Fitness in 2019 – How we will “Change More Lives from the Core”

I'm excited to bring you a post from our Vice President of Sales and lifelong fitness enthusiast, Michael Ritter. 

Yesterday I had the pleasure of visiting a gym in Central New Jersey. I was honored to be invited to help the owners and staff with their open house. I also served as the MC, which I love to do as well since I get so inspired from getting folks excited and motivated about fitness and just simply feeling a little better today than they did yesterday. I am very proud that as a company our purpose is “We Changes Lives from the Core.”

The #1 question from the owners yesterday, and I believe this is pretty universal in our industry, how can bring more community members through our doors so we can change more lives through fitness - which in turn leads to a more healthy revenue for my business.

Just this week, at a team sales training , our CEO Sean Gagnon, provided us with a clip from one of our favorite authors and speakers, Ed Mylett. During this seminar, Ed discussed the tie between “persuasion, influence and certainty.”

Bottom line – the more certain person ALWAYS persuades and influences the less certain person. This applies to our industry in that, to truly move the needle and Change More Lives, we MUST be more CERTAIN than the potential member that walks through our doors or that we speak to on the phone. I would venture to say that 99% of our community WANTS to be more healthy, have more energy, higher confidence levels, etc. Yet, they are afraid or intimidated to join our health clubs since they have failed previously or maybe in their eyes don’t “fit in.”

I saw this in action first hand yesterday. A potential member walked in the door of the club to simply "check out the gym".  I am quite sure they drove to the club and walked in because they wanted to get in better health. I could also easily tell they were feeling a bit un-easy about joining due to possible past experiences or all the action that was happening in the gym. However, this is where certainty comes in…

The new potential member is looking to feel secure, to make sure they have equipment and offerings that are intuitive and not too complicated so they will not stand out as the “new” person and look awkward in front of the other members. The most important take-away here is this…So often we try very hard to influence the member to join our clubs because of all that we have to offer, amenities, etc. Yet here it is – The potential member is only looking to see if YOU believe what you are saying. That’s it. When I was watching the owner, you could plainly see he “believed” in their equipment , service, and staff and was 100% confident that this potential member will be better by becoming a member. You can easily see he was CERTAIN!  This is why is it critical that owners, GM’s, and all team members train daily and become experts and confident and believe so deeply in your services, equipment and system. 

Result – the owner did sign up the prospect and now will have the opportunity to Change More Lives from the Core!