Basic Form Critiques For The Abs Company Products

The Abs Company has some of the most unique, innovative exercise machines on the market, and they’re so unique that sometimes users need a little extra help perfecting their form. By using proper form on The Abs Company products, you will be sure to maximize the effectiveness of your workouts, and get optimal results. Here’s some ways to ensure you’re using proper form on The Abs Company Products.

Ab Coaster® CS3000

When using the Ab Coaster®, it is important that users do not bring their knees past their glutes. The ab coaster machine is designed to be free of momentum, and truly isolate the abdominal muscles. However, by bringing your knees past your glutes, users increase the amount of momentum used during the workout, and decrease the isolation on their ab muscles. If you stop your knees in line with your glutes while using the Ab Coaster®, you will have to rely entirely on your abs to do the next rep, which is the intended purpose of the ab machine.

Battle Rope ST®

When using the Battle Rope ST® from The Abs Company, it is important to pay close attention to your posture. Consistently bending from the lower back while using the battle rope, will result in back injuries that are easily preventable. Instead, make sure you are in an athletic, squat position with your back straight up in the air before starting to use the battle ropes. This will isolate the intended muscle groups and save users from lower back pain.

Ab Solo®

The Ab Solo® has three touch targets on the machine, and many users make the easy mistake of not touching these with the ab solo medicine ball. This is extremely preventable. When users sit up and don’t bring the balls all the way to the targets, they are not maximizing the full range of motion that the ab solo offers. Instead, lean all the way back, and truly make sure you are touching the ball to all three of the ab solo’s targets. This will ensure all areas of the abdominals are being hit, and a complete core workout.

The Abs Bench™ X3

The Abs Bench™ users struggle to do repetitions involving the upper portion of the bench. The fix to this is simple. Slide your butt down! Oftentimes, users sit too high up on The Abs Bench™, and they do not have enough leverage to move to upper handles. The Abs Bench also contains two grips on the upper part of the bench, so if one is not working for you, try the other! The Abs Bench is the best bench on the market, and allows users to work the abs from the bottom up and top down. So, by sliding your butt down on The Abs Bench™, you’ll truly be able to work those upper abs.

The Abs Company products are unlike anything else users see in gyms, and this makes perfect form all that more important. The Ab Coaster®, Battle Rope ST®, AbSolo®, and Abs Bench™ all are designed to provide optimal, efficient workouts, and by making these simple form changes your workouts will be even more effective.