Benefits of Installing the Six Minute Ab Zone

Like many gyms around the world, XL fitness in Mount Laurel, NJ was looking for new and dynamic ways to increase clientele, as well as retain existing members following COVID-19 shutdowns. So, they partnered with The Abs Company to launch the all new Six Minute Ab Zone.

The Six Minute Ab Zone features six of The Abs Company’s best ab products: the Ab Coaster® CS3000, Vertical Crunch™, Ab Solo®, Abs Bench™ X3, Target Abs™, And Lumbar X™ for a 6-minute ab circuit that provides users with the ultimate core workout. Not only is it an extremely effective method of training abs, it’s an eye-popping set up that immediately grabs members attention. At XL Fitness, the Ab Zone is the first thing members see when they walk through the doors.

Since installing the Six Minute Ab Zone, XL Fitness new memberships have increased by 128% compared to the previous three months. For additional statistics and details on XL Fitness’ installation of the Six Minute Ab Zone, check out the full case study here.

XL Fitness manager Matthew said, “we have seen membership increase by 128% since we installed the Ab Zone! Plus, existing members are excited to come back and try it!”

After a deep analysis of the Ab Zone, XL Fitness ultimately concluded that it was the perfect system for them. They fell in love with the fact that the system was ideal for individuals of any fitness level, and found that it was a true focal point for touring new members & engaging enough to bring them back. Additionally, they found that ABS are still the #1 most desired improvement amongst gym goers, and the Six Minute Ab Zone truly allows members to make that improvement.

Matthew added, “The Abs Zone System is a different and fun way to work the abs. The response has been extremely positive from prospects, members and staff.”

To learn more about the details of the Six Minute Ab Zone, read this blog describing the specific process, or check out this video of the Ab Zone in action!