‘Big Things’ Workout, Volume 3: The X3S™ Bench

As a guy over 40, I know exactly how you feel about your fitness journey. After a long day at work, sometimes it’s a challenge to make it to the gym. And your home gym never seems to deliver the same pump you get when you work out on commercial grade equipment.

What if I told you I have a solution, and it’ll only take up 3 feet of space?

Enter the X3S™ Bench.  As the next evolution in Sissy Squat training, the X3S™ Bench opens up hundreds of exercises for your glutes, abs, legs, and even your upper body.  With the adjustable bench, you can mimic just about anything you’d do on a traditional bench at the gym.  

Plus, you can use the X3S™ Bench ANYWHERE. Need proof? Check out the workout video below and I’ll show you what I mean.

And don’t forget your Big Things discount! Order your X3S™ Bench today and I’ll give you $50 off!  Just use the code X3S50 at check out. Here’s your link: https://theabscompany.com/product/x3s-bench-new/