How To Pick Your Resolution

2019 is only a few days away! WHAT? It’s hard to believe 2018 is coming to a close. Hopefully, everyone crushed their goals and is starting to think about the goals they would like to accomplish for 2019. Although I truly believe in having goals, I believe in having SMART goals: Specific Measurable Attainable Relevant Timely. Whether it be getting a 6 pack of abs, increasing your mile time, eating healthier or even learning a new language, you must set yourself up for success with realistic stepping stones to get there. So, how do you go about coming up with a realistic goal that you can feel good about?

  1. First, pick something you would like to accomplish in the short term (within 6 months) and in the long term (12 months). Let’s say you would like to lose at least 15 pounds in 6 months and maybe see some abs by the time 12 months rolls around.

  2. Once you have decided on your goals, write down WHY you want to accomplish these. How will it make you feel if you accomplish these goals? Why are they important to you? What has stopped you in the past from accomplishing these goals?

  3. Next, you need to determine the TOOLS you need. What do you need in order to accomplish these goals? Do you need more time? Motivation? A workout routine? A diet change?

    If it is motivation, use your WHY! Your “why” is a great resource for motivation. There are also PLENTY of resources on the internet for motivation such as GaryVee, for business and personal motivation, but please explore and find one that fits your needs!

    I’d encourage you to visit and use our blog and our social media platforms for motivation and ideas like "Do You Have a Plan: or "Best Ab Workout"! If it is your diet you need help with, I recommend talking to your doctor. Everyone is different. You want to put yourself on the best path right off the bat, so you can get a positive start on your journey to crushing your goals.

  4. Now that you have established the stepping stones that will lead you to reaching your goal, it is time to take ACTION.

There is no better time to start on your goals than NOW. Do not procrastinate. You will feel so much better if you start on your journey and see small improvements. As you start to see changes, your motivation will grow!  The time is NOW.