Best At Home Ab Workouts

With 2022 just getting underway, many people are embarking on a new year of fitness goals, progress, and efforts. Traditionally, January is the most crowded month of the year in gyms and health clubs for this very reason, but not everyone can make it to the gym every single day. So, what do you do if a day comes where you can’t go to the gym, but you still want to get a great ab workout from the comfort of your own home? Check out these three awesome options for at-home ab workouts.

Leg Raises

This simple ab exercise might take you back to the days of elementary school gym class, but it's been around so long because it's effective. Simply lay down on your back, and raise your legs 6 inches off the ground at full extension for about 30-60 seconds. This will have your abs absolutely on fire! Not only do these burn the abdominal muscles, but they also engage the stabilizing muscles in your legs and lower back, which is why you may feel some residual burn in your legs while performing this exercise.

Ab Wheel

If you’re looking to incorporate some basic equipment into your at-home ab workouts, the ab wheel is a great option. To perform these, get down on your knees, place your hands on the handles of the wheel, and roll forward at a steady, controlled pace. Keeping this pace is imperative, as it will force your abs to act as the stabilizing force as your body extends itself. Not only will this workout engage your core, but it will also force you to work on your balance and stability, which will bring additional benefits to other workouts like squats and dead lifts.

AbCoaster® PS500

This product truly is the best at-home ab product in the world. If you really want to take your ab training to the next level from the comfort of your own home, this is the product you need. With the AbCoaster® PS500, you won’t have to worry about getting down on a potentially sweaty and dirty floor to work your abs. Additionally, the range of motion on the AbCoaster® is truly superior to any other ab workout. It allows users to hit each and every inch of their abdominal muscles, which cannot really be said about a lot of other exercises, and on top of that, the swivel seat on the machine allows users to work their obliques as well! To do the AbCoaster®, place your knees on the knee pad, lightly grip the handles, bring your knees up to the top of the machine, and back down without your knees breaking the plane of your glutes. A few sets of ten repetitions on here will have your abs absolutely on fire.

Whether you like the simplicity of the leg raise, or you really want to get serious on the AbCoaster®, any of these workouts will get you in tremendous shape. And the best part is, you can do them all in the comfort of your own home! For so many of those out there who have an absolutely packed schedule this time of year, you only need about ten minutes of time to get an awesome core workout in. Just block out a few minutes a day for these great exercises, and you’ll start to notice a difference in your abs in no time!