom in a small space. 


For those who routinely go to larger gyms, the cleaning process required to ensure a safe and healthy fitness facility might be taken for granted. However, when it’s your own personal space, that process is especially important considering the gym is in your own house! You don’t want your family members to have to deal with smelly or unsanitary living conditions at the expense of your home gym. So, make sure to mop the flooring consistently, wipe equipment, and invest in  an air filtration system to keep your garage gym squeaky clean. 

For those who might be busy with work, children, or whatever else life throws your way, the garage gym is a fantastic option to stay on top of your fitness goals. But it requires a substantial commitment of time, finances and effort. Make sure you're doing it the right way. By keeping a keen eye on the types of equipment you invest in and how well you take care of your facility, you’ll be well on your way to the ultimate garage gym!