All About Abs And The Dream Machine That’ll Help You To Get Them

Abs are partially made in the kitchen, yes, but can we also build them from our inner core; the building blocks for a strong foundation in the gym and life? Absolutely. The starting block for any fitness program starts with core stability and strength. So let’s talk about ABS and the most effective way that you can work towards the core you’ve always dreamed of.

More Than Just The Six Pack

Your core is not made solely by your abs, often referring to your abdominal muscles, which include the rectus abdominis, most commonly associated with the 6 pack; the top layer so commonly sought after. There's more beneath the surface; transverse abdominis (the deep muscles), and obliques (the muscles on your sides both externally and internally). In reality, the core is made up of all these ab muscles and the muscles in the pelvis, lower back, hips, and abdomen. The core is built from a strong foundation and incorporating functional core movements is key to the whole package.To incorporate an ab routine as part of your workout program is not only a fun way to change up your exercise routine but it's so critical to improving the rest of your workouts!

Why We Don’t Want To Skip Abs (They Aren't Just For Aesthetics!)

  1. Improve Sports Performance
    Whether you are weight training or playing sports recreationally/professionally, a strong core will enable you to lift maximally, generating optimal power and strength in the gym and transferring this to the game situation or sporting event.
  2. Reduce, Rehabilitate Lower Back Pain
    Newton’s law of physics; for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction; applies to weight training. The body will adapt by becoming stronger and this is why it’s key to include machines where gravity does not play a part in the movement, therefore building on strength (hence the results and efficiency of the AbCoaster®). By training the abs, the counterparts to the back extensors, we are making the muscles in our low back healthier and stronger.
  3. Improve Posture and Stability
    With stronger abs we can stand taller and improve posture, and with improved and corrected posture we continue to strengthen our core. Having better stability for an athlete will translate into faster reaction time and improved mobility and stability on a course or in contact sports. For everyday living this will lower our chances of falling and injury.
  4. Ab Exercises Work Your Mental Core Too!
    Managing stress will equate to a smaller waistline and improved longevity.Training our core includes taking care of ourselves and creating a life that we thrive in, and keeping our level of life satisfaction and joy on the top of the list will make for a happier life and healthier waistline. Keeping our other lifestyle habits in balance with regular exercise is also key; a well balanced diet, healthy relationships, and time for self. Doing things for you that make you feel fulfilled. My best advice is to combine your workouts outdoors as much as possible to connect with nature and disconnect from the usual high demands of work and life around technology. Clear your mind, exercise your body, and take time away from stimuli to focus on your breath and movement.


How To Get Flat Abs AND Have Fun: The AbCoaster® PS500

The AbCoaster® has answered a variety of concerns and limitations I commonly run into training with my clients such as a sore neck and the inability to perform certain complex exercises due to the weakness in their core. The machine’s smooth, natural range of motion and its simple functionality ensure a quality core workout for trainees of any fitness level. Ready to take it to the next level? The AbCoaster® also allows users to add weights to their workout, ensuring trackable progress as they learn and grow.

The AbCoaster® is also fun! It’s like taking my clients to a playground, allowing them to take the workout mindset to a fun space while we train safely and effectively. They love that it frees the rest of their body from gravity, so that their work focuses on those coveted abs. The best reaction is the smile I see when they are in full motion and visibly enjoying the challenge of exercising their abs. It also benefits their mindset that they can watch the repetitions being tracked on the built in counter with their perfect reps! Isolating the muscle is such a great feeling.

Finally, The Abcoaster® provides a full core workout on a machine that’s easy to clean and keep sanitized. The high quality material offers wide-open surface space to sanitize after each workout, and the AbCoaster® also ensures that you can workout your abs without having to get down on the floor. In a world in which the fitness industry is still grappling with Covid-19, this machine provides users with the piece of mind of cleanliness and safety.

Bonus AbCoaster Workout!

Whether you’re already the proud owner of an AbCoaster®, or if you’d just like to see what the machine is capable of, here is a free AbCoaster® workout that I use myself and with my clients:

4 Sets Of Each Exercise:

  1. Forward crunches 10x on the AbCoaster®
  2. Oblique side crunches 10x each, left and right on the AbCoaster®
    (Can modify with oblique crunches and curl-ups on a mat)
  3. Straight leg raises 12x
  4. Alternate ball over knee 20x
  5. Ball smashes 10x

Looking for more of a cardio challenge? Incorporate 1 minute of skipping between each set for some added HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).

 The AbCoaster PS500® is the base model for our Personal Series and is a great addition (or start!) to your home gym. Use my code DEIRDRE to save 15%.

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About the Author: 

Deirdre Slattery. Deirdre is a Personal Trainer, Author, and Fitness Model working with The Abs Company to promote fitness for our followers!