Pushin' 50 - Sled Training

Pushin' 50 is the first in a series of blog posts from our VP of Sales and fitness guru Michael Ritter. It's all about staying in shape in your 40's, 50's and beyond. This post focuses on Sled Pushing, but follow along with the series and get other great tips on being FIT after 40...and 50.  Enjoy!

This November I will be hitting the 50 year B-day milestone. Of course, when I was in my 20’s, 50 was like a far off place that I would never get to. However, now that I am only a couple months away, 50 does not feel so bad! In fact, I am very fortunate that I feel (at least in my head) as good as I did in my 20’ and 30’s. Unlike many of my friends that look at 50 as an excuse to have low energy, a bigger belly, etc. - I am not taking that approach. Like I said, I feel strong, full of energy, and can still see my abs at 50! The best part is – YOU can too!

In my Pushin’ 50 series, I will outline workouts and the blue print to being much healthier and maybe even in your best shape – dare I say it – at 50 plus!

An exercise that is terrific for all fitness levels is the Sled push. Now, I was introduced to the Sled Push back in my football days, yet this exercise and form of training has really caught on - not for just the athlete, but for ALL exercises regardless of age and/or fitness levels.

Let me outline the benefits of Sled Training:

  1. Overall Total-Body Conditioning
    I love the Sled since it really works just about every muscle in your body while providing major cardio benefits. Many of us, especially guys, hate cardio. To build muscle while improving your cardio endurance – win-win! 
  2. Functional Training
    Most of us have an improper muscle balance – the “mirror muscles” or muscles in the front of the body are strong and get the most attention. While the back muscles (hamstrings, glutes, etc) are neglected. Sled Training provides the opportunity to train ALL muscle groups while strengthening the muscles in the hip-thigh, as well glutes and hams to resemble more of the manner of how we move throughout our day. 
  3. Super Easy
    Now, anyone that has trained with a sled is saying, what is this guy “high” right now? No, what I mean when I say “easy” is that the movement is very basic and intuitive. It is super hard to do this exercise “wrong.” Here at The Abs Company, we totally understand the fact that members do not want complicated or awkward exercises or machines. With our equipment, we give ALL exercises the opportunity to WIN and have early success, so they build confidence to come back tomorrow. The Sled is intuitive and basic – “easy” to “get” the movement down on the first try.

The one down-side of Sled Training is the space needed to perform this awesome and “must-do” exercise. Your gym may even have turf or a designated area for Sled Training but everyone is on it...laying, stretching, doing abs, etc. The traditional Sled Push can be very disruptive. If this is the case in your fitness center, I have fantastic news – TAC (The Abs Company) has figured it out and designed a real replacement of the Sled. The solution – The Sled Mill.  It's intuitive, space saving, safe while providing an amazing workout.

No matter if you train on the Sled Mill or traditional Sled, you should make this exercise part of your routine. Contact me – Michael@theabscompany.com with any questions, workouts, and/or if you would like more tips on Sled Training or our Pushin’ 50 series.

Continue to follow along and I will give you the formula to WIN when you are pushin’ 50 or no matter what age. Let’s get started – Big Things!