Starting 2021 Off The Right Way

As a coach, I’ve seen many people fail to make progress with their health goals in the beginning of the year (or throughout the year). It’s frustrating for them to not make progress and they often give up completely.

Let me share with you the top 5 things you CAN do to start the year off right and feel amazing by the end of the year.

1. Don’t Restrict/Eliminate Foods.

This has worked for exactly 0% of the people that I know! Telling yourself that you’ll give up wine, bread, chips, sweets is just not a realistic or doable approach to life! Plus, when you say ‘don’t’, your brain only wants it more! Instead, practice moderation with the food you know might be keeping you from your goals.

2. Add In One Challenge/Goal Per Month.

Yes, per month. When people try to overhaul their lifestyle it’s just too overwhelming. Adding in 15 minutes of walking is doable for everyone. So is adding in 3 servings of veggies a day. Baby steps lead to long term success!

3. Make Your Health A Daily Part Of Your Life.

Add in your workouts to your calendar as a non-negotiable appointment. Schedule in walk breaks into your work day. You are not allowed to cancel on yourself!

4. Make Core Strength A Component Of Every Workout.

With all the sitting we are doing and forward flexion used while on our phones and our computers, working on our core can improve back pain and our posture. Let’s think beyond the 6 pack to the function of our core! For a great core training tool look no further than The AbCoaster® PS500, The Abs Company’s affordable and effective home ab training tool.

5. Practice Gratitude.

As humans, we are experts at reminding ourselves about all the things we don’t do well. Let’s turn that around and celebrate all the great things we do daily. Get enough sleep, drink water, get enough protein and veggies, stretch, move our bodies, go for a walk and the list goes on and on! Know you are doing the best you can (one baby step at a time) and celebrate your daily successes!

If you need motivation on your health and wellness journey, check out The Perfect Balance Tribe! It’s a private FB community where there is daily inspiration, monthly challenges, weekly FB Live talks and a video library of over 100 videos including yoga, stretch and strength! To join, go here!