Introducing the X3S

Ever wondered what would happen if you could combine functional core training and isolation training in one simple, space saving workout machine? Surprise – such a thing not only exists, but exceeds all expectations. It’s called the X3S, and it’s the missing link when it comes to ab, leg, and core conditioning.

The X3S is the carefully designed chair-bench combination machine you’ve been looking for. Based on rigorous cross conditioning, MMA fighter and Pro Boxer training requirements, the X3S design provides a simple, effective routine that includes a complete and challenging abs, legs, and core workout.

Basic crunches on the floor, full sit ups, and full standups will push users to new goals regardless of fitness level. Your clients can use it solo or with a trainer, and incorporate dumbbells or Medicine balls to increase intensity and expand training benefits to their entire body.

All steel construction ensures durability, and EZ Adjust leg pads make this machine fit any height. Foam covers keep every workout comfortable, and clean-up is fast and easy. Minimal assembly means users can be working out in minutes, and the compact, portable design lets the X3S store easily to save even more space.

Looking for maximum results in minimal space? You don’t have to expand square footage to accommodate this machine. The X3S weighs only 56 lbs. and has a compact space saving 40” by 29” footprint.

The X3S is the perfect addition to women’s, men’s, or mixed training gyms and workout facilities. It focuses on the all-important muscle groups, with the ability to switch seamlessly between ab, leg, and core workouts.

The combination of exercises tones and tightens bodies, improves strength, posture and flexibility, and is popular with those training to box or fight MMA style, as well as providing a solid workout routine for those who simply want to stay fit and look fantastic.

Bridge the gap between abs workouts and full body functional training with the X3S – it’s the link that’s been missing in your core training area. Add one or more machines to your facility and find out why it’s an instant favorite!