Benefits of Tire Flips

Tire flipping is one of the most effective full body workouts for exercisers of all abilities. Tire flipping engages the entire body, ranging from the core, to the quads, to the biceps, to the back, and basically everything else. If you’re trying to improve your athleticism and overall fitness level, tire flipping is for you. Here are three benefits of tire flips. 

Person in gray shorts crouched down gripping the tire part of a TireFlip 180 and lifting slightly

Improve Form

One benefit of tire flipping is that it will greatly improve your form while doing other exercises. Tire flipping has a lot in common with deadlifts and squats, so frequent tire flipping will allow you to have better performance of those exercises as well. All of these exercises begin in an athletic position, and utilizing proper posture and form to explode upwards. Doing this properly with a tire will allow you to maximize the benefits of other similar exercises.

Increase Explosiveness

Another benefit of tire flips is that fast twitch muscle fibers are engaged, which increases the ability to move in bursts. In other words, it makes you more explosive. This is perfect for athletes who operate in confined spaces such as a basketball court or football field, as short term burst is needed to achieve peak performance. Some of the best athletes in the world work tire flipping into their regular routines. So if tire flipping is a benefit to them, it will be a benefit to you too!

Increase Grip Strength

A third benefit of tire flips is increased grip strength. Unlike most exercises, tire flips do not have a defined gripping point for users. Most of the time, tire flippers are forced to open their hand wide to flip the tire, placing an increased emphasis on the forearm and increasing grip strength. Grip strength is easily applicable to other common exercises such as pull ups and chin ups, and is a key component to many athletic activities like football and martial arts.

The TireFlip 180® allows users to reap the benefits of tire flips, without the burden of taking up large amounts of space. The TireFlip180® only uses a 4x5 foot space, as opposed to a traditional tire which needs dozens of yards to be utilized. Grip strength, explosiveness, and improved exercise form are all increased with the TireFlip 180®, but now users can receive these benefits of tire flipping in a smaller football.