Making Time For Workouts This Holiday Season

For years I’ve heard people say they don’t have time for workouts. Throw in the holidays and exercise just falls to the bottom of the priority list. You CAN fit exercise into your day every day(even during the holiday season)!

Here are my top 10 ways to make it happen!

1. Get enough sleep every night. Most people need 6-8 hours a night. Figure out what works best for you, then make sure you get it! Set an alarm to go bed, try not having your phone with you the last hour of the day, and avoid action movies as all these things can keep you awake!

2.  Put exercise in your calendar and do not cancel on yourself! It’s a non negotiable thing. For both your physical and mental health.

3. Talk yourself into it! We are experts at talking ourselves out of things, so talk yourself into exercise and remember- you NEVER regret a workout!

4. Do exercise you enjoy. Workouts should not be a chore. Find movement that makes you happy and you will do it for the rest of your life.

5. AND...make sure you strength train and work your core most days of the week. Our core is the foundation of our body and needs to be worked. The Abs Company has so many great tools to help you do this!

6. Make your workouts a time to reward yourself. Save your favorite podcast for workouts only. Or buy yourself a holiday gift if you complete X amount of workouts before January 1!

7. Look at your workouts as an investment in your future. Think of next year at this time and how great you will feel if you stay consistent with your workouts! Or even 5 years - your future self thanks you now for putting in the work!

8. Make it a (socially distant) date with a friend! Go to a park and use a bench for squats, lunges, push ups, tricep dips, mountain climbers and step ups. In between sets, catch up on the latest with your friend!

9. Use your workouts as quiet time. It is a busy time of year. Zoom calls galore, shopping, kids, work, life. Sometimes getting peace and quiet during your workout is exactly what you need to fill the tank back up.

10. You are the only one responsible for your health. Use every day as a day to celebrate yourself and your health. Even if you’re not where you want to be, celebrate the small wins daily. Making the time, making the commitment, making your life different by choosing to take care of yourself is the BEST gift you can give yourself!

Your health is your greatest wealth!

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About the Author:
Pam Sherman. Trainer, Instructor, Author, & Motivational Speaker. Pam is a 50-something soccer mom, life long runner and health & wellness enthusiast. Pam is thrilled to be working with the ABS Company to promote Fitness at ANY age.