Don't Roll Over!

When I started out in the health club business I was a personal trainer. As any trainer will tell you the hours are less than regular. I had clients at 5AM and 5 PM. You train when your clients are available, not when you want to! All those years of early morning training got me to be an early riser and it’s something I still do to this day. There are many people who will tell you that getting up early is a key to success. I’m not so sure about that because it’s less about the time and more about what you do with it!

When my training days ended I continued to wake up early to do my own exercise. I love to start my day with a workout because I figure that no matter what else happens that day - I’ve done something positive. It works for me! I can tell you however that I’m human too. When the alarm goes off at 5AM there are certainly days I don’t want to get out of bed! It’s warm under the covers and maybe I can just train later! It’s easy to fall into this trap - especially as you are still trying to rub the sleepy’s from your eyes.

However, years ago I made a commitment to myself to not ‘roll over’. I promised myself I would do 2 things when that alarm wrings.

Get up and brush my teeth.
Go and do just 10 minutes of my workout.

If after these 2 things are done, I still don't feel like training I’m free to come home and jump right back under the covers. I can tell you that simply getting up and brushing my teeth usually does the trick. Not always - especially here in the north east where it can still be freezing cold at 5am! However what never fails is that first 10 minutes. The body starts to heat up, the blood is pumping and you remember why you made the commitment in the first place! I can tell you that I’ve never done the first 10 minutes and turned around and went home. Not once!

You may be thinking - that’s great but I like to train at lunch time, or after work. The same rule applies to you. Commit to doing just 10 minutes of your routine. Don’t worry about the rest of it. Just get through that 10. I suspect you will find the same thing that I do. You won’t stop!

What I can promise you is this - regardless of the time you train you will never regret finishing a workout! Too often we lose our motivation because we are thinking about the 30 minutes or the hour of hard work in front of us. Take the pressure off - just do 10 minutes. I suspect the rest will follow!

At The Abs Company we believe in constant improvement! When you take small, consistent steps to improve your health amazing things start to happen. We’d love to take the journey with you. Let us know how we can help!